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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

This article provides a list of the 1787 episodes and 30 specials of the Doraemon (1979 anime).


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S1 10-03-1978 The Fishing Pond in My Study Room 勉強部屋のつりぼり After Nobita's Mother Saying No to Him going fishing, Doraemon Pulls out a Gadget That will let him fish in his own room.
001 04-02 Dream Town, Nobita Land ゆめの町ノビタランド The episode starts with Nobita getting bored. Then Suneo invites them to play Dodgeball, but when they get to the place they usually play gets turned into a place to put materials. Then Doraemon takes out a camera which can make miniature versions of buildings. They successfully make Nobita Land and invited their friends to play, but it gets destroyed by Nobita's Mother in the end. The episode ends with all the scrap metal landing on Doraemon.
002 04-03 Transformation Biscuits 変身ビスケット The episode starts with Nobita's mother asking Nobita to buy desserts to treat their visitor. He goes upstairs and finds a box of Transformation Biscuits. He eats a cat shaped one and then takes the box to the visitor, who eats four of the biscuits. Then his mother reminds him to buy the desserts. He then goes to buy desserts and to his shock, turns into a cat for five minutes. Later, Nobita and Doraemon then try to stop his mother from seeing the transformation happening on the visitor. The episode ends with Nobita's father fainting upon seeing that Nobita's mother had turned into a rabbit after eating a biscuit.
003 04-04 Memorization Bread for Testing テストにアンキパン The episode starts with Nobita running into Doraemon and asking him for a tool to help him study for his examinations that takes place tomorrow. Doraemon gives him some Memory Bread which Nobita eats and understands the work. Later, he relaxed and ate desserts until he became full, but Doraemon forces him to eats extra memory bread. The episode ends with Nobita vomiting and re-eating memory bread from the start the very next day.
004 04-05 N・S Patch N・Sワッペン The episode starts with Gian playing with two magnets. Nobita then says that he should know about magnetic properties in kindergarten. Gian then gets really angry and chases after Nobita. Nobita runs home and asks Doraemon for help, and he gives Nobita some N and S emblems after successfully testing them on Nobita's parents. Then he puts a S emblem on Nobita and the other S emblem on Gian. Nobita then escapes from Gian, but he instead makes a mistake and ends up being attracted to Gian. The episode ends with Doraemon ignoring Nobita when he pleads for help.
005 04-06 Wrestling Killer ころばし屋 The episode starts with Nobita and Gian being almost late for school and running into each other. An angry Gian then knocks Nobita down, causing him to be late. Doraemon tries to aid Nobita with a Wrestling Killer tool. At first, Nobita mistakes it for a gun, but later understand how it works and uses it to knock Gian down. Later Suneo tricks him and he sets the tool to knock Suneo down, but accidentally caused it to turn against him. He then wastes ¥100 trying to stop the tool. The episode ends with Nobita falling down the stairs.
006 04-07 Nobita's Bride のび太のおよめさん The episode starts with Nobita and Doraemon celebrating Nobita's birthday. Then they go to the future and they try to find Nobita's bride, who turns out to be Shizuka. Then they almost get beaten up by Nobita's son in the future due to a mix-up, for Nobita's son looked just like him. The two escaped with injury and find Shizuka in Nobita's house presenting him with a present. The episode ends with Shizuka and Nobita walking away.
007 04-09 Doraemon's Prediction ドラえもんの大予言 The episode starts with Nobita getting home and wanting to go to Shizuka's house to play, but is stopped by Doraemon. He then open a book and tells Nobita that if he goes out, he will get in hospital because he will be hit by a truck. After persuasion by Shizuka, Doraemon goes outside with Nobita and uses a "future mirror" to see what will happen to them in 10 seconds time. Eventually, after near-accidents, they make it there but when he opens the door he gets hit by a toy truck on the head. The episode ends with Nobita laughing with Doraemon. First use of flying hats.
008 04-10 Dinosaur Hunting 恐竜ハンター Doraemon and Nobita's first time travel. They get into a drawer which leads to them travelling on a time machine and end up ten billion years in the past. After shrinking one dinosaur, Doraemon cannot find his gun but they manage to escape the second one, with Nobita leaving his glasses behind, which are found in the present time, to the amazement of scientists.
009 04-11 Devil Passport 悪魔のパスポート Doraemon pulls out a gadget called a "Devil Password". It says that if you show the gadget to anybody around you, it will let you do any bad deeds.
010 04-12 Lucky Gun ラッキーガン Nobita has some bad luck so Doraemon gives him a gun which shoots red bullets (actually bursts of light) for good luck and black bullets for bad luck, but no way of deciding which you get. Cowardly Nobita has 3 others try it first and they all get good luck. A little boy takes the gun and shoots Nobita with a black bullet and he gets all bad luck.
011 04-13 The Cursing Camera のろいのカメラ Nobita accidentally makes voodoo dolls of Doraemon and his parents using the camera and they fall into the hands of two rough girls.
012 04-14 Wolf Family オオカミ一家
013 04-16 Let's Build a Subway 地下鉄をつくっちゃえ Nobita and Doraemon use a digging machine to build their own subway as a birthday present for Nobita's father so he doesn't have to take the very crowded public subway to work.
014 04-17 Ally Self Mask of Justice 正義の味方・セルフ仮面 Nobita forgot to do his homework once again after watching TV last night, however, an unknown person that has the name: All Self Mask of Justice came by to assists Nobita's problem. Who is he?
015 04-18 I Got 100, For Once in My Life... 一生に一度は百点を Doraemon lends Nobita a computer pencil which writes all the answers to his homework. Gian steals it and uses it in an exam to get 100% but his father thinks he is cheating and beats him. Suneo and Gian now Nobita's friends.
016 04-19 Game of Exchanging Moms ママをとりかえっこ Nobita, Shizuka and Suneo are all fed up with their mothers so Doraemon arranges it for them to swap parents and they find that mums are not so bad after all.
017 04-20 The Time Cloth タイムふろしき
018 04-21 Treasure of Chinkara Peak ちんから峠の宝物
019 04-23 Air Combat 大空中戦 Doraemon gives the gang model planes which shrink them down so they can fly inside them. Gian gets the only jet plane and shoots the others down, then afterwards rests on top of the Tokyo Tower, only to have his model plane fall off, stranding him there.
020 04-24 Secret Room Door ナイヘヤドア Nobita wants his independence from his family so Doraemon gives him a door which when placed against a wall, creates a room behind it which can be lived in. Nobita finds he is not ready to leave home yet.
021 04-25 Run, Machine - Horse! 走れ!ウマタケ The horses are stilts. Cry baby Nobita has boasted that he will enter a stilt race tomorrow but he does not know how to walk on stilts so Doraemon goes to the 22nd Century to get him a cross between a stilt and a horse. Gian steals it so Doraemon becomes a tough teacher as he trains Nobita to walk on stilts. The mechanical stilt horse runs amok in Gian's house.
022 04-26 Ah, Love, Love, Love! ああ、好き、好き、好き A new girl nearby ignores Nobita. Doraemon gives him a cupid's bow whose arrows will cause anyone he shoots to love him. The first arrow hits a dog, then an ugly girl. An ugly man accidentally shoots Doraemon. Finally an arrow hits the girl and she falls for Nobita but he ends up being chased by the ugly girl who still has a love arrow in her.
023 04-27 Wild Animal-Taming Gloves 猛獣ならし手袋 Gian wants to beat up Nobita so Doraemon gives him a glove which makes Gian behave like a friendly dog.
024 04-28 Ancestors, Come On ご先祖様がんばれ Suneo boasts about his Samurai ancestor so Doraemon and Nobita go back in time to see Nobita's hunter ancestor, and get caught up in a small war. Doraemon gets an arrow through his head but just pulls it out.
