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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
It's Amazing!? Seven Wonders of School
Release date August 9, 2019
Japanese title ゾクゾク!?学校の七不思議
English title It's Amazing!? Seven Wonders of School
Season number 15
Episode number 569a
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It's Amazing!? Seven Wonders of School is an episode of Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobita and his friends are very happy to hear from Shizuka that they will participate in a piano concert at the site of an elementary school in Omoizawa. Nobita, Gian, and Suneo had promised to go to the villa of Suneo's dad's friend in Soizawa. Nobita and his friends promise to meet Shizuka over there.

However, when Nobita arrives at Soizawa, Gian and Suneo tell him that there are seven mysteries related to ghosts in the ruins of this elementary school, and he shakes up ...

In addition, he was asked to explore the ruins of an elementary school by the time he met Shizuka, and when he followed him unpleasantly, he was severely scolded by the piano teacher and found Shizuka crying. The three angry people pretend to be ghosts and surprise the piano teacher to call him Gahun.

Just ask Doraemon, who came to deliver Nobita's forgotten thing, and put it on his head, and he will put out a "fantasy disc" that can project the thoughts as a stereoscopic image (Eizou) ...! ??


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  • A similar plot had been used in the past in The Doraemons Special Vol 4 with Nobita and Matadora.
  • Although Gian say that he is doesn't afraid in everything in Phobia of ◯△□, but in this episode Gian is scared by Doraemon shadow; Tamako illusion; a giant rat illusion; and piano sound played by young Music Teacher illusion.