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Jane is a character from Doraemon: Nobita and the Galaxy Super-express. She was voiced by Sakura Tange.


Jane entered the Mystery Train Tour along with her friends Aston and Don. During the Entrance Ceremony she spotted Nobita and his friends and mocked them for being from 20th century. Later, she and her friends passed by and making fun of Nobita and Doraemon for walking all the way to the rocket station and not using the Amusement Park's Wheeled Road.

At Cowboy Planet, Jane and her friends participated in a shooting contest to decide who will be the One Day Sheriff. She was disqualified for shooting the judge. The three left the planet after Aston lost in the final round and head to Fairy Tale Planet at Jane's behests as she always wanted to role play as Snow White. Because of the high demand for the role, Jane was forced to wait for several rounds. Jane later witnessed Shizuka as one of the Snow Whites, and the mayhem that broke out when other six Snow Whites trying to take the prince for themselves.

On the way to the Dinosaur Planet, Aston was possessed by Yadori 008. The possessed Aston knocked out Jane and Don out of the car and onto a small planet.