025 04-30 Vehicle Accessories のりものアクセサリー Nobita wants to fight monsters using Doraemon's toys which give him the power of a plane, a tank and a submarine but finds he gets only petty jobs.
026 05-01 Top Secret Spy Operation (秘)スパイ大作戦 The episode starts with Nobita breaking his teacher's vase while he was cleaning the classroom with Suneo. Suneo agreed to help Nobita cover up his crime, on the condition that he must do whatever Suneo wants. Fearing his teacher, Nobita reluctantly agreed. Along the way, Suneo and his friends taunt Nobita about the vase. Doraemon furiously takes out a tool that spies on Suneo's house, and Nobita found out that Suneo had a habit of bedwetting. Suneo's plan backfired when Nobita taunted him with his secret bedwetting habit. In the end, Suneo's friends wanted to taunt Nobita by making him do a headstand and bark like a dog, but Suneo, fearing that Nobita may uncover his secret, did the headstand.
027 05-02 I'll Become a Singer By Eating Candy キャンデーなめて歌手になろう
028 05-03 Oh, Lovely Mii-chan! すてきなミイちゃん Doraemon falls madly in love with a toy cat. The owner lets him have it after he rescues it from a dog and he uses 22nd century technology to make it as real as he is, only to find out that it too is a male cat.
029 05-04 Toy Troop おもちゃの兵隊 Gian wants to beat up Nobita so as Doraemon is busy with a puzzle, he sends out five toy soldiers who attack anyone who is even slightly angry with Nobita, including his mother.
030 05-05 The Fish Flag Float こいのぼり A poor boy (Tzo) has no father so cannot afford fish flags so Doraemon uses a cloud machine and has some fish flags produce young who quickly grow up into fish flags for Tzo.
031 05-07 Old Tool Competition 古どうぐきょう走 Nobita is jealous of Suneo's collection of antiques so has Doraemon use a time cell phone to swap modern things with old things held in a 22nd Century antiques shop. Nobita misuses it and the family find everything of their's including the house coming from ever earlier time periods. Doraemon tries to put things right but Nobita's family end up with a 22nd Century house whose automation is full of trouble. Nobita appears completely naked as his clothes vanish.
032 05-08 Grovel Grasshopper ペコペコバッタ
033 05-09 Paper Crafts Sure Are Fun 紙工作は楽しいな Doraemon gives Nobita a giant paper cut-out book which makes things that really work like a flying saucer, and a dinosaur which wants to eat them.
034 05-10 A Girl Like White Lilies 白ゆりのような女の子 Weird! The beautiful young girl who gave Nobita's father chocolate when he was hungry as a boy turns out to be Nobita. His father tells him that he had received chocolate from a girl when he was a child, so Nobita and Doraemon go to the past to find out who the girl was. Nobita falls into a pond and gets wet, and Doraemon gives him a piece of cloth to wear which makes him look like a girl. They spot Nobita's father coming to the edge of the pond, and Doraemon gives Nobita chocolate which he goes and gives to his father.
035 05-11 Opposite Arrow コベアべ Doraemon produces a magic flute which when used makes people do the opposite of what they intended. Nobita uses it on a thief.
036 05-12 Time Camera おくれカメラ Mr. Nobi, Nobita's father has lost his wallet so using a camera which can photograph past events, Nobita and Doraemon track it down.
037 05-14 Proposal War プロポーズ作戦 The episode begins with Nobita's mother preparing a fine meal in celebration of the twelfth anniversary of Nobita's father and hers wedding. At dinner, Nobita's mother and father have conflicting memories on who proposed first. They fight, and Doraemon takes Nobita back in time to find out just what happened. On the day of the proposal, they see Nobita's future father running late. To teach him a lesson, Nobita's future mother pretends to walk off, but decides to go back to him once it appears he has suffered long enough. It seems, however, that she has very poor eyesight and she picked another man who happens to be similarly built and dressed. Nobita's father stalks off. Once Nobita's mother puts on her eyeglasses and realises she has the wrong man, she goes after him, but sees him embracing his sister and misinterprets this to be his quick recovery from their break-up. To rectify the situation, Doraemon uses a robot that transforms into each of their parents and tells the other the thing they remembered at dinner. They marry, but Nobita realises they didn't solve the problem of who proposed first. Once returned to his own time, Nobita expects his parents to have divorced, but surprisingly, they have decided who proposed first doesn't matter and made up on their own.
038 05-15 Reservation Machine リザーブマシン Doraemon helps Nobita and his father see a new film using a machine which can reserve anything so no one else can use that thing first. Nobita inadvertently traps 3 of his friends at home all afternoon and Gian promises revenge.
039 05-16 Tanuki Maker タヌ機 After Suneo upsets Nobita by saying he looks like a cartoon raccoon, Doraemon gives Nobita glasses which makes Suneo see the illusions that he wants him to see, and so upsets Shizuka and Gian.
040 05-17 ○○ Does ×× and △△ ○○がXXと△△する Shizuka agrees to study with Nobita but when Gian asks her, she goes with him instead. Cry baby Nobita moans to Doraemon who gives him a pad where anything he writes in it comes true.
041 05-18 The Girl With the Red Shoe 赤いくつの女の子 Nobita remembers about his childhood friend named Non-chan and wants to return her red shoe back to her.
042 05-19 Flattering Lipstick おせじ口べに Nobita's too honest comments upsets his parents so Doraemon gives him a lipstick which makes him charm everybody. His mother finds a discarded lipstick which makes wearers insult everybody and Nobita comes home to find her and his father shouting insults at each other.
043 05-21 Memories of Grandma (part 1) おばあちゃんのおもいで(前) Looking through some old photos, Nobita is very upset as he misses his (dead) grandmother who made a lot of fuss over him. Against his will Doraemon takes them back 8 years. Nobita upsets his mother who does not recognize him as her 3 -year-old son.
044 05-22 Memories of Grandma (part 2) おばあちゃんのおもいで(後) Nobita gets to meet his grandmother and finds he was a bit of a bratty kid. Again upsetting his then mother and self, his grandmother protects him again and he shows her what he looks like in his school uniform before leaving
045 05-23 I'll Be My Own Teacher ぼくをぼくの先生に Nobita's parents decide to get him a tutor as his grades are bad so Nobita decides to use himself 3 years in the future to answer his school questions now. But his future self is dumb because Nobita did not study and that Nobita too has a future self who turns up and complains that he is dumb too because Nobita 3 years in the future did not study either.The three of them go to the kindergarten Nobita, saying that if they want to improve their grades,they have to start from the beginning. However none of them has the heart to tell the kindergarten Nobita to study, so they return to the present time.
046 05-24 The Strange Encounter Machine 未知とのそうぐう機 Despite being told not to, Nobita plays with Doraemon's machine, finding it calls a UFO from far away. The alien is upset, being called for no good reason but they manage to placate it with beer. Nobita's mother upsets it and it wants to invade the Earth but is again placated by Nobita's marble collection.
047 05-25 Nobita in the Mirror かがみの中ののび太 Nobita wants lots of toys but can't afford them. Using Doraemon's magic mirror, what he holds up to it is copied, so he borrows toys and copies them. But Nobita also gets copied himself producing a mischievous Nobita.
048 05-26 The Dimensional Copy 立体コピー Nobita cannot go out so Doraemon produces some magic paper that makes paper copies of anything including Nobita. However as soon as they leave, a wind blows away the paper figure of Nobita which then has a number of adventures.
049 05-28 Let's Go See the Ocean in a Submarine せん水艦で海へ行こう Doraemon produces a mini submarine which makes many jumps into all sorts of liquids including a toilet bowl on its way to the sea.
050 05-29 The Friendship Capsule 友情カプセル Suneo tries to lure Doraemon from Nobita but he won't go so he gives Suneo a capsule which makes anyone your friend as a consolation. Cunning Suneo uses it to make Doraemon become his friend.
