Hiroshi (ひろし) is the only child of a family that has a delivery service "Doraneko". He always helped his mother run a shipping business since his father died. He was recruited as a pitcher to replace Doraemon. Controlling Ball would have a problem, but the ball is very strong and fast (probably because his arm is used to lift shipment). But after practicing on the uninhabited island, it became a steady controlling Ball! Throw flagship is a very fast forkball. Ace Dora's team had a chance to be recruited by King Sahadaru to join the Japanese team in the game WABC (Shiroemon as proposed by Hiroshi train hard to see), but it gets an unexpected accident forced to resign as the Japanese pitcher. After WABC ended he returned to shine on the field for the Se-Japan match.


  • Hiroshi is named after Fujiko F. Fujio, whose real name is Hiroshi Fujimoto.
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