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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
I'm Mini Doraemon
'Boku Mini Doraemon'
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date July 28, 2017
Season 13
Episode number 490a
Doraemon Mini-Doraemon
Opening TCA
Ending TCA
Insert TCA
Written by TCA
Story by TCA
Teleplay by TCA
Directed by TCA
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Previous episode A Late-night Town in the Bottom of the Sea
Next episode The Elephant and the Uncle

I'm Mini Doraemon (ぼくミニドラえもん Boku Mini Doraemon) is a part of the summer special and remake episode from the 2005 anime. It premiered on July 28, 2017 with the other part of the episode which entitled The Elephant and the Uncle.


In school homework, Nobita decided to observe wild birds with Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo and they will all meet at the Open Lot. So Nobita asked Doraemon to take him to the mountain, thinking to observe the unusual bird.

However, Doraemon said that he have to go out and find the lost cat. Nobita cried for Doraemon for not not going to the mountain. So Doraemon puts out the "Mini Doraemon" that looks exactly like Doraemon from his pocket and Doraemon leaves Nobita. Despite it is in small size, Mini Doraemon seems to have secret tools in his pocket.

Mini Doraemon takes out the "Take-copter". However, Take-copter is too small to support Nobita's weight and he falls to the ground. After that, Nobita came. With Mini Doraemon they decided now to go to the mountain. So Mini Doraemon puts out the "Anywhere Door" but the door is too small to enter. So they decided to use the "Small Light" to become smaller. But they become too smaller than Mini Dora so they got blowed by the wind in the Anywhere Door that is heading to the mountain except Mini Dora because he didn't use the Small Light to himself.

At the mountain, They used again the Small Light to return to their original forms and they see the beautiful appearance of the mountain. While they are at the mountain, All of them become hungry so Mini Doraemon puts out the "Partial Gourmet Table" that is too small and the foods appeared at the top of the cloth are small too. Suneo suggested that they use Anywhere Door to ask some snacks from his mother but only scared who spewed tea at him. Everyone saw a cat on the tree, and everyone planned to save it. Gian projected Mini Dora onto a tree, let an eagle eat Momotaro Jirushi's Millet Dumplings, carried Mini Dora and the cat back to the ground, and Doraemon came to everyone afterward.

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  • This episode is aired as a part of the 1 Hour Summer Special episode.
  • It was the first episode to include the animation update.
  • Although the 2017 adaption of the episode was skipped in the Chinese dub, but it was dubbed in the Korean dub.


Naming and Translation[]

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Voice Actor Role(s)
Megumi Ōhara Nobita
Yumi Kakazu Suneo
Wasabi Mizuta Doraemon
Tomokazu Seki Suneo
Subaru Kimura Gian
Tomato Akai Red Mini-Dora
Minami Takayama Suneo's mother