051 05-30 Submission Ring ごくうリング Nobita is too lazy to do his homework without pressure so Doraemon gives him a headband which is painful if anyone says "close", which Doraemon uses to make Nobita do what he should do.
052 05-31 The Apartment Tree アパートの木 Nobita wants his own apartment so Doraemon gives him a tree which grows rooms underground and the gang move in.
053 06-01 Real Shooting 実物射的
054 06-02 Catch the Culprit with the Time Machine タイムマシンで犯人を Nobita is wrongly blamed for breaking a school window. A time machine helps him find out what really happened.
055 06-04 The King of Sharpshooting Contest けん銃王コンテスト Doraemon gives Nobita an ointment which when rubbed on your fingers, you shout "peng" and a jet of air powerful enough to knock someone over comes from your finger, so allowing the gang to play at shooting each other.
056 06-05 Fining Piggy Bank ばっ金箱 Gian busts another football so all the gang say they have no money for another one. Doraemon produces a small robot which takes 100 yen from anyone who does something bad, to get money for a new ball. Bully Gian quickly falls foul of it.
057 06-06 House Robot ハウスロボット
058 06-07 Nobita's Castaway Story のび太漂流記 Nobita wants to live on an island like Robinson Crusoe, but is such a helpless cry baby that hidden Doraemon has to keep helping him.
059 06-08 Air Block Maker 空気ブロックせいぞう機 Doraemon gives Nobita a machine which produces blocks of solid air which stay in position. Unfortunately he forgets to tell Nobita that they vanish after a time, leaving him hanging high up in the air.
060 06-09 The Continuation Spray つづきスプレー Spray it on a picture and you see what would happen next in the picture, like a ship moving. Nobita ruins a man's art collection trying it out.
061 06-11 Lost Item Retrieval Machine なくし物とりよせ機 Gian and Suneo trick Nobita with a fake UFO so Doraemon comes up with a real one and a remote controlled alien, then make the pair regret their joke.
062 06-12 The In-Advance Antenna あらかじめアンテナ Doraemon and Nobita use a TV antenna, which allows the wearer to be prepared for any event that will happen.
063 06-13 The Voice Thickener 声のかたまり Gian is giving Nobita trouble so Doraemon gives him a medicine which makes his words into solid letters which can be used as weapons.
064 06-14 The Wishing Star ねがい星 Doraemon throws out some of his useless inventions, including the Star of Hope. Gian and Suneo find it, not realising that the wishes it grants are always wrong
065 06-15 The Big R/C Naval Battle ラジコン大海戦
066 06-16 XYZ-Ray Camera XYZ線カメラ A special camera can see through things including clothing. Not knowing this, Shizuka wants Nobita to take a picture of her. Some nudity.
067 06-18 Let's Be Lightning カミナリになれよう Doraemon produces a small thunder cloud to cure Nobita of his fear of thunder. This done, Nobita uses it to shock people.
068 06-19 The Mysterious Person from the Future 未来世界の怪人 Nobita tries to get the better of bully Gian using Doraemon's things from the future, but Gian has things from the future too and gets the better of him.
069 06-20 Weather Box お天気ボックス
070 06-21 Home Satellite 自家用衛星
071 06-22 The Life Do-Over Machine 人生やりなおし機
072 06-23 The Super King スーパーダン
073 06-25 Let's Set Up the Customer's Face お客の顔を組み立てよう
074 06-26 The Lying Beak ソノウソホント
075 06-27 I Love You, Roboko ロボ子が愛してる Nobita is doing poorly with girls so Doraemon makes him a girl to love him but the powerful machine gets jealous of Shizuka and angry when Nobita's mother shouts at him.
076 06-28 Let's Play in the Clouds 雲ざいくで遊ぼう Nobita is working on his tan when a cloud covers the sun. Doraemon gives him a machine which controls clouds and he uses it to scare Shizuka and a friend as well as Gian. Then it overheats.
077 06-29 Opposite Side Kleenex ウラオモテックス Suneo butters up everybody, to Nobita's annoyance so Doraemon gives him a square of sellotape which when put on Suneo's back reveals his true bad personality to everyone.
078 06-30 The Fake Alien ニセ宇宙人
079 07-02 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Real Things ほんもの図鑑
080 07-03 Menkui Camera めんくいカメラ
081 07-04 The Day When I Was Born ぼくの生まれた日
082 07-05 The Disaster Preparedness Device さいなんくんれん機
083 07-06 The Pool in the Clouds 雲の中のプール
084 07-07 Mancutting Machine 人間切断機
085 07-09 Dried Fish ゆうれいの干物
086 07-10 Taking an Arrow to School 弓やで学校へ
087 07-11 The Snail House is Comfortable デンデンハウスは気楽だな
088 07-12 Advertising in Mirrors かがみでコマーシャル
089 07-13 Baby Manufacturing Machine 人間製造機
090 07-14 We're Gonna Steal Mom's Diamond ママのダイヤを盗み出せ
091 07-16 Moving to a Haunted Castle (part 1) ゆうれい城へ引っこし(前)
092 07-17 Moving to a Haunted Castle (part 2) ゆうれい城へ引っこし(後)
093 07-18 Hot Powder ドンブラ粉 Nobita cannot swim so Doraemon uses a powder on him which makes him able to swim through the ground or anything else solid as though it were water, so he can learn to swim. Bit of nudity.
094 07-19 Love Love Parasol あいあいパラソル
095 07-20 Where the Traveling Souvernir Picture Doesn't Go 行かない旅行の記念写真
096 07-21 Shopping In The Future 未来からの買いもの Nobita wants a new bike but his parents cannot afford it, then he comes across a catalog from 2087 and orders and gets many things, not realising that they have to be paid for.
097 07-23 Werewolf Cream おおかみ男クリーム
098 07-24 A Large Man Went Out 大男が出たぞ
099 07-25 It's the King in the World of the Night! 夜の世界の王さまだ!
100 07-26 The Almighty Pass オールマイティパス
101 07-27 The Dictator Switch どくさいスイッチ
102 07-28 Borrowing in the Shade かげがり
103 07-30 The Robot-Control-Training Machine ロケットそうじゅうくんれん機 Nobita wants to be a space pilot so Doraemon brings out a machine where a remote controlled small saucer gives an impression of being on an alien world, even when in Shizuka's bath room when she is taking a bath.
104 07-31 Tajami Rice Field タタミの田んぼ Nobita and Doraemon both like rice cakes but fight over the last one so Doraemon uses a DIY paddy field to grow lots of rice and a machine to make lots of rice cakes but with 259 of them to eat, the two still fight over the odd one.
105 08-01 Speed Clock スピードどけい Nobita can't wait for a holiday from school so Doraemon gives him a clock which can make the days fly by. Nobita ends up making his vacation fly by as he tries to please everyone.
106 08-02 Wipe your ancestors ホラふき御先祖
107 08-03 Honest Tāro 正直太郎
108 08-04 Emotion Controller 表情コントローラー
109 08-06 Hello, Alien (part 1) ハロー宇宙人(前)
110 08-07 Hello, Alien (part 2) ハロー宇宙人(後)
111 08-08 Vero phase prediction bonanza! ベロ相うらない大当たり!
112 08-09 Way Back Light もどりライト
113 08-10 Jeckyll Hyde ジキルハイド
114 08-11 One-Shot Answer! 答えは一発!みこみ予ほう機
115 08-13 A Cat Made a Company ネコが会社を作ったよ Nobita takes four cats off of Shizuka's hands as a favor but his mother doesn't want them in the house. Doraemon uses bracelets to control them and the cats become obedient mousers in the neighborhood.
116 08-14 Girlfriend Catalog ガールフレンドカタログ A machine which can predict future girlfriends causes trouble for Nobita when he visits them before they will know him. He realizes he is best off with Shizuka.
