Hikari Tribe 2

The Hikari Tribe is a primitive human tribe that lived in the vicinity of the current Fengxian District, Shanghai, China approximately 70,000 years ago. They appeared in the 1989 movie, Nobita's Birth of Japan.

The Light Tribe have been living in constant fear for many years as they were hunted by the savage Dark Tribe, who have been kidnapping the Light Tribe members to become slaves to their master Gigazombie.

In the beginning of the film, the Light Tribe's village was attacked by the Dark Tribe and everyone in his village was taken, except for Kukuru who was fishing near the river at the time of the attack. Kukuru returned only to find that his village has been reduced to ashes, he was then sucked in by a mysterious vortex which transported him to Japan 70,000 years in the future.




  • The Tribe's name when written with kanji Hikari (光) means "Light".
  • Because the tribe is originally from China, their tribe's name could be "Guan", "Deng" or "Liang"(Traditional Chinese).
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