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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Level Me Up (おれさまをグレードアップ Ore-sama o gurēdoappu) is an episode of Doraemon (2005 series). It is based on the manga chapter, Upgrade Me.


After going to the bookstore to buy comic book, Nobita meets Gian. Gian wants to grab the comic, but is scared away by the teacher. As soon as Nobita returns home and prepares to read comic, his mother asks him to do his homework. After Nobita finishes his homework, he goes to his mother to ask for comic book and see her mother vacuuming. It is suddenly damaged during operation, and Doraemon takes out "Upgrade Spray" to get the vacuum cleaner running. Nobita takes the comic book back to his room, and his mother sees that Nobita’s homework is all wrong. Nobita sprays his head and eraser with "Upgrade Spray", wipes out the mistakes with the eraser, and then picks up the pen to correct the mistakes. After finishing his homework, Nobita sprays comics with "Upgrade Spray", making Doraemon laugh. Nobita sprays the feet so that Gian can't catch up no matter how hard he chases; sprays comics again, making Shizuka laugh again; sprays Suneo's remote control car, and the remote control car becomes very fast. Gian sees the spray and wants to become stronger. Nobita sprays Gian with spray, but after spraying his butt, the spray runs out. Finally, Gian lets out a big fart and flies high into the sky.


Gadgets used[]

  • Upgrade Spray