117 08-15 Pocket Telescope 手にとり望遠鏡 Gian steals Nobita's yoyo so Doraemon gives him a telescope where when you look at something, you can reach there and pick up something from the scene. Or if an immovable object like a tree, you can travel to the scene.
118 08-16 Home's further and further away 家がだんだん遠くなる Nobita eats a biscuit used to get rid of dogs. Once they leave home they can't find their way back. Nobita tries not to leave home but does and gets lost.
119 08-17 Operation: Y Candle Yロウ作戦
120 08-18 Running Away to an Uninhabited Island 無人島へ家出
121 08-20 I Can't Study in the Sahara Desert サハラ砂漠で勉強はできない Nobita wants a different environment to study in so Doraemon uses a machine which can make the surrounding area look like any place in the world. In the desert scene they see a man dying of thirst.
122 08-21 Nicumenine ニクメナイン
123 08-22 Lying Mirror うそつきカガミ A true vanity mirror that makes everyone look good and tells them how good they are, but it has a malicious streak and convinces Nobita he is handsome when he pulls an ugly face.
124 08-23 Peck Rope なげーなげなわ A rope that can bring anything falls into Suneo's hands and he uses it to take stuff from the other kids, then Nobita gets the blame but a good deed reveals the true villain.
125 08-24 Alien's House 宇宙人の家?
126 08-25 Head Down to the Path of Evil 悪の道を進め Nobita is inspired by a book of Great Men and resolves to do good deeds but they all turn out bad. He gets angry and resolves to do bad things, which all turn out good.
127 08-27 When Will You Take Boygirl? オトコンナを飲めば! Nobita's father moans at him because he doesn't like boy's games. Doraemon uses a spray which makes boys behave like girls and girls behave like boys. Nobita doesn't like the result and even less when he finds it has affected his parents too.
128 08-28 The Absconding Leaf ドロン葉
129 08-29 Memory Hammer わすれとんかち A man goes around the houses in the neighborhood trying to find out who he is. Doraemon hits him over the head with the forgotten hammer which causes his memories to be projected on a wall.
130 08-30 Let's Live to Laugh わらってくらそう Nobita is so bored he annoys Doraemon into giving him a smiling earphone. When Nobita puts it in his ear, he hears lots of funny stuff which makes him laugh uncontrollably. This first upsets his mother, then his friends who thinks he is laughing at them.
131 08-31 Sound of Insects under Moonlight 月の光と虫の声
132 09-01 I Found a Tsuchinoko! ツチノコ見つけた!
133 09-03 Space Tarzan (part 1) 宇宙ターザン(前) Space Tarzan about prehistoric men and spacemen is Nobita's favorite show but he meets the star and finds it has gone over budget too much and is close to being canceled because of falling viewing figures. He decides to help him by going 150 million years into the past to get some real dinosaurs to replace the poor models they use in the show.
134 09-04 Space Tarzan (part 2) 宇宙ターザン(後) After a few narrow escapes, Doraemon and Nobita feed mealie pellets (which make any animal tame) to a load of dinosaurs. Doraemon fixes his time machine to a hut door so when Tai and his producers walk through the door, they are 150 million years ago. The show becomes a success thanks to the "real looking dinosaurs and scenery" which cost nothing.
135 09-05 Toy Car Training Center ミニカー教習所
136 09-06 The Soul Machine タマシイムマシン
137 09-07 Even in the Stomach, in the Acid たとえ胃の中水の中
138 09-08 The Dream Channel ゆめのチャンネル When our favorite charaters went into our dreams, and even... Patching a hole is just a one thing, but this...
139 09-10 Development and degradation radiation 進化退化放射線源 Nobita's father is old fashioned, so Nobita uses Doraemon's ray gun to make things as they would have been in the past or future, then starts on living things with a mouse de-evolutionized 200,000,000 years to become a large dinosaur and his father evolved into a future man.
140 09-11 Super armor ウルトラよろい
141 09-12 Hot Spring Trip 温泉旅行 Nobita's mother wants to go to the hot springs for a holiday but his father says it is too crowded and hard to get there, so Doraemon sets up 3D projectors around the house which make it look like they are at the hot springs.
142 09-13 If Gian Becomes a Superman もしもジャイアンがスーパーマンになったら
143 09-14 Human Puppeteering 人間あやつり機
144 09-15 Over, Over オーバー・オーバー
145 09-17 Treasure searching game 宝さがしごっこセット
146 09-18 Fossil discovery 化石大発見
147 09-19 The Jack in the Box Stick びっくり箱ステッキ
148 09-20 Slowly reflective eyebrows ゆっくり反射ぞうきん
149 09-21 Human Eating House 人喰いハウス
150 09-22 The Mouse and The Bomb ネズミとばくだん Doraemon is even more scared of mice than Nobita's mother is and starts shooting at everything that moves when one turns up in the house.
151 09-24 The Just-As-You-Said Pills ソウナルじょう
152 09-25 The Esper Hat エスパーぼうし Nobita is thinking of a magic trick to be perfermed at the annual Christmas Party.
153 09-26 Special Vision Report 見たままスコープ Nobita cannot remember what he has done with the money he and Doraemon has saved. Doraemon uses a machine which projects memories on a wall.
154 09-27 Human Remote Control 人間ラジコン Gian is in charge of baseball practice but is a tyrant so Nobita uses a remote control box on Gian which controls him like a robot.
155 09-28 The famous knife Denkomaru 名刀「電光丸」
156 09-29 Bad Habit Healing Gas くせなおしガス
157 10-01 The Guidance Angel ミチビキエンゼル
158 10-02 Disgust Maker にがてつくり機 After Gian tricks Nobita into running away from a worm, something he cannot stand, Doraemon uses a machine to first make Gian scared of puppies, then scared of Nobita.
159 10-03 Fuko, The Typhoon 台風のフー子 Nobita hatches a 22nd-century egg and out comes a small typhoon, which he treats as a pet. Then Japan suffers a major typhoon which is heading towards their house which has a loose roof and the little typhoon goes out to try and stop it.
160 10-04 Reverse Invisibility Eye Drop 見えなくなる目ぐすり
161 10-05 The Rank Badges 階級ワッペン
162 10-06 Daddy is also sweet パパもあまえんぼ
163 10-08 Unexisting Shower いないいないシャワー To avoid getting hit by Gian, Nobita uses a shower which makes it look like he is several feet away from his actual position, which allows him to kick Gian without retaliation.
164 10-09 The Stone Cap 石ころぼうし
165 10-10 Predicting Bug よかん虫 Nobita who was born on August 7 checks his astrology in a comic and thinks he is due a good week. Doraemon gives him a small mechanical bug which if you predict something, it can come true. The problem is that Nobita is a pessimist who thinks the worst, and it was last week's comic he was using.
166 10-11 Wonder Rope はいどうたづな
167 10-12 Portable National Diet ポータブル国会
168 10-13 Slow-Slow, Quick-Quick のろのろじたばた
169 10-15 Detecting Badges トレーサーバッジ
170 10-16 I'm Gonna Become a Fine Dad! りっぱなパパになるぞ!
171 10-17 Forgetting Bird わすれ鳥
172 10-18 Shopping Across the Ages 自動販売タイムマシン
173 10-19 Secret Camera こっそりカメラ
174 10-20 The Magic Hand マジックハンド
175 10-22 The Later Candy おそだアメ
176 10-23 Grandfather's Dream Pillow 夢まくらのおじいさん
177 10-24 Robot Paper ロボットペーパー
178 10-25 Black Belt Nobita 黒おびのび太
179 10-26 The Ultra Mixer ウルトラミキサー
180 10-27 How to make a Deserted Island 無人島の作り方
181 10-29 Typhoon Maker 台風発生機
182 10-30 New Plant Species 新種植物せいぞう機
183 10-31 A World Where You Don't Need Money お金のいらない世界
184 11-01 Abekonbe アベコンベ
185 11-02 Dairi Gum ダイリガム
186 11-03 The Bad Luck Diamond 悪運ダイヤ
187 11-05 Big Money! お金なんか大きらい!
