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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

I Want to Eat the Matsutake is an episode from the 2005 series.


Nobita helps his mother go shopping. He notices the Matsutake and begs his mother to buy it for him. But Tamako and Doraemon gave Nobita a negative expression so Nobita decided to give up and requested for cream puffs instead. Later, Suneo and his mother approaches Nobita and the rest and Suneo said that "He was tired of eating Matsutake" which made Nobita and his mother furious.

At home, Nobita said that he wants to eat Matsutake and even gives it to his mother. Doraemon introduces the gadget Imitation Spray to Nobita and used it to make the cream puff into a Matsutake. However, the taste is the same as the cream puff does. Doraemon explained that the shape changes, but the contents is only the same as the original, let his mother goes to plant, but this incident is heard by Gian & Suneo, so the news of the Matsutake s in the back mountain spread to the residents of the town.

Not only Shizuka, Suneo's mother also goes to the back mountain to collect Matsutakes, and Nobita has to use the food in the refrigerator to turn into Matsutakes and bury them in the soil, but Suneo inadvertently digs them up.

In the end, Nobita's mother picks up the only remaining matsutake, and Nobita & Doraemon wante to explain the reason, but finds that it is a real matsutake and are very happy.


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  • This episode plot is almost similar to I Want to Eat Crab! because Imitation Spray is used on the both episodes. However, this episode never made it in U.S.A. English dub.