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The Imprinting Egg is a gadget used in The Imprinting Egg, its remake Shizuka-chan, in an Egg and Stand by Me Doraemon when Nobita tries to woo Shizuka.


The user will need to put a person inside the gadget. After 15 minutes, he/she will be in love with the first person he/she encounters first. To undo this effect, the person must have a fishbowl-like gadget over his/her head.

Depiction in Stand by Me Doraemon[]

When Nobita said that Dekisugi cannot be beaten through Doraemon's gadgets, Doraemon immediately picks up the Imprinting Egg. Doraemon explained to Nobita about Imprinting that when the eggs hatch, the first thing the hatchling sees will consider as their mother. It was similar to the gadget; after 15 minutes he/ she will be in love with the first person he/ she encounters. Nobita tries to bring this but it ended when Gian accidentally goes inside the gadget and being love-struck with the first person he encounters, which is Suneo. Nobita and Doraemon tries again but failed again when Dekisugi fell in the Anywhere Hole that is connected from Shizuka's front door through Nobita's room. Even worse, Dekisugi confessed his feelings for Shizuka and he doesn't want to use a gadget to make her reciprocate.