188 11-06 Sharing Chewing Gum おすそわけガム
189 11-07 The Secret Treasure of Nobizaemon のび左ェ門の秘宝
190 11-08 The Schedule Clock スケジュールどけい Doraemon helps Nobita make a schedule, but ends up giving HIMSELF a schedule instead and Nobita takes advantage of this.
191 11-09 Ayaushi! Lion Mask あやうし!ライオン仮面
192 11-10 Pero! Come Back to Life ペロ!生きかえって
193 11-12 Gian's Spirit Friend ジャイアンの心の友
194 11-13 The Castaway Story from Long Ago 大むかし漂流記
195 11-14 The Anywhere Cannon どこでも大ほう
196 11-15 Flying Fish 空とぶさかな
197 11-16 Nobita's Nobita のび太ののび太
198 11-17 Hii Tree ひい木
199 11-19 Sherlock Holmes Set シャーロック・ホームズセット
200 11-20 Small Person Robot 小人ロボット
201 11-21 One Inch Master いっすんぼうし
202 11-22 The Dress-Up Camera きせかえカメラ
203 11-23 One Hundred Percent Accurate Palm Reading Set かならず当たる手相セット
204 11-24 All Seasons Batch オールシーズンバッチ
205 11-26 The Guardian Mantle ひらりマント
206 11-27 Dream Walker 立ちユメぼう
207 11-28 Let's Move All Over the Place あちこちひっこそう
208 11-29 An Emotional, Heart-Touching Expression ジーンと感動する話
209 11-30 The In-advance Diary is Horrible あらかじめ日記はおそろしい
210 12-01 The Reality Pillow うつつまくら
211 12-03 Hakoiwa Ski Resort はこ庭スキー場
212 12-04 Tea Pot Tape Recorder ヤカンレコーダー
213 12-05 Touch Gloves タッチ手ぶくろ
214 12-06 The Snow's Hot, Hot, Hot! 雪でアッチッチ
215 12-07 The Regular Pen ないしょペン
216 12-08 To The King Of The Stone Age 石器時代の王さまに
217 12-10 Lighter Play ライター芝居
218 12-11 Play with dolls 人形あそび
219 12-12 Ghost Lamp 怪談ランプ
220 12-13 Sweets Farm おかし牧草
221 12-14 Sesame Lock ゴマロック
222 12-15 Photo Gun らくがきじゅう
223 12-17 The Face-Changing Gadget 消しゴムでノッペラボウ
224 12-18 The Odd, Odd Umbrellas おかしなおかしなかさ
225 12-19 Pitcher`s Hat エースキャップ
226 12-20 Comic Book's Extras from One Hundred Years Later 百年後のフロク
227 12-21 Main character package machine 主役はめこみ機
228 12-22 Hardship Miso くろうみそ
229 12-24 The Athletic House アスレチックハウス
230 12-25 Lottery Jackpot Strategy 宝くじ大当たり
231 12-26 Multiplication Liquid バイバイン
232 12-27 Go Home, you Unwanted Guest! いやなお客の帰し方
233 12-28 Battle of Handmade Missile 手づくりミサイル大作戦
234 12-29 Making a Little Brother 弟をつくろう


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S2 01-01 Doraemon's Time Capsule for 2001 タイムマシンでお正月
S3 01-02 Doraemon's Surprised All Encyclopedia ドラえもんのびっ くり全百科
S4 01-03 The Elephant and the Uncle ゾウとおじさん
235 01-04 Something's Gonna Occur at 7 o'clock 七時に何かがおこる
237 01-05 The Switching Rope 入れかえロープ
238 01-07 Mad Watch マッド・ウオッチ
239 01-08 Window Scenery Switching Machine まどけしきとりかえ機
240 01-09 The Great Avalanche in My Room 勉強べやの大なだれ
241 01-10 King Kong キングコング
242 01-11 I'm Mari-chan (part 1) ぼく、マリちゃんだよ(前)
243 01-12 I'm Mari-chan (part 2) ぼく、マリちゃんだよ(後)
244 01-14 Party Image イメージとう
245 01-15 Skiing in the Park!! 公園でスキーを!!
246 01-16 Dream Wind Chime ゆめふうりん
247 01-17 I have small plates いただき小ばん
248 01-18 Owner addressed to machine 持ち主あて機
249 01-19 Push Door プッシュドア
250 01-21 Robots ロボッター
251 01-22 Magic Replaced Stick 身がわりバー
252 01-23 The Story of Taking Off Your Body's Skin からだの皮をはぐ話
253 01-24 Time Piggy Bank 時間貯金箱
254 01-25 Tele Pasi doctor テレパしい
255 01-26 This picture is 6,000,000 yen この絵600万円
256 01-28 The What-If Phone Box もしもボックス
257 01-29 Knob Endowment Contact ようろうおつまみ
258 01-30 I'm Going to Transfer this Cold このかぜうつします
259 01-31 Telepath Robot テレパスロボット
260 02-01 Playing in the sky is dangerous 空であそんじゃあぶないよ
261 02-02 The Bypass Spyglass スケスケ望遠鏡
262 02-04 Monomose モノモース
263 02-05 The Nature In My Room へやの中の大自然
264 02-06 Animals will be sprinkling 動物がたにげだしじょう
265 02-07 Pill Forcing Weight ヤセール
266 02-08 The Magic Mallet うちでの小づち
267 02-09 Actual object solar camera 実物立体日光写真
268 02-11 The Story with the Disaster Around さいなんにかこまれた話
269 02-12 Sell the Night 夜を売ります
270 02-13 The Understanding and Thankfulness Machine アリガタミワカリ機
271 02-14 Gian Stew ジャイアンシチュー
272 02-15 Room Marathon ルームマラソン
273 02-18 News Publisher Game 新聞社ごっこセット
274 02-19 Pandora's Box パンドラボックス
275 02-20 Driving With A Radio Control Simulator ラジコンシュミレーターでぶっとばせ
276 02-21 Muscle Controller 筋肉コントローラー
277 02-22 Feeling Instrumentpanel ごきげんメーター
278 02-23 Hypnotic Aircraft さいみん機
279 02-25 The Automatic Pawn Shop 自動質屋機
280 02-26 Quiz Game Machine クイズゲームマシン
281 02-27 The Global Evacuation Plan 地球脱出計画
282 02-28 If the robot praises ロボットがほめれば
283 02-29 Romance in the Snowy Mountain 雪山のロマンス
284 03-01 The Forgetting Flower わすれろ草
285 03-03 Hardship Counter 百苦タイマー
286 03-04 Jogging Pants for Running ムリヤリトレパン
287 03-05 Discipline Candy しつけキャンデー
288 03-06 The Cap Of Wishes 実感帽
289 03-07 Brother Seal 兄弟シール
290 03-08 The Invincible Red Insect コンチュー丹
291 03-10 Time Machine タイムマシン
292 03-11 The Hypnotizing Megaphone 無生物さいみんメガフォン
293 03-12 Level Crossing Set ふみきりセット
294 03-13 Thrilling Boomerang スリルブーメラン
295 03-14 The Millionaire Straw チョージャワラシベ
296 03-15 Mood Maker Orchestra! ムードもり上げ楽団登場!
