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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.


Episode starts at after school, as always, Nobita is alone inside the classroom again in his unfinished assignment with Sensei, then he sighed telling him to go home now. Then Nobita happily runs outside of the school with his soccer ball in his hand so he can join with the others, but they already left school as soon as he got out. Later, he arrived back home to drop his stuff inside, then goes outside again to find his friends. When he found them, they're playing baseball instead. He tries to communicate with them, not a single reply from Nobita and goes to Shizuka's house instead. Again, she told Nobita that she is in a hurry, doing something right now. Next scene, Shizuka and her friend, Hirako, who is moving to America, while Nobita is spying at them. As Hirako left, Shizuka started crying. Nobita tells Shizuka that's he's going to America too, but she tells him not to joke around and left with his upset face. Back at the baseball field, he tells everyone the same thing what he said to Shizuka, and they don't believe him 100% and goes home crying.

He tells Doraemon everything that happened earlier and wants to move to America to give attention. He took out the "What If Phone Booth", and asked the Photo Booth to move out to America tomorrow, even though it's a really bad idea, said Doraemon. Phone call from Nobita's father telling Nobita's mother to start packing up by tomorrow after hearing about moving to America, unexpectedly from Tamako panicking, while the two waiting for Shizuka upstairs. Every time the doorbell rang bell by bell, Gian, Suneo, Dekisugi, Tachibana including his Sensei came to say goodbye one last time before moving emotionally (especially Nobita's closer friends), until Shizuka arrives, looking really gloomy. Nobita tells her that he is moving to America, her teary eyes fell into the tea cup and Shizuka started crying with her waterfall tears and goes back home, upsetting both Nobita and Doraemon. He tells Nobita that's a really bad idea and beg him to revert, but as soon as he goes inside hearing no ring from the What If Phone Booth, Doraemon yelled that it's "broken".

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Gadgets Used[]

Background Music Used[]

  • Name (JP): おとなりのプリンセス" (Romanization: The Princess Next Door)"

[Where to find: When Gian furious come to attack Nobita after he beating him, and Shizuka sitting on a Dandelions Field]

Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur (2006)[]

  • Name (JP): のび太とピー助 (Romanization: Nobita To Pii Suke)

[Where to find: When Nobita and Shizuka are talking at the narrow forest path]

Doraemon: Nobita's New Great Adventure into the Underworld ~The 7 Magic Users~ (2007)[]

  • Name (JP): 悲しみの再会 (Romanization: Kanashimi no Saikai)

[Where to find: When Nobita and Shizuka are talking at the narrow forest path]


  • This special episode is the only one has a different ending compare to the 1979 version.
  • Sensei speaks English for the first time right before Nobita and his parents right about to leave.
  • This episode was re-aired few months ago due to the new movie of: Stand by Me Doraemon 2 coming out on November 2020.
  • At the swing scene where Nobita is returning Shizuka's book, but trips revealing his behind, it reveals that he isn't wearing an underwear this episode only.

Names in Other Languages[]

Languages Title Meaning
Chinese 试着说再见 Trying To Say Goodbye
Filipino Paalam Sayo Goodbye To You


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