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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The "Out with the Demons" Beans
2005 anime series
Gian Stew
Goodbye, Shizuka
Shizukachan sayōnara
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date February 3 2012
Season 8
Episode number 282b
Doraemon Good Bye Shizuka
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Goodbye, Shizuka-chan is a remake episode from the 2005 series.


The episode begins with a depressed Nobita walking on the street. Shizuka greets him, though instead of responding to her normally, he just panics and runs away, much to her confusion.

Nobita throws his bag on the ground once inside his room. A curious Doraemon asks if Gian has been chasing him, though he denies. Instead, he wants to cut all ties with Shizuka, to which a confused Doraemon replies that they aren't even married yet. Nobita declares that he is taking pre-emptive action, though Doraemon asks him if he really hates Shizuka, to which he also denies, and claims the opposite instead. Doraemon asks again, and Nobita reveals events earlier this day - An angry sensei chastises Nobita for his repeated mistakes and assures that he will never become a useful person in the future. Gian and Suneo overhear the conversation, though they take no part in it.

Doraemon disagrees, and suggests to Nobita that sensei is encouraging him to study harder. Nobita ignores him and imagines him walking in a snowstorm with Shizuka, entwined in poverty, never to see light in their lives again. Doraemon laughs uncontrollably and considers that prediction inflated with exaggeration, but is stopped by Nobita himself. He decides to distance himself from her, though Doraemon brings up that they'll still meet in the school on a daily basis.

Downstairs, Doraemon stays outside to eavesdrop on the conversation while Nobita attempts to convince Tamako in the living room about moving to somewhere else, though she angrily brushes it off as nonsense and drives him out, telling him to finish his homework. Nobita sighs, realizing that he will have to rely on his own will to get Shizuka out of his life. He then decides to pack up all the books she gave him and return them. As he leaves, Doraemon sits and stares at the shelf, commenting that everything left are just comics.

Nobita is greeted by Shizuka's mother, who attempts to summon Shizuka, though Nobita explains that he isn't looking for her and leaves the items there, claiming that he is just returning them. He turns away and tells Shizuka's mother to bid farewell to Shizuka for him before opening the door and running away, much to her confusion. Shizuka then promptly arrives, only to discover Nobita gone. Learning the events from her mother, Shizuka deems that something is wrong with him and decides to follow.

Shizuka eventually finds Nobita, who simply tells her to stay away, not wanting to see her ever again. Shizuka persists, knowing that Nobita is up to something from the weird behavior he has exhibited, and refuses to leave until he explains everything. Nobita wraps his hands around his head and panics, unable to drive her away. He then realises that if she hates him, Shizuka would effectively stay away anyway, causing him to lift her skirt while looking away. To his surprise, Shizuka, instead of doing anything, blushes. Tears appear from her eyes and she runs away in disgust. After she is far enough, Nobita cries, turns away, still feeling awful and depressed.

Nobita stops at a road turn's railings, still talking to himself about keeping the future Shizuka happy and prosperous. Hidetoshi Dekisugi happens to encounter him. Curious about his appearance, Dekisugi approaches and asks him, only for a tearful Nobita to turn around. He grabs Dekisugi's hands, praises his qualities and claims that he'd be a good match for Shizuka. Dekisugi is still confused and questions further, though Nobita simply tells him to take good care of her and runs away while wailing, leaving a confused Dekisugi there. He tries to ask Nobita again, though he is ignored, as Nobita ran out of his sight.

A sad Nobita lies on his table while looking to the sky, and sighs. Doraemon comments on his stupid actions, yet also pities him.

A concerned Dekisugi visits the Minamoto household and informs Shizuka about Nobita's erratic behavior. He hypothesizes something wrong with Nobita, confirming her thoughts. While passing a playground, Shizuka overhears a conversation between Gian and Suneo. Gian, holding onto a football, sympathize with Nobita, to which Suneo agrees, but adds that "it is all he could be". Gian then reminds him about the severity of sensei's berating, and Sueno replies if he was ever the recipient, he would lose the will to live. Piecing everything together, Shizuka comes to the horrific realization that Nobita is about to commit suicide and rushes to his house to prevent the tragic event.

Nobita spots Shizuka through the window while lying on its frame, and she soon attempts to call his name. Panicking, he asks for Doraemon's help, and is offered a potion, which Doraemon claims that will drive off Shizuka and everyone else. Commenting that he has no choice, Nobita douses himself with the entire vial before a panicking Doraemon could stop him, warning that just one drop is necessary. However, Nobita replies that he has doused himself with all of it already. The potion begins to take effect, with Doraemon being disgusted by the purple fumes, and be crawls away. Shizuka rings the door bell and Tamako is about to open the door for her when the scent reaches downstairs, while Doraemon slips and tumbles off. The intolerable fumes forced them from the house, bursting from the door just as Shizuka begins to ask if there is anyone in the house. Shizuka calls for Nobita again but is held back by the fumes.

Nobita is relieved that Shizuka has been successfully kept at bay with the potion, citing that her life would be better without him. However, the nauseating toxins caused him to collapse, and he pleas for help. Shizuka realizes that his life is at stake and rushes back in as he barely crawls out of the room. Although the disgusting scent gets worse as she gets closer to the source, Shizuka is forced to withstand them anyway and makes her way up the stairs. Exhausted and not expecting anyone to come up, Nobita is on the verge of death just as Shizuka shows up in his blurred vision. A frightened Shizuka then drags him to the bathroom after helping him up. She then douses him with water until the potion's effects eventually wear off.

Shizuka sighs in relief, while Nobita questions why does she even care, enraging her. An angry Shizuka then tells him that friends are supposed to care for each other, before berating him on his corwardice, citing that if he had the effort, none of this would have happened. Nobita then smiles, and Shizuka presumably leaves off-screen.

At dusk, Doraemon flies to the roof and finds Nobita already there. He explains to Doraemon that Shizuka eventually scolded him and is asked about his decision on cutting her off. Noibita replies that he would consider that later on in the future, and Doraemon approves, ending the episode.


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  • The story was later adapted in Stand by Me Doraemon.
  • Scenes exclusive to this episode:
    • Doraemon suggests that Nobita should take sensei's scolding positively.
    • Gian and Suneo briefly overhear sensei berating Nobita before the scene shifts, and they take no part in that afterwards.
    • Tamako wears slippers when she leaves, as opposed to nothing at all.
    • Unlike the previous adaptations, Shizuka doesn't attack Nobita when he flips her skirt.
  • Unlike the original version, Nobita doesn't get attacked at all, while Nobita in the original version get attacked multiple times.