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The Partial Gourmet Table Cloth or simply Gourmet Cloth is a recurring gadget in the Doraemon series. It 'serves' as a 'table' that magically makes food appears on top of the cloth when it is placed on a surface.


The Gourmet Table Cloth is a very complicated gadget that is able to 'manifest' real food as if it is conjured up from thin air. The user(s) may simply use the cloth by voice command. For example, if Gian says "Katsudon!" towards the cloth, then a katsudon will appear in smokes on the cloth. Throughout the series, it has been very convenient for the gang especially when they are having a picnic or camping out.

Appearances in Movies[]

Doraemon: Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum[]

Kurt Hartman made his own version of the Gourmet Table Cloth, the "B-Class Gourmet Table Cloth". Its function is similar to the Gourmet Table Cloth, although due to his inventions mostly hardly considered 'fully effective' or 'decent', it did manifest a pineapple hamburger for Suneo, but it manifested living chickens, a cow as well as a tomato and onion.


Manga Chapters[]