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Human Piggy Bank Maker is Doraemon's gadget.


This gadget is used to make a piggy bank from a human. Just enter the code into the gadget and navigate it to the target.

Appear in[]


Title User Code How to Memorize Purpose
The Human Piggy Bank Doraemon 1529 "Ikou Niku" (Let's go, meat) To make Tamako into Human Piggy Bank.
The Human Piggy Bank (manga & 1979 anime) Doraemon 4444 "Shishishishi" (Death, death, death, death) To make Tamako into Human Piggy Bank.
Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum ~museum Adventure~ Director Fiks 132109 "Himitsu Dougu" (Secret Gadgets) To make Lawnmower Fish into Piggy Bank.



  • In the 2005 anime, Tamako unlocked the PIN when she sliced the cucumber and the cucumber jumped on the strawberry. Because homophone for the PIN (1529) if you added the word ri (リ) will mean "cucumber is on the strawberries".
  • In the manga and the 1979 version, the password for the Tamako's bank is 4444 (4 is an unlucky number in Asia because the way it's said sounds similar to the way the word death is said). She unlocked it when she tried to choo away a cockroach (1979 version)/cat (manga) four times (the chooing sound is "shi" which sounds like "4").
  • In the 2013 movie, This gadget has a version named Anything Bank Maker. Director Fiks used this gadget on Lawnmower Fish, but the fish has become much because a gadget inadvertently makes it. So every night after the museum closed, he turns off the alarm for 3 minutes to find his Lawnmower Fish Bank.