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The Reality Pillow
2005 anime series
Doraemon's Song (episode)
Goodbye, Nobita! Doraemon, Goes Back To The Future...
Nobitakun, sayōnara! Doraemon, mirai e kaeru…
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date September 1, 2006
Season 3
Episode number 62
Doraemon Lonely Doraemon
Inventing with the Inventing Machine
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Goodbye, Nobita! Doraemon, Goes Back To The Future ... (のびくん、さようなら!ドラえもん、らいかえる... Nobitakun, sayōnara! Doraemon, mirai e kaeru…) is an episode from the 2005 anime. It is the first birthday special for Doraemon and is Dorami's first appearance in the 2005 anime. Additionally, it is the second hour-long episode after Eight Days in the Palace of the Dragon King.

This episode is based on two manga chapters - Doraemon's Feeling Down and Inventing with the Inventing Machine. Dorami makes appearances in both chapters, which were previously adapted in 1981 (as I Hate Doraemon!?) and 1982, respectively.


Nobita uses one of Doraemon's gadget to hide all his test papers. However, all the papers fly to the streets when they are told to run away when they hear Mum coming up, and hence Nobita puts the blame onto Doraemon. They quarrel. Doraemon’s younger sister, Dorami, falls from the ceiling and onto Doraemon when she sets her exit from such a high area, and is given a warning. Doraemon and Dorami are siblings, since they share the oil from the same can. After a day of introducing Dorami to Nobita’s parents and friends, Doraemon tells her about what happened about Nobita and she learns they are still quarrelling.

The next day, Doraemon wakes up late and finds out that Dorami had already waked Nobita up for school. He also learns that a concerned Sewashi had sent her to help her brother take care of Nobita. Mum is amazed when she finds out that Dorami had helped her with the laundry. Still concerned about Nobita, Doraemon flies to the school, with Dorami tagging along. They see Nobita lagging behind at the track and Dorami secretly puts a Self Confidence Helmet on Nobita to muster up courage and finish the sprint. Assured, Doraemon leaves Dorami to take care of Nobita and returns home, but receives a call from Sewashi, telling him to return back to the future.

After Doraemon treats Dorami to melon bread, her favourite food, she helps Mum to wash the dishes, but encounters a cockroach and is frightened. Doraemon rushes and finds out what happened. Still concerned, Doraemon rushes to track Nobita’s whereabouts, but fails to prevent him from any danger. Nobita blames Doraemon again. Nobita returns home and takes a nap, but wakes up a few seconds later and proceeds to do the homework. Dorami assists Nobita in doing the homework. She energizes him with a Speedwinder and he takes Dorami out to play. Feeling that Nobita would be better with Dorami by his side, Doraemon decides to leave his sister to take care of Nobita while he follows Sewashi back to the future, leaving Nobita devastated.

While warming up for baseball practice one day, an out-of-sorts Nobita reveals that he has done his homework in advance, angering Gian and Suneo. He returns home to find Dorami and Shizuka doing origami. When requested for a gadget that allows him to avoid Gian and Suneo for a while, Dorami reveals that there is no such gadget, but suggests Nobita can make one for himself using the Inventing Machine. He makes a Cockroach Hat that allows him to escape when chased by bad guys, and successfully runs away from Gian and Suneo. He makes another gadget for Shizuka to grow flowers all-year round, and receives some requests from other classmates to make new gadgets. Still, Nobita feels despondent.

Dorami returns to the future the next day and finds Doraemon feeling unwell, too, and believes that Nobita should be taken care of Doraemon. She returns to the present, but does not reveal to Nobita that Doraemon is sick. Suneo and Gian proceed to Nobita’s house one after another to request for a gadget to allow Suneo to defend bullying, and to allow Gian to fight against opponents, respectively, and both fight head-on. Unable to stop the fight, Dorami communicates with Doraemon through Time TV to ask for his help. Doraemon rushes to the present to bring Suneo and Gian’s mothers to send them home. Nobita is reunited with Doraemon, putting Sewashi and Dorami’s minds at ease. Nobita gives Doraemon a birthday present, but it turns out to be a mice-in-the-box, and Nobita laughs at his fear of mice, much to Doraemon‘s Anger and Sewashi and Dorami watch them hitting themselves on TV as the episode ends.


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Gadgets used[]

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  • Despite Dorami being younger than Doraemon by 2 years, 3 months, in real life Chiaki is older than Wasabi Mizuta by 2 years, 9 months.

