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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Go to Dandelion Sky is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This episode is called The Dandelion that Flew Away In the Sky! in the English LUK Internacional (UK) dub and The Dandelion Goes To The Sky! in the Hindi dub.


Doraemon sees a dandelion plant that Nobita had grown last year. He asks about the plant from Nobita and tells him to take care of it. However, he discovers that Nobita does not have any emotions for plants and trees. To make Nobita to understand the emotions of the dandelion, he gives Nobita Fanta Glasses which helps to hear plants' voice. Nobita wears the glasses and finds out he could hear the dandelion crying. Feeling guilty, Nobita waters the plant and plants it in the soil. Pleased, she thanks Nobita. Nobita hears other plants also screaming for water so he waters other plants too. Soon after, the two cats who loiter next to the Nobi residence also begin to mock Nobita's laziness, and Nobita stops watering the plants in a fit of anger.

Nobita finds a group of ants diligently taking the food back from his room, and is dumbfounded that they are looking down on him, and hence he begins to study his homework and watering the plants daily. However, Nobita turns down Gian and Suneo to go for baseball, to the dandelion's dismay. One night, Nobita hears the dandelion screaming. He finds out that the plant was in danger because of the wind. Nobita hastily saves the plant from wind.

The next day, he sees that the dandelion plant has turned into a flower, and soon, she grows baby seedlings. And in a wind, all the seedlings fly away except one seedling which was very frightened to go away from his mother. That night, the dandelion tells him all her experiences and the next day, the seedling happily flies away with the wind and Nobita bids farewell to him. Nobita finds Doraemon having a baseball match with Gian and Suneo, and goes over to join them.


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[At night, Nobita is diligently studying.]
Tamako: Nobita...
Tamako and Doraemon: [in an exaggerated surprise] OH!!
Tamako: He's taking the initiative to do his studies! What had happened to him?

[At night, the dandelion tells her seedling all her experiences]
Seedling: Really?
Dandelion: Yes, my child. Mama also came here through the wind.
Seedling: From where? Where did Mama's Mama grow up?
Dandelion: I grew up from a platform of a train station in the mountains.
[In a flashback, a dandelion with seedlings is seen on a platform of a train station in the mountains.]
Dandelion: In a calm and breezy day, me and my other siblings embark across the broad sky.
[A wind blows all the dandelion's seedlings up the sky and across the mountains.]
Seedling: Won't you feel afraid?
Dandelion: Not at all! I am anticipated to see the whole world in front of me for the first time. [One of the seedlings lands on top of a train carriage.] If I feel tired, I rest on the roof of the train and sleep while it is moving along the tracks. [The seedling is then seen resting on the roof of a hut at night.] At night, even though I may feel sad due to loneliness, the moon will always comfort me. [cuts back to the conversation] And, up till now, I remember the time when I am moved by the sea.
Seedling: The sea?
[The dandelion nods. Cuts to the seedling flying across the sea]
Dandelion: Its azure blue and the dazzling waves were really beautiful. [The seedling flies across town and into Nobita's room.] And finally, I flew across this town and into Nobita-san's room.
Seedling: Mama, do you like travel?
Dandelion: I like to travel! Because that makes me a bigger and more beautiful flower. And because of that, I gave birth to all my wonderful children.
Seedling: Mama...
Dandelion: Yes?
Seedling: I'm embarking on my journey tomorrow.
Dandelion: Really?
Seedling: [yawns] I feel quite sleepy now.
Dandelion: Then let Mama sing for you a lullaby, alright?
[Her seedling nods]