297 03-17 Homing Missile ミサイルが追ってくる
298 03-18 Komon Medicine コーモンじょう
299 03-19 Delivery Phone 出前電話
300 03-20 When You Fell Angry ムシャクシャカーっときたら
301 03-21 Salvation Pill At The Eleventh Hour ピンチの時にタスケロン
302 03-22 Talk Badge おはなしバッジ
303 03-24 The Head of the Gorgon!! 恐怖!!ゴルゴンの首
304 03-25 Couple Test Badge カップルテストバッジ
305 02-26 The Unhappy Letter Club 不幸の手紙同好会
306 03-27 The Talent Painter Who Could Draw Outlook Cap Without Rim みたままベレーで天才画家
307 03-28 Visional Call System 架空通話アダプター
308 03-29 My Love Just Won't Stop~Meow 好きでたまらニャイ
309 03-31 Shizuka-chan's Angel Raiment しずちゃんのはごろも
310 04-01 Floating in the Sky 空でふわふわ
311 04-02 The Multipurpose Amulet 多目的おまもり
312 04-03 Draw Cartoon in Can 「かんづめかん」でまんがを!
313 04-04 Bird Taxes 税金鳥
314 04-07 The Explosion Pepper ばくはつこしょう
315 04-08 The Liquid Fecit the Force Scope ナワバリエキス
S5 04-08 Dora・Q・Perman ドラ.Q.パーマン
S6 04-08 Dorami's Appearance: Nobita's Hiking Submarine おまたせ ドラミちゃん初登場! のび太の海底ハイキング
S7 04-08 Surprised All Encyclopedia: Doraemon and Dorami-chan びっくり全百科 -ドラえもんとドラミちゃん-
316 04-09 The Weather Sheet 気象シート
317 04-10 The Universal Remote Control マジ・コンてなんだ?
318 04-11 The Lost-Item Delivery Machine わすれ物おくりとどけ機
319 04-14 Change To Clouds...? 雲になって…?
320 04-15 Chip-Pocket 2D Camera チッポケット2次元カメラ
321 04-16 Thought Becoming Pills 「オモイコミン」 Nobita takes a placebo pill that makes his thoughts come true and uses it to make difficult tasks easy.
322 04-17 Hypnosis Glasses さいみんグラス
323 04-18 A Blue Bird That Calls Happiness しあわせをよぶ青い鳥
324 04-21 Mountain Climbing In The Garden 庭で山のぼり
325 04-22 You Can't Make The Noise Pollution Go Away 騒音公害をカンヅメにしちゃえ
326 04-23 Ultra Super Battery ウルトラスーパー電池
327 04-24 Miniwind ミニたいふう
328 04-25 Let's Make A Dorayaki With Bacteria 細菌でドラやきを作ろう
329 04-28 Save The Beetle! 黒べえをすくえ!
330 04-29 Screw It and Hustle! ネジまいてハッスル!
331 04-30 Plan of Shoot 影取りプロジェクター
332 05-01 The Money Hasn't Enough してない貯金を使う法
333 05-02 Energetic Shill 元気エサ
S8 05-05 Nobita's "Dream Gold Metal" のび太の「夢の金メダル」
334 05-06 Hydrogas 水ぞくかんガス
335 05-07 Let's Increase The No. of Holidays 祝祭日をふやそう
336 05-08 Helping The Student! 受験生に協力!
337 05-09 A Butterfly ちょうちょ
338 05-12 Deluxe Light デラックスライト
339 05-13 It's The Secret Passage To Run Away 秘密のぬけ穴
340 05-14 A Directional Card みちすじカード
341 05-15 I Got a Ride on a Locomotive 蒸気機関車に乗ったよ
342 05-16 Combination Of Watching Free Of Charge ただ見セット
343 05-19 The Anti-Gravity Gas 引力さえぎりガス
344 05-20 Kumoiton クモイトン
345 05-21 Meow, Meow ここほれニャンニャン
346 05-22 The Devil's Hand is coming! 魔の手がせまる!
347 05-23 Our Own House ぼくたちだけの家
348 05-26 The Money Bees Are Working Hard カネバチはよく働く
349 05-27 Gravity Adjustment Machine 重力ちょうせつ機
350 05-28 I'm A Magician! ぼくは手品師!
351 05-29 Obtaining Bag とりよせバッグ
352 05-30 Fantasy Lens 空想レンズ
353 06-02 The Overhead Projector 逆もどし
354 06-03 Shock Wave Pistol しょうげき波ピストル
355 06-04 The Sniffy Octopus スカンタコ
356 06-05 The Sound Photos サウンドバカチョン
357 06-06 Remote-Controlled Clay ラジコンねん土
358 06-09 Star of Happiness しあわせのお星さま
359 06-10 With The Almighty Camp You'll Have A Great Camping 万能テントですてきなキャンプ
360 06-11 Future Checkbook 未来小切手帳 It starts with Nobita asking his mother for money. She refuses and says to Doraemon that she will give it to him the next day, but he wants it today because of the new comic book series he hasn't bought. And his friends did and will laugh at him if he hasn't bought the comic. Doraemon gives him a checkbook out of his 4D pocket and tells him to write the amount of money on the check and sign it. Nobita writes the amount of money for the comic book, but accidentally writes 1500 yen. Nobita fears that the cashier will not accept, but he successfully buys the book and the cashier gives him 1350 yen. Nobita buys a box of toy airplanes, three cars, a big house and gives Suneo and Gian 1000 yen each with the checkbook. Nobita's mother and uncle give him money but the envelope is empty. He asks Doraemon about this, but he tells him that the checkbook's money is from a future deposit to take out and it was all used up so the envelope is empty. Doraemon takes out a calculator and finds out there will be no more money for Nobita until he is 43 years old and it is summer. Doraemon tells him to ask the cashier for check refunds and he leaves while Doraemon sleeps.
361 06-12 Mini Pet Lion ミニペットライオン It starts with Nobita and Gian playing and Suneo brings the Dog King and told if anyone disobeyed him, he will punish the one who disobeyed. This make Nobita angry and he and Doraemon catched a lion. The lion later developed a friendship with Nobita but they sent the lion back to its place. Before it, he met the Dog King in the night. It ends with the next evening after sending the lion back, Suneo told Nobita to kneel down at the Dog King, which he refuses. Suneo told Dog King to punish Nobita, but he runs away instead.
362 06-13 All-Purpose Glass 万能グラス
363 06-16 A Dracula Set ドラキュラセット
364 06-17 Taking A Picture With Your Telephoto Camera. 念写カメラで記念写真を
365 06-18 Let's Ride the Blue Train ブルートレインにのろう
366 06-19 Happy Promenade ハッピープロムナード
367 06-20 Switching Time Scopes 切りかえ式タイムスコープ
368 06-23 A Disciplinary Box チューシン倉でかたきうち
369 06-24 It is time, to stop 時間よ、止まれ
370 06-25 The Floating Clay ふんわりねんど
371 06-26

Materials Quality Changing Machine

材質変かん機 It starts with a baseball thrown into a window. The owner scolded Nobita even though Gian does it, he forces Nobita to admit he did it. He scolded to Doraemon, "why doesn't the owner change the glass to metal?". Doraemon gives Nobita the Materials Quality Changing Machine and he changes many things to another material. Gian took it but requested Doraemon to repair it after accidentally turning his house to a paper house.
