Gatchako's Appearance (ガチャ子登場 Gacha-ko Tōjō) is an episode from the Doraemon 1973 anime.


Duck-shaped robot Gatchako has come from the same future country as Doraemon came. However, Doraemon is somewhat troubled when Gatchako appears. For some reason Doraemon will care for hospitality at a restaurant. Gatchako asks them to stay in the Nobis' house, but Doraemon doesn't like the idea. Nobita also refuses to live together with Gatchako, but she said "I will tell you the secret of Doraemon if you let me". The secret of Doraemon? asked Nobita. Actually, Doraemon was an inferior student who failed in being a robot of the future, and he was brought to the present time for training. Finally, Doraemon was ashamed by the secret. Nothing special.


Gadgets used

  • No gadgets were used in this episode.


  • Unlike the original Doraemon story where he is sent to the present time by Sewashi to save Nobita from a terrible fate only, in this adaptation Doraemon is sent to the present time for training as he was an inferior student at the robot academy.
  • This episode was originally the twenty-sixth, it was later changed to the twenty-fifth. In some sources, this episode is still depicted as the twenty-sixth.
  • So far, none of video footage of this episode survive.
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