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Incident Bomb (ジケン爆弾 Jiken Bakudan) is a gadget that will predict the user future disaster within ten to thirty seconds after activation. The user must then use a clipper to cut either the red or blue cord on the bomb. If the right cord is cut the disaster will be averted, if not it will occur immediately (the correct cord is chosen randomly).

Multiple events can also occur continuously (but don't stack) and the same event can occur more than once as well. Once activate, the gadget's effect cannot be disabled and will be in effect for the entire day.

This gadget is exclusive to the 2005 anime series.


Doraemon brings out this gadget to help create an exciting event for Nobita to write his diary.

List of events that occurred[]

  • Nobita's mom gets angry because of his test score. (Averted)
  • Gian beats up Doraemon and Nobita. (Occurred)
  • Shizuka's panty is exposed because of the wind. (Averted)
  • Gian beats up Doraemon, Nobita and Suneo. (Occurred)
  • Doraemon and Nobita are chased by a dog. (Occurred)
  • Doraemon and Nobita fall down a hill in a shopping mall cart. (Occurred) This cut the previous event with the dog short.
  • Gian beats up Doraemon and Nobita. (Averted)
  • Doraemon and Nobita fall into a swimming pool, which was filled with girls who were swimming there. (Occurred)