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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
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2005 anime series
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Goodbye, Shizuka
Shizukachan sayōnara
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Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date July 8, 2005
Season 1
Episode number 13b
Doraemon Good Bye Shizuka
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Goodbye, Shizuka is an episode from the 2005 series.


A depressed Noobita is walking home on the street, passing a cheerful couple pushing a baby trolley. He then encounters Shizuka who tries to greet him. Nobita panics, looks away and then sprints away, leaving her confused.

Nobita returns home and pants, where he is greeted by Doraemon walking over to him. He declares that he shall cut all ties with Shizuka, surprising Doraemon, as earlier on the duo's temporal activities interfered enough for him to marry Shizuka in the future. Doraemon is curious and asks if Nobita hates Shizuka, to which he denies while tears stream from his eyes, though Doraemon deems that he is exaggerating and questions further. Nobita then reveals that he was harshly criticized by sensei for forgetting his homework multiple times and thinks that since he is useless, if he marries Shizuka, they will sink into poverty together. While Nobita weeps, Doraemon bursts into laughter uncontrollably while throwing his limbs on the ground, citing that he doesn't need to see that far into the future. However, upon seeing that Nobita wants to leave her for real he stops laughing.

Nobita decides to convince Tamako to move the household so he will end up being too distant from Shizuka to even think about her in the first place, since he himself doesn't have enough will to leave Shizuka. Tamako deems his contentions irrational, beats him off-screen before kicking him out of the room. The door promptly closes, and Nobita realizes that he needs another way out by completely severing all connections to her. He heads back to his room and packs up all books he got from Shizuka. After he leaves, Doraemon picks up one of the leftover books, and comments that everything left are either comics or magazines.

Shizuka's mother greets Nobita at her place and attempts to summon Shizuka, though Nobita excuses himself and leaves, claiming that he is just here to return the items. He also asks her to bid farewell to Shizuka for him as he walks away. Shizuka arrives downstairs to find Nobita missing and her mother already grabbing the books. After learning Nobita's message from her mother, Shizuka decides to find him and figure out why.

Shizuka manages to catch up with Nobita who simply tells her to leave and they should seeprate, though Shizuka, unaware of Nobita's thoughts, continue to ask, adding that he is indeed acting weird recently. Nobita frantically cries and thinks of how to drive away Shizuka, before realizing that if Shizuka hates him, she would stay away. He then flips Shizuka's skirt while looking away. An angry Shizuka slaps him and walks away with fumes rising from her head. Though he groans in pain, Nobita feels relieved that she would leave for eternity.

Nobita walks to railings near an elevated turn and looks on the town as he declares himself that he is doing all this for Shizuka's sake. Dekisugi happens to spot Nobita and hears his cries. Curious, he proceeds to ask what is wrong with him. Nobita turns around, commends Dekisugi's qualities and how he would lead Shizuka to a better future before running away, leaving a confused Dekisugi behind. Nobita returns home and lies on the roof of his front porch wile looking into the sky, where in his illusion, Shizuka's face appears accompanied by her laughter. Doraemon comments that while Nobita sounds stupid at the moment, he still pities Nobita.

In the Minamoto household, Shizuka gets a call from Dekisugi, who is also concerned about Nobita's erratic behavior, and decides to search for him again. Outside, she encounters Gian and Suneo, both of which describe that Nobita has been heavily criticized by sensei today. Suneo imagines that Nobita is probably staying at his place still trying to bear it, while Gian suggests that he might have gone antisocial. Suneo adds that if he were to be scolded like that, he'd leave his home forever. Piecing everything together, Shizuka comes to the horrible conclusion that Nobita's up to something stupid and rushes to his house before it is too late. She manages to enter the household and Tamako calls for Nobita to come down. A panicking Nobita asks Doraemon for help and is given a potion, which he warns that it will drive everyone away, including her. Nobita pours all its contents on himself, shocking Doraemon, who claims that only a few drops would be enough. He fails to stop Nobita as the potion takes effect, forcing him to back off while holding a pillow in his hands as he sweats. Nobita drops the bottle and stares at him in confusion, and Doraemon declares that he is unable to bear with the unpleasant feeling radiating from Nobita. Meanwhile, as Tamako is drinking, the fumes breach the roof and she begins to also feel disgust. Doraemon runs out of the room and down the stairs, but trips on the way and tumbles down. While he is still dazed, Tamako steps on him and almost loses her balance before stumbling out as Doraemon quickly gets up and sprints away. A confused Shizuka was also flushed out of when the substance approaches her.

Nobita was relieved that Shizuka is apparently driven away. However, the potion happens to poison him. He collapses and cries for help, causing Shizuka to turn back. Nobita loses most of his strength when crawling out of the room, falls, and moans in pain, while Shizuka, forcing and staggering her way up the stairs, is exposed to high concentrations of the substance. She runs out of breath several times due to trying to cover her nose. Nobita again cries in pain and calls for Shizuka, who happened to show up right down the corridor. Still confused over Nobita's current state, she helps him up ad takes him to the bathroom where she uses a shower monitor to douse him (filling the bath tub in the process) until he tells her to stop.

Shizuka sighs in relief and a tear pops out from her eye. Nobita asks why does she even care, to which an angry Shizuka responds that friends should always care for each other, then berates him for his cowardice, surprising him. Still enraged, she pushes him into the bath tub and leaves off-screen, while Nobita laughs to himself in rejoice.

Nobita and Doraemon return to the roof of the front porch, where he explains to Doraemon that in the end, he was scolded by Shizuka, and laughs before lying down on the roof. Meanwhile, Shizuka passes the guard rails where Nobita met Dekisugi earlier, stops and turns her eyes over to the houses below. Nobita declares to Doraemon that he should put this Shiszuka thing off until later, and Doraemon smiles, telling him that it is the right thing to do. A smiling Shizuka looks over the town. Gusts of wind pass by her, and the episode ends.


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  • The story was later adapted in Stand by Me Doraemon.
  • Due to rating reasons, the scene where Nobita flips Shizuka's skirt was censored in some regions.
  • Water stains do not appear on Nobita and Shizuka for some reason, even though it is highly likely for the monitor to douse them both.
  • In this version there are several exclusive scenes, mostly concerning Shizuka:
    • Shizuka thinks that Nobita might run away from home instead of committing suicide.
    • Shizuka managed to enter the Nobi household and was greeted by Tamako instead of meeting them only as they escape.
    • Dekisigi's phone call to Shizuka is only present in this version. Otherwise, he is implied to appear or directly talked to her.
    • Shizuka appears near the guard rails near the very end of the episode, whereas in most other iterations, she does not show up at all.
    • Shizuka attacks Nobita when her skirt is lifted.
    • Nobita is pushed into the filled bath tub by Shizuka.
    • When Tamako runs out of the room, she steps on Doraemon when he is still on the ground, and makes a zombie-like pose when running.
    • Nobita and Doraemon both sat on top of the front porch instead of the apartment's summit in the final scene.