Jamako (ジャマ子 Jama-ko) is a character exclusive to the 1973 anime. She was one of Shizuka's friends and first appeared in Operation Cupid Love Love.


She was one of Shizuka's friends and a character that only appeared in the 1973 anime. Along with her, there was another girl named Debuko. The info on them nowadays is little to nothing. It is unknown why she was scrapped in later animes. Probably, both her and Debuko were made with the purpose of filling space in the episode and its story; and to complete its 10-minute lenght.


Jamako is a thin girl with tan skin and brown curly hair. She wears a yellow polo T-shirt and presumably a skirt of an unknown color, with socks and shoes of an unknown color, too.



  • She bears a resemblance to the 2005 anime Shizuka's unnamed friend by her looks.
  • Jama(邪魔) in Japanese means Obstacle and Ko (子) means Child, so her name would mean Obstacle Child literally, another reason of her possible purpose in the 1973 anime. 邪魔子 (Jama-ko) means Disturbed child.
  • The girl in Nice Girl on The Roof has a resemblance to her, but it is unlikely that they're the same person since her first appearance is in two episodes later.
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