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Gulliver Tunnel is one of Doraemon's gadgets.


To become small, the user must go through the tunnel, they will remain small until they go through the tunnel again to become big. However, if the user is going through the big entrance of the tunnel, they will become smaller and possibly be blown by the wind, as Doraemon stated.

Appears in[]


  • In Stand by Me Doraemon, the tunnel is a green color, for some reason.
  • This gadget is similar to Small Light, but it does shrink people to only one size while Small Light can shrink people to any size.
  • In Doraemon & Tamagotchi!, Doraemon and Nobita are ready to making their own house using instant miniature camera ( expecially they're taking pictures and picking Mametchi's house only for their home) and used the gulliver tunnel to enter it, explaining to their friends that they can go their house through the tunnel. ↓
  • It is revealed that Tama Friends would understanding to Nobita and Doraemon where they're showed their house through the tunnel.
  • Before the Secret Gadget Museum is closed due to Kaitou DX, Gulliver Tunnel was put in some places in an accident before the workers could put this gadget in a proper place.