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In A Thrilling, Solar Car is an 1992 Doraemon short film. It has never been released on DVD or VHS.


A brief history of cars is shown in the film, and that perhaps, in the future, there will be pollution-free cars that run entirely on solar energy.


One of the main Doraemon cast members, Shizuka, does not appear in the short film, instead being replaced with the recurring side-character, Dorami. The main song for the film is titled Harmony of the Stars (Japanese: 星のハーモニー), performed by Japanese singer Yuko Naka.


There are Doraemon characters, as well as Little Ghost Q-Taro Characters, and Perman Characters.

☀Gonsuke, who originally appeared in 21-Emon and Umeboshi Denka, but later appears in Doraemon, also appears.