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Big G: Master Chef
Big G- Master Chef Title Card (2005)
Release date July 11, 2014
Episode number 5
Adapted manga chapter Gian Stew
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Big G: Master Chef is an episode from the U.S. English version/dub.


Big G announces to Noby, Sue and Sneech that he is going to become a chef, and invites them over for at his house that evening to taste his food. However, the trio are reluctant to go over, as they have previously tasted his horrible dishes. Noby refuses to eat his mom's spaghetti for fear of angering Big G, but is told off by Mom. Understanding Noby's reasoning, Doraemon gives him the Super Gourmet Spice, which makes anything look (and taste) delicious. They try it on Mom's spaghetti, and Noby loves it so much he ends up taking seconds.

Noby then rushes off outside, but carelessly leaves the spice behind. Without the spice, it would be difficult for Noby to try Big G's dish! Big G has prepared his stew and gets the trio to try it. Sneech and Sue find it disgusting, but hold on - why does Noby's portion look tasty all of a sudden?


Gadgets used[]


  • Pork Chop's scene was cut from the U.S. English version.