372 06-27 Skiing Without Snow 雪のないスキー
373 06-30 Weak Ghosts よわいおばけ
374 07-01 Manga Artist まんがか
375 07-02 Substitute Necklace みがわりペンダント
376 07-03 Combining Glue 合体ノリ
377 07-04 Four-dimensional Cycling 四次元サイクリング
378 07-07 The Automatic Puppet 自どう人形げき
379 07-08 The Ghost Box お化けツヅラ
380 07-09 Fukuro Man Suits フクロマンスーツ
381 07-10 Fantasy Glass ファンタグラス
382 07-11 Three Hands and Three Feet with Seven Eyes. 手足七本目が三つ
383 07-14 A Water Strider あめんぼう
384 07-15 Human-Spotting Game 人間すごろく
385 07-16 Heart Cologne ココロコロン
386 07-17 Force Wristing Machine いん力ねじまげ機
387 07-18 Epidemical Viruses 流行性ネコシャクシビールス
388 07-21 The Magic Wheels クルリンじどうしゃ
389 07-22 The Candy of Hardness がんじょうぐすり
390 07-23 The Magnet of Round Things まるいものじ石
391 07-24 The Pain Rebound Mirror いたみはねかえりミラー
392 07-25 Weekly Nobita 週刊のび太
393 07-28 The Momotaro Jirushi Millet Dumplings もも太郎印きびだんご
394 07-29 The Couple of Good and Bad luck ふくびんコンビ
395 07-30 A Candy That Turns into Animals 動物に化けるキャンデー
396 07-31 A Gyroscope to Keep People Away 人よけジャイロ
397 08-01 Plant Pen 植物ペン Shizuka likes flowers but Nobita has none. However a magic pen allows flowers or trees drawn on paper to come alive. When Doraemon tries it to make a tree house, he unknowingly uses a bit of paper with an advert for a washing machine on the other side with drastic results.
398 08-04 To Perform in TV with the Touch Camera タッチカメラでテレビ出演
399 08-05 The Star Wishing Firewwork ねがい星花火
400 08-06 Creating the Earth 地球製造法
401 08-07 Bottle Cap Collection 王かんコレクション
402 08-08 The Great Yachting Adventure ヨット大冒険
S9 08-08 Nessie's Coming! ネッシーが来る!
403 08-11 O.K Microphone オーケーマイク
404 08-12 A Magic Glasses ふしぎなめがね
405 08-13 Animal Language どうぶつごヘッドホン
406 08-14 Seasons Can きせつカンヅメ
407 08-15 Confidence Helmet 自信ヘルメット
408 08-18 Model Letter Pen もはん手紙ペン
409 08-19 The Proud Nobita いばり屋のび太
410 08-20 The Time Watch タンマウオッチ
411 08-21 The Emotion Pistol ゲラメソプンピストル
412 08-22 Delivery Mirror 分身かがみ
413 08-25 Fighting Machine ケンカマシン
414 08-26 Spring Return Button しゅん間リターンボタン
415 08-27 Powerful High-Pump Gas 強力ハイポンプガス
416 08-28 Down with the Gians! ジャイアンをやっつけろ!
417 08-29 Water Cassette しあわせな人魚姫
418 09-01 The Interactive TV わりこみビデオでテレビ出演
419 09-02 A Sanctioned Rope せいぎロープ
420 09-03 A Dinosaur Came 恐竜がきた
421 09-04 Doraemon the Prankster いたずらドラえもん
422 09-05 The Magnifying Glass 虫めがね
423 09-08 Shopping with Leaves この葉で買物
424 09-09 Transparent Paint 透明ペンキ
425 09-10 Dream Glasses ゆめグラス
426 09-11 Friendship Chocolate ココロチョコ
427 09-12 A Pass-Through Hoop 通りぬけフープ
428 09-15 Enjoying Memories With a Recording Machine 録験機で楽しもう
429 09-16 The Cloud of Clay くものねん土
430 09-17 The Maze Wheel ホームメイロ Nobita wants Doraemon to turn his house into a maze, but something went wrong when Tamako misused the gadget as a toy, while the two are having fun together
431 09-18 Change Opinion Gun アワセール
432 09-19 Which One is Trying to be Troublesome?! 面倒みるのはどっち!?
433 09-22 Toraemon has Appeared トラえもん登場
434 09-23 Make a Home Anime ホームアニメを作ろう
435 09-24 I Want To Be A Dog いぬになりたい
436 09-25 The Water Repellent Rope 水よけロープ
437 09-26 Animal Set 動物セット
438 09-29 Who is the Rain Man!? 雨男はだれだ!?
439 09-30 Ultra Ring ウルトラリング
440 10-01 Mysterious Crayon ふしぎなクレヨン
441 10-02 Nobita's Land of Chamberlain チャンバラのび太ランド
442 10-06 Voice Recording Microphone 念録マイク
443 10-07 The Automatic Cashier of Compensation イシャ料しはらい機
444 10-08 Fashionable Camera おしゃれカメラ
445 10-09 Anything Tap なんでも蛇口
446 10-13 Back Channel Lever さかみちレバー
447 10-14 Refreshing Summer at the Mini-House ミニハウスでさわやかな夏
448 10-15 Your Eyes Have One Million Volts きみのひとみは100万ボルト
449 10-16 Teleportation Telephone おしかけ電話
450 10-17 Speed-Adjusting Watch あとがこわい!
451 10-21 Special Bonsai フエールうえ木ばち
452 10-22 Nose Balloons はなバルーン
453 10-23 Dream Pillow ゆめまくら
454 10-27 Instant Object Mobile 物体しゅん間い動機
455 10-28 Invisibility Eye Drops とう明人間目ぐすり
456 10-29 Doraemon's Bell Disappeared ドラえもんの鈴そうどう
457 10-30 Happy-Go-Lucky Soap 福笑い石けん
458 11-03 The Weapon of Obedience すぐやるガン
459 11-04 House Feeling Converter 家の感じ変かん器
460 11-05 Paper for Protection まもり紙
461 11-06 Look-Alike Crayon そっくりクレヨン
462 11-10 Forced Savings Box むりやり貯金ばこ
463 11-11 Who wants a puppy? ノゾミルじゅう
464 11-12 Playing In An Iceberg 巨大流氷で遊ぼう
465 11-13 Sorcery Watch まほうのとけい
466 11-17 The Graphs Don't Lie グラフはウソをつかない
467 11-18 The Happiness Gas ヘソリンスタンド
468 11-19 Pretending To Be Irresistible みせかけモテモテバッジ
469 11-20 A Spy Satellite スパイ衛星
470 11-24 Robot Clothing ロボットふく
471 11-25 Melody Gas メロディーガス
472 11-26 Imitation Remote Control まねコン
473 11-27 Doraemon's Girlfriend ドラえもんのガールフレンド
474 12-01 Mini Aquarium ミニ水族館
475 12-02 We're Restoring An Old Hotel オンボロ旅館をたてなおせ
476 12-03 Test Robot テスト・ロボット
477 12-04 The King Has Come とのさまがきた
478 12-08 The Foldable House おりたたみハウス
479 12-09 The Seed to Feel Cheerful その気になる実
480 12-10 Momotaro Jirushi's Millet Dumplings ももたろうのきびだんご
481 12-11 I'm an Esper! ぼくはエスパーだ!
482 12-15 The Space Exploration Sugoroku 宇宙たんけんすごろく
483 12-16 The Worldwide Flood 世界沈没
484 12-17 A Mirror that Guesses Thoughts こころのぞきミラー
485 12-18 Gian's Birthday ジャイアンのたん生日
486 12-22 Date Change Calendar 日づけ変更カレンダー
487 12-23 Nobita and Doraemon's Christmas (part 1) ドラとのび太のクリスマス!(前)
488 12-24 Nobita and Doraemon's Christmas (part 2) ドラとのび太のクリスマス!(後)
489 12-25 Mini Santa ミニサンタ
490 12-29 A Snowstorm Machine ゆきふらし
491 12-30 A Real Dream ほんもの夢


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S10 01-01 Star Wars in My Attic 天井うらの宇宙戦争
S11 01-02 Spiritual Caller 精霊よびだしうでわ
S12 01-03 Doraemon Comes Back 帰ってきたドラえもん
492 01-05 Sunrise Set 初日の出セット
493 01-06 The New Year's Party in the Wallpaper かべの中で新年会
494 01-07 Anytime Diary いつでも日記
495 01-08 Ghost Phone 電話のおばけ
496 01-12 Somersault Food きんとフード
497 01-13 Others Dream 他人の夢を見る
498 01-14 A La Carte ア・ラ・カルテ
499 01-15 Reflect With the Comparison TV 「配役いれかえビデオ」で反省!
