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The Good Points Choice Board is a gadget owned by Doraemon.


It is white at the bottom and light purple at the top. It has a big yellow button at the bottom and the Power bar is red in color, the Looks bar is green and the IQ or Intelligence bar is blue. They also have pictorial representations of Power, Looks and Intelligence at the top (above the bars).


The user can increase or decrease his/her own looks (L), power (P) and intelligence (IQ) using this gadget by raising the bar of the specific quality. However, they cannot increase all three at the same time. If one goes up, the other two partially go down.

The Power button is also known as the Strength button.

Negative Effects[]

  • Decreasing P will result in the user feeling heavier.
  • Increasing or decreasing L will result in people not recognizing the user.
  • Decreasing IQ will result in amnesia.

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