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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
I'll Become a Singer By Eating Candy/1979 Anime
Release date May 2, 1979
Japanese title キャンディーなめて歌手になろう
English title I'll Become a Singer By Eating Candy
Episode number 27
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I'll Become a Singer By Eating Candy is an episode from the 1979 anime and 2005 anime. There are four adaptations to this episode - two in the 1979 anime (with one remake in 1992) and another two in the 2005 anime (in 2006 and 2012). Additionally, the 2012 adaptation is dubbed on Disney XD in the United States as Big G's Big Show and aired in 2015 as part two of the season finale.


Doraemon records Nobita's voiceprint with the Voice Candy and ventriloquizes Nobita's voice. He suggests they go out to play, which angers Mum. Later, Doraemon secretly eats Mum's candy and tells Nobita to finish up the homework. A while later, his voice goes back to normal and falls asleep. Nobita goes out and encounters Suneo, who is trying to give a ticket to Gian's concert to Nobita because he does not want to attend, and they chase around the street. Gian finds out and is peeved. Nobita and Suneo appease him and Gian gives Nobita a pair of tickets for him and Doraemon to attend.

Suneo, Nobita and Doraemon and the others attend Gian's concert at the open lot. Just when they thought it is over, Suneo says the wrong things to appease Gian and gets everyone into trouble. Doraemon gives him a candy before he sings another round and he ventriloquizes a singer (as recorded on TV). Back home, Nobita gets Doraemon to ventriloquize Shizuka's voice and say she likes him. Gian returns to Nobita's house and pleads Doraemon to give the candy to him, as he has signed up for a reality singing competition "Be A Star".

That night, Nobita's family watch the programme to root for Gian, but Doraemon realizes that the candy could only last for 30 minutes. Before they could get Dad and Mum to cover their ears, all four were flung out of the room by Gian's horrible singing. The next day, Gian pursues Nobita and Doraemon for humiliating him in front of the entire Japan, but Doraemon is able to ventriloquize his mother's voice with the candy and chases him away.

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  • When Gian returns Nobita's manga (with Doraemon's mouth closed), the cover changes to "Primary 4" with Doraemon's mouth open when he hands it over to Nobita.