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Gulliver Beam Light (ガリバー光線電灯 Garibā Kōsen Dentō) is one of Doraemon's gadgets used in the 1973 anime. The gadget is a flashlight that has both of the Big Light and Small Light functions in one: increase and/or decrease the size of humans and objects.


The Gulliver Beam Light has the same functions as both the Big Light and Small Light. It has two buttons: one is red and the other is blue. By pressing the red button it can enlarge humans and/or objects and the blue does the opposite, it shrinks things.

Appears in[]


  • It was used only once, in the 1973 anime episode Rats Are As Weak As Cats. It's almost unlikely that it can appear again since it performs the same functions as the Big and Small Lights.
  • It was replaced by the Gulliver Tunnel that debuted in 1979 which has a similar function to the Gulliver Beam Light but it was not meant to confuse with another gadget since it was a completely different gadget of its time.