Forgetting Flower
わすれろ草 Wasurerogusa

Forgetting Flower

2019 Gadget 8

Forgetting Grass

Owner(s) Doraemon
User(s) Doraemon, Nobita Nobi, Suneo Honekawa, Shizuka Minamoto, Takeshi Gouda
Gadget-type Plant
Episode debut Nobita Meets Masked Queen

Forgetting Flower is a gadget which looks like just an ordinary flower.


The effect of the flower is that when the user lets another person smell it, the flower will radiate out some purple beams. Those beams make the person forget everything just for a while. The flower's odor only seems to be effective up close.

In the Doraemons' Special, it is revealed that if the gadget is used in the person's dream, then anything they witness in the dream (including the user of the gadget) will be forgotten permanently. Also, Nightmare Eater Baku can shrinks, and the person who smelled it would turned back into their normal age. If the person reject it, then Nightmare Eater Baku will return back to it's normal giant size. Stated by Nobita, both Dream Ladder and Forgetting Flower is useless against Baku.


Manga Chapters




  • This gadget rarely appears.
  • In the manga publication by Tora Aman(Malaysian manga publication company), the Forgetting Flower is known as 'Rumpai Pelupa' which literally means 'Forgetting Weed' instead.
  • Due to the amnesiac effect the odor brings, it is possible that no one actually can tell (in this case, 'remember') how the flower really smells like.
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