Halloween and Nobi the Frog
Release date October 23, 2015
Japanese title ハロウィンとのびガエル
English title Halloween and Nobi the Frog
Season number 11
Episode number 728
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Halloween and Nobi the Frog is an episode from the 2005 series.


Today is Halloween. Nobita dressed up as a ghost but his friends laugh at his costume. Nobita begs Doraemon for a new costume and uses the Dress-Up Camera to have a costume as a Prince. After Doraemon left, Nobita secretly uses the Spare Pcket for some gadgets. Then, he saw a cane, which remind him that Shizuka want one, to look like a real witch.

Unknown to Shizuka and Nobita, the cane is actually a Animal Transformation Stick that made Tamako a cat and Suneo a bat. Doraemon explain to him that the gadget Release Lip will turn them back into original which Nobita reluctantly wants to use the gadget. Doraemon finds Shizuka but Shizuka accidentally transforms Doraemon into a mouse. Doraemon finds himself chased by a group of cats.

Later, Nobita finds a snake, who is actually Gian being transformed by Shizuka. Nobita accidentally smooches Gian, being reverted in his original form and then chases Nobita. Then later, Nobita finds Suneo as a bat and forcefully smooches him to revert in his original form.

Luckily, Doraemon escaped from the group of cats who chases him, but he looks into his reflection in the water and scared of himself. Nobita finds Shizuka, who joined a costume competition with her friends. Shizuka accidentally uses the stick to Nobita, which turned him into a frog. The host thought that it was a superb performance and the audiences clapped. Nobita cannot approach Shizuka due to her hatred of frogs.

Shizuka realizes the cane's abilities when she saw Nobita transforming into a frog and overheard Gian and Suneo who talk about their transformation. Shizuka then finds Nobita but mistakenly approach the other frog. But Shizuka saw the Nobita falls into the water which she thinks it is Nobita since Nobita can't swim. Shizuka attempted to kiss Nobita but it was backfired by Doraemon, who used the gadget to transformed back. Then, Nobita and Doraemon argued about the event.


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