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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

Goodbye to You (ためしにさようなら, Tameshi ni sayōnara) is an episode from the 1979 series.


The Episode begins with Nobita buying Juice Can from Vending Machine and he started drinking and walking, as he was walking he passed by Open Lot seeing Jaian and his gang playing soccer ball, he(Nobita) called his friends to play. But no one listened(He got ignored) and he got upset that no one is paying attention to him. And he started thinking of going to Shizuka's House and he was walking near Shizuka's House Gate. Shizuka came out of the gate in a hurry and accidentally and Nobita dramatically falls down, seeing Shizuka Running (as if she was late on some appointment) Nobita got Upset and curious that why she was running and he started following Shizuka as he was following her, Shizuka stopped by her friend, Sakura and her parents, Shizuka and Sakura was saying their last goodbye and crying. Shizuka gave a Music Box (for remembering Shizuka) and Sakura and her parents got in a taxi and left. Shizuka was in tears, Nobita was watching everything behind her (Shizuka) and decided to tell her that he is also leaving this place ( basically to see her reaction ) but Shizuka asked in a suspicious feeling that where are you going? “um… I don’t know… You tell me where I’m going.” Nobita answered. And Shizuka got angry and left Nobita there. Nobita started to think that what if I got shifted to a place so Nobita walks to his house as he was walking, he passed by Open Lot (he was going back to his house) Gian and his gang still playing soccer ball and Nobita loudly said to Gian and his gang that he is shifting to a place to see their reaction if they care but it turned out opposite they were happy to hear that news and Nobita got upset and he went to his house and cried to Doraemon saying why is this always happen to me and Doraemon got an idea and pulls out What-if Phone Booth use it by saying what if I got shifted as soon as Nobita hung up the phone. Tamako got phone call from Nobisuke saying that he got transferred but doesn't know where so, Nobita use the What-if Phone Booth again for choosing country as a transferring to America, Tamako got phone call again by Nobisuke that he is transferred to America and tomorrow is a date of leaving Japan (this is according to what Nobita said on What-if Phone Booth) and Tamako got shocked and start packing in a hurry meanwhile Nobita's friends and teacher came one by one saying goodbye and giving gift. But Nobita kept Expecting Shizuka as soon they hear doorbell but they annoyed and was about to change when Tamako mention Shizuka, Nobita came down stair in hurry and brought Shizuka (who is in sad mood) to Nobita's Room and said Shizuka, I am leaving... How do you feel about that? Shizuka lifts her head up crying, both Doraemon and Nobita get surprised and suddenly Shizuka Jumps on Nobita saying Nobitaaa... we are best friends... Why are you leaving? Doraemon and Nobita got emotional and there was emotional moments and Shizuka got up and ran to down stair and went out. Nobita called out Shizuka but Shizuka in emotionally ran out of Nobita’s House. Doraemon in Emotional state uses the What-if Phone Booth to bring everything back to normal but a few seconds later they realized that it's not going back to normal. Doraemon Check the Phone Booth and said it got broke Nobita got shock and blames Doraemon because his gadgets is always useless and Doraemon blames Nobita for not using correctly and both of them argue meanwhile Nobisuke called Movers and around six truck came and the movers start picking up the furniture moving in truck expect What-if Phone Booth. Doraemon Starts fixing the What-if Phone Booth and Nobita went out to the bridge and saw Shizuka sitting on it and Nobita sat with her. Shizuka said that it hurts when a friend leaves.

Nobita gets up and promises that he will never leave his friends and with this. Shizuka got happy, Nobita went to his house and to his room watching Doraemon fixing What-if Phone Booth and Nobita apologize to Doraemon for blaming him and said that he promised Shizuka that he will never leave his friends. Doraemon got happy but little a angry saying that he's here for Nobita.Nobita replied that nothing will bad happen cause you are with me and both of them hugged each other. Next day, Nobita wakes up seeing Doraemon still fixing Phone Booth and he is almost completely fixed and his parents are calling him as they were taking their suitcase outside. And Outside was people like Nobi’s neighbour, Friends,Relative gathered up and a car was coming for Nobita, Doraemon and their parents. and Tamako were thinking about the car when Nobisuke said that it's his office's car, Nobita’s and his friends was saying goodbyes while tamako was also saying goodbyes and Jaian call Nobita to Open Lot. Jaian said Hit me cause I bullied you so many times and Nobita said that he can’t but Jaian insisted meanwhile Doraemon was putting back the phone booth main machine and quickly used the phone booth and said to bring everything back to normal. and It worked! Now Everyone’s reaction was that they don’t know what they were doing right now. Jaian is running after Nobita as he didn't remember saying hit him, At the end Doraemon says Did you guys have fun now? and the episodes ends here


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