Adaptation differences[]

  • Reasons for why Doraemon and Nobita quarrelled are established in this adaptation.
  • Sewashi was given more close up after seeing Nobita quarrelling with Doraemon, since Dorami’s appearance was delayed until her introduction in this adaptation.
  • In Dorami Appeared! Nobita's Hiking Submarine (1980 adaptation) and Dorami Appeared! Nobita's Submarine Adventure (2003 adaptation), Dorami makes her appearance from the drawer proper, but in this adaptation, she appears after falling from the ceiling.
  • This episode hints that Dorami's fear of cockroaches is more serious than Tamako's, since the latter only shows a sign of relief after the cockroach flew onto Dorami. Additionally, in the previous adaptation, Inventing with the Inventing Machine, Dorami did not show signs of fear as compared to this adaptation when the manual for the Cockroach Hat is produced.



[Sewashi watches, from his Time TV, Nobita quarrelling with Doraemon]
Sewashi: Oh, those two… [turns off the Time TV, which exits to offscreen. Leans inward on the couch] Perhaps Doraemon’s practices at Grandpa’s are improper. [Stands up and looks at the scenery outside] He should be making Grandpa’s life more peaceful, but he doesn’t seem to be doing well at it. Looks like Doraemon is a poorly-made robot. [ponders for a while, and comes up with an idea] All right.

[Doraemon and Nobita are sitting inside the room, backs facing towards each other as they give each other the cold shoulder. A black hole emerges from the ceiling. Both of them look up and hear a female voice screaming. Suddenly, a yellow cat-shaped robot with a red bow and a flower-shaped tail emerge and falls onto Doraemon]
Nobita: [surprised] Whoa! What now?!
[She turns such that her face is shown onscreen, letting out some pain]
Nobita: [points at her] Who… Who are you?
[She looks up to Nobita]
Dorami: You must be Nobita. I'm Dorami! How do you do.
Nobita: Dorami… chan?
Dorami: [looks around] Huh? Where did Brother go?
Nobita: “Brother”? Are you referring to Doraemon?
[Doraemon groans. They look down and on where Dorami is sitting, find Doraemon lying flat on the ground]
Dorami: Ah! What is he doing here?
[Dorami hops off Doraemon. He sits back upright and shakes his head]
Doraemon: Dorami!
Dorami: Sorry. [points upwards] I didn’t know the exit would appear from up there.
Doraemon: You should be careful and not put the exit in odd places. [referring to the drawer] Isn’t that the basic of a time machine?
Dorami: [as Nobita takes a quick glance at the drawer] Sorry, Brother.
Doraemon: Really.
Nobita: [to Doraemon] Wait. If she called you “Brother”, [points at Dorami] then she must be Doraemon’s…!
Doraemon: She's my little sister. [Dorami giggles]
Nobita: [surprised] WHAT?!

[Nobita finishes all the quiz books]
Dorami: Alright, let’s change them back. [turns on the light and reverts the books to Math and Social Studies]
Nobita: [delighted] Wow! This is my math notebook? My homework was what I just did?
Dorami: After shining the Quiz Ray, you’ll be able to joyfully complete your school assignments.
Nobita: I actually finished all of my homework on my own! [stands up from his seat] Unbelievable!
Doraemon: [looking on at Nobita] But most of them are wrong, though…
[Irritated, Nobita turns to Doraemon]
Doraemon: [raises his hands for a moment] S… Sorry! But for someone like Nobita-kun who always forgets to do his homework, being able to finish your homework is pretty incredible in itself!
Nobita: [as Dorami takes out another gadget, he folds his arms and turns away] What a compliment.
[With the gadget, Dorami winds Nobita up so he feels motivated]
Dorami: Right, I'll wound you up with the Speedwinder. Go enjoy yourself!
Nobita: [Dorami puts the Speedwinder back into her pocket] Thanks! [turns to Dorami and holds her left hand] Dorami-chan, you should come too.
[Nobita grabs Dorami’s right hand and runs out of the room with her. They pass by the hallway as Tamako reads a book in the living room]
Nobita: We’re off! (Dorami: Whoa!)
Tamako: Have you done your homework?
Nobita: I’ve already finished it!
[Tamako is pleased]

