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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Growing Persimmons In One Night
Release date November, 23 2018
Japanese title 一晩でカキの実がなった
English title Growing Persimmons In One Night
Season number 14
Episode number 543b
Adapted manga chapter One-day Persimmon Fruiting
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Growing Persimmons In One Night is an episode of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobirou Nobi goes to visit, but Nobita happens to lose the food basket. Doraemon helps Nobita use "Space-Time Swapping Device" to get the vegetable basket back, and also takes a look at the dinosaur with Nobita. Uncle and Nobita's father chat about the persimmon tree in the yard. Nobita’s mother says that the persimmon tree has died a few years ago. Nobita's father recalls that when there is nothing good to eat in Japan, when the persimmons on the persimmon tree are edible, Nobita's father and Nobita's uncle can only see those of their peers eating the persimmons, and they are very sad. Nobita's uncle says it is very uncomfortable, and his father says it feels very uncomfortable when someone eat the only thing he has. Nobita and Nobita returns to that sad day and sees Nobita's uncle watering the persimmon tree when he is a child. Nobita's uncle firmly believes that the persimmon tree will bear fruit because the teacher says that as long as you persevere, you can succeed. As a result, they turns the persimmon tree back into the persimmon tree it is a day ago, making Nobita's dad and Nobita's uncle cheer. As soon as Nobita and Doraemon come back, Nobita's uncle says that the bare persimmon tree is full of persimmons again. Nobita's father says that he is so happy at that time.


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