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This page lists down the different title cards in the Doraemon anime series. These title cards appear at the beginning of each episode.

1973 anime[]

In the 1973 anime, Doraemon stands at the left-hand corner of the screen, and takes out from his pocket a huge title card which shows the episode title and the names of the scriptwriter and storyboard. The title card is used for the entirety of the 1973 anime, which is aired on Nippon Television. In episodes 1-26, Doraemon's voice was provided by Kosei Tomita and in episodes 27-52, it was provided by Masako Nozawa.

1979 anime[]

Title cards 1/2 (1979-1981)[]

The TV Asahi version, where Nobuyo Ōyama was the voice of Doraemon in the 1979 anime, has seen five different title cards. For the first two years of the series' run, there are two different opening title cards used. Doraemon is always at the bottom-right corner of the screen. He is not animated, and the credits have been moved to be shown at the opening theme. In the first title card, an image of Doraemon running can be seen. The background color is green. It is used from episode 1 to episode 28.

The second title card shows an image of Doraemon jumping for joy. The background color is yellow. It is used from episode 8 to episode 617.


  • In Indonesian dub, the title cards were edited and had been revised several times.

Title card 3 (1981-1992)[]

Following the show's move to the half-hour format, a new title card is introduced, and this time, Doraemon is animated. The word color has changed from red to white, while the background color is orange. There are two Doraemons in the title card seated. Doraemon on the left faces the viewers while Doraemon on the right has his back faced to the viewers. Soon after, both of them do a somersault in the air such that they stand up facing the opposite direction than before, and they wave to the viewers. The title card holds the record for being in use for the longest time without changing, at 582 episodes. It is used from episode 618 to episode 1199.


  • In Indonesian dub, this title card were edited out and Indonesian text were placed in Japanese text.

Title card 4 (1992-2000)[]

The background color is green. Doraemon is at the bottom-right corner of the screen. He takes out the Anywhere Door. Soon, another Anywhere Door appears on the bottom-left corner of the screen. Doraemon opens the door such that he ends up on the bottom-left corner, and waves to the viewers. It is used from episode 1200 to episode 1584.


  • This title card was never used in Indonesian dub as no place to replace Japanese text.
  • This title card was also translated in Vietnamese.

Title card 5 (2000-2005)[]

The background color is pink. Doraemon, who is at the center, pumps air into a dorayaki-shaped inflatable cushion. Afterwards, he jumps to eat it, but it bursts, together with the inflator. Landing on the ground as a result, he smiles embarrassingly to the viewers, while having his right arm behind his head. As a result of the 1979 series switching to digital ink-and-paint in episode 1682, the title card was digitally recolored and used for the remainder of the series. This is the final title card of the series and is used from episode 1585 to episode 1787.


  • In Indonesian dub, this title card were edited and Indonesian text were placed in Japanese text.

2005 anime[]

Wasabi Mizuta is the current voice of Doraemon in the 2005 anime. There are two different title cards.

Title card 1[]

Several gadgets fly towards the screen. The Anywhere Door opens to show the title card, which have different backgrounds every time.

In addition, besides Doraemon, who still reads out the episode title, other characters begin to appear on the title card as well. The following characters that appear are as follows:

Character Episode Title
Japanese Title
Suneo Esper Suneo
5 May 2006
Suneo is the Ideal Big Brother
Shizuka Through Stomach or Water
12 May 2006
Pero! Come Back to Life
Magical Girl Shizu-chan
25 May 2007
The Secret of Shizuka-chan's Heart
Gian Fever! Gian Fanclub
19 May 2006
Gian's Feeling Down
The Horrors of Gian's Birthday Return
15 June 2007
Gian is Beaten!?
Dekisugi Big Problem With the X-Ray Stickers
26 May 2006
The Human Book Cover
Jaiko Don't Cry, Jaiko
2 June 2006
Jaiko's New Comic
Nobita The Lazy Day
9 June 2006
Aren't You Nobita, the Cat?
Mama Swapping Moms
16 June 2006
Papa Nobita Disappeared?


  • In Indonesian dub, this title card was minor edited and Indonesian text were placed in Doraemon's Mouth. (Only Doraemon version are appeared in Indonesia)

Title card 2[]

The background color of this title card is light green. Doraemon takes out a huge sign from his pocket. The title of the episode is shown in the sign.


  • In Indonesian dub, this title card was minor edited and Japanese text were replaced with Indonesian text.

Title card 3[]

For the pre-Animation Update title card, varying background colors and animations for each episode appearing, with the animation corresponding with the episode. It first appeared in episode 458. The title card subsequently returned to the 2nd title card after the 2017 1 hour countdown.

Title card 4[]


Summer! Mountain! Nobita's family on the hiking

The current version is the background animation of the episode of the episode, which is similar to the opening of the three generations, but there is no action, there is a list of producers, the title font is white, and the new style and background music are replaced.


  • This title card was never used in Korean dub and instead still uses the second title card but with the background music of the fourth title card was synced instead.