[Sunset. Nobita and Dorami return to their room]
Nobita: [to Dorami; opens the door] Am I right? Gian’s…
[Both are surprised to see Sewashi with Doraemon]
Nobita: [same cue as Dorami] Sewashi-kun!
Dorami: [same cue as Nobita] Sewashi-san!
Sewashi: [as Doraemon turns back] Hey, Grandpa.
Nobita: [Both walk towards Sewashi] I gotta tell you, Dorami-chan really is amazing! She’s better than Doraemon!
Dorami: [to Nobita] No way!
Nobita: [to Dorami] Hey, Dorami-chan, why don’t you stay?
Doraemon: [turns around; to Nobita] Nobita-kun, don’t cause too much trouble for Dorami. [to Dorami] Dorami, he’s in your hands from now on.
Dorami: Huh?
Nobita: From now on? What are you talking about?
Sewashi: From now on, Grandpa will be looked after by Dorami-chan.
[Nobita and Dorami are surprised, and then horrified]
Dorami: You’re kidding, right? I didn’t plan on…
Doraemon: [to Nobita; beginning to cry] See you, Nobita-kun.
Sewashi: Well, he’s in your hands now, Dorami-chan.
[Doraemon opens the drawer. Nobita watches as Sewashi and Doraemon go into the time tunnel. Unable to resist, he shouts]
Nobita: No! Don’t go back!
[Doraemon takes one last look at Nobita and goes into the tunnel]
Nobita: [runs to the drawer] Wait!
[Dorami proceeds to pull Nobita away]
Nobita: [beginning to cry] Doraemon!
[Dorami struggles as she tries to pull Nobita back]
Doraemon: [on his Time Machine] All right, then. Behave yourself, Nobita-kun!
Nobita: [crying] I don’t want this!
[Dorami is still struggling, but Nobita goes more inward to the drawer]
Nobita: [crying as Doraemon goes off] DORAEMON! DON’T GO!!!
Doraemon: [on his Time Machine, tears streaming as he goes back to the future] You have to behave well, Nobita-kun…
Nobita: [screaming as Doraemon goes back to the future] DORAEMON!!! DORAEMON!!!
[Dorami comforts Nobita afterwards]
Dorami: [sobbing] How could you, Doraemon… [continues to cry]

[Nobita runs back to his room panicked after being chased by Gian and Suneo]
Nobita: [opens the door] Doraemon! Doraemon! [realizes Doraemon has went back and finds Dorami and Shizuka squatting down doing origami] Oh, right…
Shizuka: Nobita-san.
Nobita: [walks and squats down with the both of them] After switching places with Dorami-chan, he went back to the future.
Dorami: [as both move closer to Nobita] Nobita-san, what’s wrong?
Nobita: [nervously touching both his fingers] Oh, nothing, it’s just… Gian and Suneo… Heheh… Um, could you lend me a gadget?
Dorami: [gladly nods her head with her eyes closed] Just tell me whatever it is you need.
Nobita: [puts his left hand on his head as he ponders over a gadget] If there is a gadget that would allow me to not bump into Gian and Suneo, as well as not be chased by them for a while?
Dorami: [thinking] Nobita-san…
[Nobita turns his attention to Dorami]
Dorami: Even though there are a lot of convenient gadgets out there, there’s no such gadget as you described.
Nobita: [blinks his eyes] Uh-huh.
Dorami: [standing up] So, why not make a gadget yourself based on your own description, Nobita-san?
Nobita: [points to himself] Make one myself? [thinks about it for a second, then scratches his head in shyness] Um… Maybe it’s probably better for me to use a pre-made one.
Dorami: Huh? [annoyed] Well, I’m displeased with that. Hmph!

[Sunset; Nobis’ residence. Doraemon and Nobita sit down in the room]
Doraemon: I have to go back soon. [stands up]
Nobita: You’re going back?
Doraemon: I only came here to stop the fight.
Nobita: [looks as Doraemon walks away] Wait a second. [proceeds to take out a present meant for Doraemon from a drawer, and gives it to him] Doraemon, here.
Doraemon: [takes a look at the present, then to Nobita] For me?
Nobita: [lowers his head] Today’s the 3rd of September, It’s Doraemon’s date of birth in the future. [Doraemon suddenly realizes about it. Nobita looks up to him] Doraemon, happy birthday.
Doraemon: [begins to get moved in tears] Thank you, Nobita-kun. [takes a present, and finds a letter] There’s a letter. Can I open it?
[Nobita nods. Doraemon opens the letter]
Doraemon: To Doraemon: Thanks you for always caring for taking care of me. Even though we fight a lot, Doraemon’s still my favourite. [begins to shed tears] From now on, I also want to be with you forever. – Nobita. [tries to control his tears] Nobita-kun!
[In sadness, Nobita goes up to hug Doraemon]
Nobita: [crying] No! I’m never letting you go back!
Doraemon: [crying as well, he hugs Nobita] Nobita-kun!
[While Doraemon and Nobita embrace, Sewashi and Dorami pop up from the drawer they go up to them]
Sewashi: Excuse us…
Nobita: [crying] Doraemon, after you left… Doraemon, after you left, I felt so… so lonely… Doraemon…
Doraemon: I felt… the same… as you… Nobita-kun…
[Blinking both their eyes, Sewashi and Dorami look at each other assured. They return back to the future in Dorami’s time machine]
Sewashi: Looks like Doraemon’s still the most fitting for taking care of Grandpa.
Dorami: I sure am kind of jealous of those two.

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