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Guard Dog Bank is a gadget of 22nd century.


The gadget looks like a small brown dog having a slot at the place of it's eyes. It wears blue belt around it's neck having yellow spikes on it. Four of it's teeth are visible even when it's mouth is closed.


  • Just like an ordinary money bank, this gadget is used to keep money safely.
    • The slot at the top of it is the place where money is inserted.
  • When someone tries to take out money from it, it starts barking and behaving like a real dog.
    • It can attack, bite and fight with the person if the person becomes stubborn.



  • In The Human Piggy Bank, Doraemon put Nobita's money in it. When Nobita tried to take it out, the gadget started barking at him. On some other day, he tried to take out money from it, and fought brutally with the gadget. He separated his head and was able to take out his money finally.


  • The gadget is not enough strong and can get defeated.
  • Open Seasame Seeds can be sparkled to open the gadget.

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