Gatchako (ガチャ子 Gachako) was a duck-shaped robot character in the manga and the 1973 anime. She was later scrapped from later versions and installments of the manga and anime.

She was made a cameo appearance in the episode Jaiko's New Comic of the 2005 anime.


Gatchako was a female robot in the shape of a yellow duck. In the manga, Gatchako was an unattractive duck with two buck teeth on the top and bottom, much bigger eyes, and she wore a red shirt and a large pink bow that had openings. In the 1973 anime, her design was much more contrasting and cute than the manga. She wore a red dress and a pink bow on her head. She generally has a smiley appearance and has big eyes.

Manga appearances (earlier versions)

Episode appearances (1973)

Other appearances, if any, are unknown.


Gatchako was depicted as an annoying female robot duck. She came as a help for Doraemon, because he wasn't doing well with Nobita.

Like Doraemon, she had her secret weapons (gadgets) too, she took them from her own mouth, unlike Doraemon, that has the pocket. She was capable of put a Bomb Egg.

Like Doraemon, Gatchako could speak human language, but also had semi-animal habits. Her signature exclamation was "Garth" (ガース Gāsu )



  • She was removed from later versions of the manga and never appeared in the 1979 or 2005 anime (except one cameo appearance) due to the fact that Fujiko heavily disliked her annoying personality, she hasn't made any other appearances since then. In anime versions of the manga chapters she appeared in, her role was replaced by Dorami or other characters.
  • In the 1973 anime, as both Doraemon and Nobita denied her on their house, she went to live on Shizuka's house as a sponger.
  • In the 1973 anime's last episode it is implied that Gatchako never returned to the future, as Doraemon asked her and she replied that she "still had to explore things about the 20th century".
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