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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Gian Stew
Release date January 18, 2019
Japanese title ジャイアンシチュー
English title Gian Stew
Season number 15
Episode number 548b
Adapted manga chapter Gian Stew
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Gian Stew is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This is the third adaptation.


Gian tells everyone that he thinks cooking is very interesting, so he starts to study the cooking, and says that after cooking it, everyone will come and eat it. Suneo worriedly tells Nobita and Shizuka: He ate Gian's food at the last picnic and ended up vomiting , the three of them decide to go back to empty their stomachs and prepare to eat Gian’s food at five o’clock in the afternoon. No one expects that Nobita's mother makes pasta for lunch, but Nobita bluntly refuses to eat it, saying that if he eats it, he will "die". The mother, who doesn't know the truth, misjudges that this meant "the food she cooks is hard to swallow" and she is very angry. After Doraemon hears the reason, he takes out "Super Gourmet Spice" and says: Any dish will do, but the mother who is standing by also mistakenly thinks that the two of them are having a conversation. Later, Doraemon adds to the food on his own. Nobita can't help but think it is delicious and eats it all. His mother is very happy to see it. After Nobita finishes eating his mother's pasta, he switches to Doraemon and sprinkles the spices on his bowl. When Nobita also wants to eat, Doraemon quickly takes it away. Just as Doraemon is eating the noodles with gusto, Nobita takes the spice and sprinkles the oranges on the table in the living room and eats them with the peel. Then he takes some food he dislikes (carrots, green peppers, celery) is sprinkled and eaten raw. Doraemon looks at it and thought it is too much and he will not be able to eat Gian's cuisine later. But Nobita's stomach is full, and Doraemon says he can use this to eat Gian's food. When the three of them arrive at the door of Gian's house, a horrible smell hits them. The sparrows faints after smelling it, and the flowers that float nearby withers immediately. The three of them arrive at Gian’s house for a banquet. Gian says that they are still preparing and asks everyone to wait. Suneo and Shizuka wait nervously, and soon a terrible smell comes out. Gian brings out the dish, introduced his dish as "Gian Stew" and divides it among the three of them. Although Suneo and Shizuka eat it, they say it is delicious, but their expressions are ugly; when Nobita goes to Gian's house, he brings the wrong flavoring (seven-flavored chili powder), and after he sprinkles it, Suneo takes a bite and thinks it has no effect. After that, Nobita sprinkles the whole can on him, and after taking a bite, the whole thing is so spicy that he realizes that he has taken it by mistake (Shizuka is also very spicy after eating it). Later, Doraemon comes over wearing a gas mask and "Invisible Cape", hands the spice to Nobita, and immediately retreats. Nobita relies on the spice and finishes eating happily. Gians looks happy and feels that Nobita is his confidant. However, when he wants to eat again, Gian discovers that Nobita is adding something, and when he grabs it, he accidentally spills all the spice on the Gian. At this time, the three of them suddenly feel that Gian is delicious and can't help but pick up the tableware to eat Gian. Gian shouts for help.


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  • This is the second time Nobita makes a blunder in bringing the Super Gourmet Spice to Gian's house, as he did not bring it the previous time.