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Granton is a recurring villain in the spin-off Doraemons series, and the nemesis of Dora the Kid. He's a robber whose plot is mainly targeting money from the bank or taking over the Sheriff's position from Annie's grandfather.


Granton first made an appearance when Doraemon and Nobita were called to assist Kid in arresting him. When Nobita and Doraemon easily defeated his goons, Granton tricked them into believing that he's on their side, putting Nobita against Kid. When his cover is blown; Granton takes Doraemon hostage, and coerce Nobita into a death match with Kid. Nobita and Kid faked their deaths thanks to the gadget Mad Clock, lowering Granton's guard and defeats him. Doraemon was saved and Granton was arrested successfully.

Not long after that, he broke out of the prison and takes Dorami hostage when she came to visit Kid. Using Dorami's Doll Camera; Granton impersonates Dorami in an attempt to lure Kid to the train station where his underlings are. Later, the real Dorami managed to escape and confronts the disguising Granton. Both of them were virtually the same, until Kid was able to notice that the fake one is too "crybaby" and blasts "her". Granton was subsequently arrested once again.

Granton's latest appearance is when he offered his assistance, to escorts Kid to where Nightmare Priests took the children. Although Kid correctly guessed that Granton attempt to escape the prison again, Anne, the sheriff's daughter, affirmed Kid that Granton will not do that which Granton full of tears. Kid decided to trust the villain for once. With Granton's help, Kid, Nobita and Doraemon were able to arrest the two Nightmare Priests and rescue the kidnapped children. The two kidnappers, however, revealed that this kidnapping is a decoy to lure them from the town as their main target is Anne! Their leader, the fake Time Police who is revealed to be the wanted Time Criminal Chronos, is shown to take Anne as a hostage in order to replace her with Marie Antoinette (as Anne's face is strikingly similar to her) for he plans to have Anne executed in place of and ransom Marie to become rich. Thinking that the situation is getting dangerous, he decided to flee until Nobita asked him that does he really want Anne to die or not. Remembering her kindness toward him, Granton faked align to Chronos but instead back stab him to rescue Annie. He was shot with a laser gun and seemingly got killed. However, it's later revealed that Granton survived the ordeal thanks to the Cross that Anne gave him.