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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
How to Eat the Delicious Nobita
Release date May 10, 2019
Japanese title のび太のおいしい食べ方
English title How to Eat the Delicious Nobita
Season number 15
Episode number 559a
Adapted manga chapter Obedience Hat
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How to Eat the Delicious Nobita is an episode of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobita sees a box at the empty lot, which says this is a gift. Nobita, who us curious and a little greedy, opens it. It turns out that there was Gian's Muku inside. Nobita and Doraemon hand it back to Gian, but Gian says that because it is disobedient, He doesn’t want him anymore. Since you pick it up, just take it. Muku is very sad to see Gian abandoning him. Nobita says that although Muku is usually cruel to him, he looks very pitiful now. Doraemon takes out "Obedience Hat" and says that he can use it to train Muku and let him become obedient and Gian will want it. So they put "Obedience Hat" on Muku and orders it to perform various actions. The results are obviously very good. The two of them feel very strange. At this time, Muku suddenly speaks and says that it can do anything as long as it is a reasonable request, but That bastard Gian tells him to meow like a cat or belly dance, and he doesn’t take him for a walk. All he eats is fish bone. He says Gian has raised him since he was a child, and he has been very good to him before. As he speaks, he starts crying again. Nobita and Doraemon are sad and angry after hearing this. Doraemon decides to take Muku to talk about Gian, and Nobita agrees. After Doraemon leaves, Nobita takes the gadget and wants to say that this is very fun and can be used on any animals. He wants to say that ordinary small animals are boring and it will be nice if there are lions, but suddenly he sees a lion on the road. He thinks it is fake, but unexpectedly the lion rushes up. Nobita hurriedly throw "Obedience Hat" out and finally controls the lion. He, Suneo and Shizuka come to watch his performance of commanding the lion, and even wrestle with the lion (Nobita commands It lost on purpose), but they don't believe it is a real lion, thinking it is a rag doll with someone inside and runs away. When Nobita is wrestling with the lion, he accidentally drops his "Obedience Hat". Nobita is so frightened that he throws the hat back, but turns the two hats upside down. When he is about to take them off, the lion orders him not to take them off. As a result, Nobita is controlled by the lion, and they return to Nobita's house. Nobita hopes that Nobita's mother will see him and help him take off "Obedience Hat", but her mother just taken off her glasses and wipes them, so she thinks Nobita has brought a lion dance home, and the lion orders Nobita doesn't want to talk much. When he arrives at Nobita's room, the lion tells him that he is very hungry. Nobita hurriedly goes to the kitchen to get a lot of meat to eat. When Nobita's mother think it is strange and asks, Nobita hurriedly says how important these things are to my life. At this time, Nobita sees Doraemon and Muku returning to Nobita's house because they can't find Gian. Nobita is hoping to stop him, but because Muku is sad, Doraemon says that let's go find it again. At this time, the lion has finished eating and says that he feels hungry after eating so little food, so he wants to eat Nobita. Nobita is so frightened that he wants to run away but is stopped. He is also ordered to take off his clothes and get cream to smear all over his body, but when he is about to when eating, the lion says that he must have ketchup to eat. Fortunately, there is no ketchup at home, so Nobita goes to buy it. The grocery store owner also asks him why he needs so much ketchup. Nobita says that it is because he has to apply it on the body. On the way back from shopping, he meets Gian. Gian thinks that the hat on Nobita's head is very interesting, so he takes it off and puts it on his head. Suddenly he feels that someone is controlling him to go to Nobita's house. Nobita hurriedly stops Gian from passing by. At this time, the lion also realizing something is wrong, he runs out by himself. When he sees Gian, he thinks this looks more delicious and wants to eat him. At this time, Muku rushes up and fights with the lion to protect Gian. Doraemon finally finds "Small Light" shrinks the lion. At this time, the police also arrives at the scene. When everyone is wondering why there is a lion, a man comes out and says that he has raised it, but later loses it, and he is taken away by the police. Gian is very grateful to Muku for his rescue, reflects on his bad treatment of him, and says he will treat you well in the future.




  • This is the first Doraemon episode to be released in the Reiwa era.



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Major Events[]

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Naming and Translation[]

Language Name Origin
Chinese 电击跳线
Hindi इलेक्ट्रिक शॉकिंग जम्पर
Vietnamese Jumper sốc điện


Voice Actor Role(s)
Megumi Ōhara Nobita
Yumi Kakazu Suneo
Wasabi Mizuta Doraemon
Tomokazu Seki Suneo
Subaru Kimura Gian