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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
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1979 anime series
Security Camber
The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
Full of Nobita
Nobita ga ippai
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 1979
Broadcast date January 31, 2003
Season 24
Episode number 1697
Opening Doraemon's Song (Tokyo Purin)
Ending Until the Day We Meet Again
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Full of Nobita (の び 太 が い っ ぱ い) is an episode from the 1979 series.


Doraemon picks up a call from Shizuka, who invites Nobita to taste her cake. Nobita excitedly runs back to his room, where he finds Doraemon talking to Mii-chan. Doraemon returns from the dorayaki sale, and Nobita is shocked to find two Doraemons appearing at the same time. Doraemon reveals that he used the Tuning Fork that duplicates the user by the separation of atoms, but reduces both of their weight by half. When Nobita's uncle and his mischievous son, Akiyo, visit Mom and Dad, Nobita lends the Tuning Fork from Doraemon to get pocket money from Uncle and be at Shizuka's house at the same time. He lets the other Nobita go to Shizuka's house while he tries to collects the money by being filial to Uncle.

Nobita takes Akiyo to the park to play, and runs into near encounters that could have harmed Akiyo. He meets Nobita there, who earlier praised Shizuka for the almond cake and is now playing volleyball with her. He agrees to bring Shizuka back home over Nobita's concern of two Nobitas appearing at the same place at the same time. Nobita is engrossed talking to Nobita that he forgot about Akiyo, who could have met with an accident wandering away. He duplicates himself into four (making each one-eighth his original weight), and they split up to find Akiyo.

During the search, Gian is irritated by Nobita asking for Akiyo's whereabouts and beats him up. Nobita bumps into Nobita, who had just came out from Shizuka's house, and tells him Akiyo is missing. Nobita informs both Nobitas that Akiyo is found and they rush to the playground to save him. Nobita falls down trying to save Akiyo, and is rescued by the other four Nobitas. Akiyo is surprised to find the five Nobitas and falls down, landing on the Nobitas as a result. Nobita absorbs himself back and brings Akiyo home, and learns Uncle had left urgently. Mom and Dad let Akiyo stay for the night, to Nobita and Doraemon's displeasure.


Gadgets used[]


[Gian and Suneo are walking along the street. Gian is holding onto Suneo's new remote-control helicopter]
Suneo: Gian, I just bought that remote-control helicopter yesterday. Let me play it for a while, please?
Gian: Since it's on my hand, I should play it first.
Suneo: How could you be like that? You're so unreasonable, Gian!
Nobita: [passes by] Gian! Suneo!
Gian: Nobita, what's up?
Nobita: Have you seen a boy around this height holding onto a paper aeroplane?
Gian: No. [turns to Suneo] Have you seen him? [Suneo shakes his head] No one seen him.
Nobita: That's troublesome. Where could he have gone? [brisks away]
Suneo: [turns to Gian] We'll decide who'll play it first by playing a guessing game then!
Gian: If you promise to show a stone, Suneo, then I'll guess.
Suneo: Really? [begins to play] Scissors, paper... [halts] Wait a minute. If I show a stone, then you'll give a paper.
Gian: Obviously.
Suneo: How do you play the guessing game, then?!
Nobita: [passes by, surprising Gian and Suneo] Gian! Suneo! Have you seen a boy around this height holding onto a paper aeroplane?
Gian: No, I didn't.
Nobita: Where could he have gone? Seriously. [brisks away]
Gian: [turns to the helicopter] How high can this helicopter go?
Suneo: Stop being like this!
Nobita: [passes by] Gian! Suneo! Have you seen a boy around this height...
Gian: [annoyed] I told you, I didn't see him, understand?
Nobita: OK, you didn't see him, don't be so angry!
Gian: How many times must you repeat the same question?! [notices Nobita going transparent] Wait a minute. Nobita, why do you look that transparent today? Have you eaten well?
Nobita: [giggles] How can I look transparent? I've eaten well! I... I'm off! [runs away]
Suneo: I feel that he looks transparent, too.
Gian: [turns to Suneo] Don't bother about him. Here, we'll fly the helicopter to the open lot from here.
Suneo: Gian, please let me play!
Nobita: [passes by] Gian! Suneo! Have you seen a boy...
Gian: [infuriated] Darn it, stop asking me about that! [beats Nobita up] Nobita, you are weaker than any other day today!
Nobita: How did it turn out like this?

[Nobita bumps into Nobita (who went for Shizuka's place) at a corner of a street]
Nobita: May I ask if you have seen a... [surprised] Boy, you must be me!
Nobita: What happened?
Nobita: [runs over to both Nobitas] Akiyo-kun has been found! Over there, follow me!
[The three Nobitas rush to the playground. Meanwhile, Nobita finds Akiyo playing with the paper aeroplane on the cube sculpture, and climbs up to save him]
Nobita: Don't move. I'm coming over to get you...
[A sudden gush of wind blows him away. Startled, the four other Nobitas save the falling Nobita by forming a human inflatable cushion]
Nobita: You are lucky you have became lighter, otherwise it would have been dangerous!
Nobita: Sorry.
Nobita, Nobita, Nobita, Nobita and Nobita: [looking up in unison] Most important is Akiyo-kun...
[The five Nobitas run to Akiyo]
Nobita: Akiyo-kun, don't move! I'll save you from up there!
Akiyo: [looking down surprised] Oh my gosh, Onni-chan has multiplied!
[Akiyo's legs turn weak, and falls down from the sculpture screaming. The five Nobitas save Akiyo by forming another human inflatable cushion, and they are pressed hard by Akiyo's weight.]
Nobita: It hurts. Akiyo-kun, are you alright?
[Two of the Nobitas struggle.]
Akiyo: [excited] Wow, that was fun! Let's do it again! [goes back to the scuplture] Onni-chan, let's do it again!
Nobita, Nobita, Nobita, Nobita and Nobita: [standing up in unison] No way, time to go back home!