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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Let's Set Up the Customer's Face/2005 Anime
Release date May 27, 2016
Japanese title お客の顔を組み立てよう
Season number 12
Episode number 776
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Let's Set Up the Customer's Face is an episode from the 1979 series.


When Nobita comes home, he sees a man saying he wants to find his parents, but he has to leave because no one is at home. When his parents comes home and asks him what he looks like, he can't remember at all and can only answer vaguely, and is reprimanded by his parents. He goes back to his room and complains to Doraemon. Doraemon take out a machine that can change a person's face, hoping to integrate the person's appearance.

Unexpectedly, after the integration, not only parents do not know friends but also do not know. Changed Nobita is seen by Shizuka, He finds Suneo and Gian and walks to the police station, and sees the man's appearance on the bulletin board. It turns out that he is a wanted thief names Ōdoro Mochisuke (it is estimated that he also picks the lock at the beginning, and only gives up the crime when he meets Nobita. ). Nobita is dragged to the hideout by the thief's subordinates who mistakes him for an accomplice. As a result, the real thief comes back, threatens Nobita and is overjoyed to learn that he can change his appearance with a machine, and ties him up.

As a result, the subordinate makese a mistake, causing the thief's facial features to dislocate, and the two are so angry that they scuffles. At this time, Doraemon comes to save Nobita. But Nobita's face can't be changed.


Gadgets used[]

  • Montage Bucket

Difference between 1979 Anime and 2005 Anime[]

  • In 1979 anime, Nobita and Doraemon find some image that have body part that have resemble the "guest" and setting up the face. While in 2005 anime. Doraemon set up Nobita face with Shizuka's eye, Gian's nose and Suneo's mouth, a unknown person bald head and (possibly) Doraemon's face at first and later find some image that have body part that have resemble the "guest" and setting up the face later.
  • In 1979 anime, Nobita tell his parent that are they seen this face (the "guest" face that Nobita set up to show his parent) before, but they doesn't know. While in 2005 anime, Nobita's parent didnt't recognize their son while he is in the "guest" face, after Nobita tell them that he is Nobita, they are recognize and Nobita tell them that are they seen this face (the "guest" face that Nobita set up to show his parent) before, but they doesn't know.
  • In 1979 anime, Nobita (with the "guest" face) tell Gian and Suneo that are they know this face (the "guest" face that Nobita set up), but Gian and Suneo tell say who he are, Nobita end up use the "guest" face to scared both that he is "Nobita's Uncle". While in 2005, it didn't happened
  • The police did not recognize Nobita with the criminal's face in the 1979 version. While in 2005, the police recognized Nobita with the criminal's face.
  • In 1979 version, Doraemon came to rescue Nobita in warehouse from two criminal while they fighting each other after the criminal face getting ruined by his partner. While in 2005 version, Nobita's end up about arrest by Police in warehouse instead, and Doraemon came to rescue him from Police.
  • In the ending scene of 1979 version, Nobita got his face back to normal, and when he walking with Doraemon, Gian and Suneo come and say that can he play with them (and he also say Nobita's "uncle" come home yet, while the "uncle" and his partner drive away by the police car which Gian and Suneo didn't know). While in 2005 version, which it the criminal with his ruined face beating up his partner in angry, while Doraemon, Nobita (with a face that still looks like a criminal) and Police watching them.