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I'll Become a Singer By Eating Candy/U.S. English dub
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Release date September 1, 2015
English title Big G's Big Show
Season number 2
Episode number 52b
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The episode I'll Become a Singer By Eating Candy is renamed Big G's Big Show in the English Dub of the 2005 anime series.


Big G's singing voice is horrible, so Doraemon gives him a mint to make his voice better, and make it to the finalists of "Be A Star". But he forgot to remind him that the voice mint only lasts for 30 minutes, which means he ate that mint for over 2 hours ago, which Big G's horrible voice will be broadcast on every TV across the country.

Cast (in order of appearance)[]

Gadget used[]

Notable Quotes[]

  • When Doraemon and Nobita discuss what to do now that Takeshi is angry and wants their heads for ruining his performance:
    • Doraemon: "Hokay, so we just have to make sure we never run into Big G again..." (Takeshi rounds the corner, jump scaring them.)
    • Nobita & Doraemon: "BIG G!?!?"
    • Takeshi Gouda: "How dare ya let me make a foolla myself in front of da whole country!" (Nobita and Doraemon run off for their lives.) "Get back here!"
    • Nobita Nobi: "Doraemon! Do something!"
    • Doraemon: "Good thing I brought an emergency mint with me! Open up!" (Nobita eats the mint.)
    • Nobita Nobi (impersonating Mrs. Gouda): "BIG G!?!?"
    • Takeshi Gouda: "M-mommy!?"
    • Nobita Nobi (impersonating Mrs. Gouda): "No more picking on Noby!!"
    • Takeshi Gouda: (Runs off in fear of his mother.) "I'M SORRY MOMMY!!"


  • The U.S. English dub features Lucas Grabeel of High School Musical and Switched at Birth fame as the singing voice of Big G (after eating the mints).
  • This is currently the last episode to be dubbed into American English by Bang! Zoom.
  • Continuity Anomaly:  For some reason, the United States of America is shown when Takeshi is singing with his "normal" voice.