Head of the Gorgon is one of Doraemon's gadgets. It is one of the few gadgets that ultimately backfires at the users, causing major problems for the main characters.


When the box is opened, the user will slowly turn into stone. But if the user pulls the snake on top of the box, the user will turn back to normal. In truth, it is actually a stone-made head with a terrifying design that can emit a type of light from its eyes to turn their target to stone. Pulling the snake which is its hair returns the petrified to normal.

In the 2013 movie, it introduces the DX version of it which is very large in size and can levitate above the ground. Unlike the one introduced in the manga and anime, that version's resetting effect only seems to work if the user yanks one of the snakes while it is facing the petrified subject. The gang defeated it with Shizuka taking over and using a mirror to reflect its petrifying rays back to it. Apparently, the snakes are invulnerable from turning to stone by the rays.

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  • If it escapes from its box, it goes crazy and turns everyone that it sees into stone. Apparently, it also has emotions and the craving to turn people to stone.
  • It appears twice in the 2005 anime.
  • In one of the episodes it was crushed by a petrified Gian, while in the other one, Nobita had his legs petrified and fell on it. In both versions, Nobita was the one who pulled the snake.
  • The sounds produced by the gadget were provided by Yasuhiro Takato.
  • In the UK English dub produced by LUK Internacional, it is called the Medusa Head, in reference to the Greek mythological monster Medusa, who has snakes for hair and can turn you to stone if you look at her.



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