MIRACLE HERO: The Guardians of the Galaxy (ミラクルヒーロー銀河防衛隊 Mirakuru Hīrō Ginga Bōei-tai) or The Guardians of the Galaxy is a team formed by the main characters in the 2015 film Nobita's Space Heroes.



Doraemon Head Power

Doraemon using his Miracle Kick but uses his Hard Head power instead

Self-proclaimed leader of the team.

Miracle Super Dora Kick: Used twice in the movie but failed.

Hard Head Power: His own true power. This attack has a massive destructive power that destroys glass pretty hard.


Super Nobita

Nobita using Super Nobita

One of the members of the team.

Super Nobita: Nobita creates string figures as his power.

  • Broom
  • Butterfly
  • Mountain Fuji
  • Star
  • Bridge
Nobita Attack

Nobita defeating Ikarosu

Super Attack: Upgraded version of Super Nobita that is used later in the movie. Nobita used this power to defeat Ikarosu.


The sole female member of the team.

Shizuka Aqua Beam

Shizuka's Aqua Beam

Aqua Beam: Shizuka produces water to attack enemies. It was based on her love of bathing.

Shizuka Hot Spring Beam

Shizuka defeating Meba

Super Hot Spring Beam: Upgraded version of Aqua Beam. Shizuka used this power to defeat Meba.


Another self-proclaimed leader of the team.

Gian Sumo

Gian throwing enemies with his Sumo Skill

Sumo Attack: Attack used by Gian. He often throws his opponent far away.

Gian Infinite Slapping

Gian defeating Ogon

Mom's Infinite Face Slapping: The power was inspired by his mother who violently abuses Gian for his bullying activities. After uses the power, Gian thanked his mother for the inspiration


Another member of the team. His powers are mostly inspired by his electrical and mechanism skills.

Suneo Drill

Suneo's Drill Attack

Drill Attack: Most frequently used attack by Suneo.

Suneo Recycle

Suneo recycling Doraemon's gadgets for a small airplane

Recycling Skills: Suneo used Doraemon's useless gadgets to form a small airplane.



  • Burger Director was mistaken to be the leader of the team by Aron.
  • They have super power because they use costumes from Dress Up Camera and give abilities with Upgrade Light.
  • In manga, Nobita instead gets an ability of standing up again when falling down (or almost immune to anything).
  • It's a reference of a Marvel movie, but with the same name.
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