500 01-19 Room Swimmer ルームスイマー
501 01-20 Exchanging Doing Things Machine ゴキブリカバー It starts in a night when Doraemon rushes back to Nobita's house.
502 01-21 The Projector ほんものげんとうき
503 01-22 The Cheerleader Gloves チアガール手ぶくろ
504 01-26 The Suit for Scuba Diving on Land せん地服
505 01-27 Good Luck Pills アヤカリン
506 01-28 The Painting Valuing Machine 名画しらべ機
507 01-29 The Foresight Camera ユクスエカメラ
508 02-02 Nobita's Underground Country (part 1) のび太の地底王国(前)
509 02-03 Nobita's Underground Country (part 2) のび太の地底王国(後)
510 02-04 Let's Make Badges バッジを作ろう
511 02-05 The Instant Jungle 即席ジャングル
512 02-09 The Time Machine is Lost! (part 1) タイムマシンがなくなった!(前)
513 02-10 The Time Machine is Lost! (part 2) タイムマシンがなくなった!(後)
514 02-11 The Restore Ray うらめしや復元光線
515 02-12 Big Problem With the X-Ray Stickers 透視シールで大ピンチ
516 02-16 A Wish Box おこのみボックス
517 02-17 Nobita Becomes a Gunman! (Part 1) のび太・ガンマンになる!(前)
518 02-18 Nobita Becomes a Gunman! (Part 2) のび太・ガンマンになる!(後)
519 02-19 The Equality Bomb ビョードー爆弾
520 02-23 The Duplicating Hammer 分しんハンマー
521 02-24 1024 Times Bonus ボーナス1024倍
522 02-25 The Dandelion Comb たんぽぽくし
523 02-26 Is It Alright To Become A Mom? ママっていいな?
524 03-02 The Rescue 遭難救助 After watching the news of the two mountain climbers stuck in a terrible blizzard, it's up to Doraemon and Nobita to rescue them UNDETECTED during the night.
525 03-03 Let's Make An Aquarium! 水ぞくかんをつくれ!
526 03-04 Hot Spring Rope 温泉ロープ
527 03-05 There's a Panic Happened! パニックがおきた
528 03-09 The Irritated Paper かんしゃく紙
529 03-10 Help the Stray Dogs!! (part 1) のらイヌたちを救え!!(前)
530 03-11 Help the Stray Dogs!! (part 2) のらイヌたちを救え!!(後)
531 03-12 The Armband of Adult Recognition 大人をしかる腕章
532 03-16 The Duty Exchange することいれかえき
533 03-17 Story Mixer ストーリーミキサー
534 03-18 Eating Habits 食べある機
535 03-19 Owner Sticker もちぬしシール
536 03-23 How to Enjoy Gian's Recital ジャイアンリサイタルを楽しむ方法
537 03-24 The Charter Telephone 貸し切り電話
538 03-25 The Magic Belly マジックおなか
539 03-26 The Super Racket スーパーラケット
540 03-30 Tick-Tock Camera カチカチカメラ
541 03-31 Nobita Man ノビタマン
542 04-01 Fascinating Earplugs うっとりイヤホン
S13 04-01 Mountain Village Mystery Incredible 山おく村の怪事件
S14 04-01 Moa, The Dodo, Forever. モアよドードーよ永遠に
543 04-06 A Wonderful Night オキテテヨカッタ
544 04-07 Fishing さかなつり
545 04-08 Nobita the Weakling 弱虫のび太
546 04-13 The Tracking Mirror うつしっぱなしミラー
547 04-14 Let's Assemble a Handmade Robot (Part 1) 巨大ロボットを組み立てよう(前)
548 04-15 Let's Assemble a Handmade Robot (Part 2) 巨大ロボットを組み立てよう(後)
549 04-20 Mysterious Automobile ふしぎなじどうしゃ
550 04-21 Latex Suit ちく電スーツ
551 04-22 The Lucky Beans 福はうちの豆
552 04-27 The Balancing Needle バランスちゅうしゃ
553 04-28 Doraemon vs. Doraemon ドラえもん対ドラえもん
554 04-29 Nobita Disappeared? のび太が消えちゃう!?
555 05-04 The Obedient Robot Star!~ すなおなロボットがほし~い!
556 05-05 Look-alike Balloon あやつりそっくりふうせん Nobita creates a balloon replica of himself and sends it out for a stroll. Nobita sees his replica through a mirror. Unaware of the fact that Shizuka is present there, he opens his pant zip to pee.
557 05-06 The Finishing Wave かんせいウェーブ
558 05-11 Nobita's Black Hole のび太のブラックホール
559 05-12 Suneo and the Earthquake Catfish! 「地震なまず」でスネ夫に逆しゅう!
560 05-13 International Animal Protection Spray 国際保護動物スプレー
561 05-18 Moving Map ひっこし地図
562 05-19 The Forest is Alive 森は生きている
563 05-20 Course Determiner コース決定機
564 05-25 Disaster Prediction Machine 災難予報機
565 05-26 Human Camera Shutter 人間カメラシャッター
566 05-27 What Kind of Girl Do You Wanna Communicate With? 文通相手はどんな子…?
567 06-01 Yondera's Neck. ヨンダラ首わ
568 06-02 Replacement Mirror とりかえミラー
569 06-03 Occupation Testing Armband 職業テスト腕章
570 06-08 Yen Pit 円ピツ
571 06-09 The Prohibition Sign キンシひょうしき
572 06-10 Don Braggas ドンブラガス
573 06-15 Devil's Card デビルカード
574 06-16 A World Without Mirrors かがみのない世界
575 06-17 The Birth of Nobita Kingdom のび太王国誕生
576 06-22 Goodbye, Shizuka しずかちゃんさようなら After getting scolded by his teacher again, Nobita decides to cut all ties with Shizuka so that she could have a good future using whatever means necessary.
577 06-23 Nobita became a Poster ポスターになったのび太
578 06-24 Take a Break With a Good Sleeper グッスリまくらでひと休み
579 06-29 Save the Balloon 気球を救え
580 06-30 Pilot Training Machine そうじゅうくんれんき
581 07-01 The Ovator Flashlight たまごうませとう
582 07-06 The "Truth Banner" is Always Correct 「真実の旗印」はすべて正しい
583 07-07 Photo-Injection Scope しゃしんはいりこみスコープ
584 07-08 Articles With The Same Name なかま入りせんこう
585 07-13 Now-Now Stick まあまあ棒
586 07-14 Nobita's 100 point test のび太の100点ピーアール
587 07-15 Telekinetic Eye Drops ねん力目ぐすり
588 07-20 Mama Asked For Three Thousand Kilometers ママをたずねて三千キロぐすり
589 07-21 The Road Ray 道路光線
590 07-22 Peace Antenna 平和アンテナ
591 07-27 The Snowman's Part-time Job 雪男のアルバイト
592 07-28 The Clay of Bodybuilding からだねん土
593 07-29 Our Department Store うちでのデパート
594 08-03 Nobita Runs Away From Home のび太のなが〜い家出
595 08-04 A Dinosaur Is Here!! (Part 1) 恐竜が出た!!(前)
596 08-05 A Dinosaur Is Here!! (Part 2) 恐竜が出た!!(後)
597 08-10 Scheduled Fire Alarm 火災予定報知ベル
598 08-11 Let's Play with Shadow Light 影絵ライトで遊ぼう
599 08-12 Weight Manipulating Light おもかるとう
600 08-17 Norigiri Scope のびちぢみスコープ
601 08-18 A Walk in the Clouds 雲の中の散歩
602 08-19 Gourmet Tabletop グルメテーブルかけ
603 08-24 Psycho-Horse サイオー馬
604 08-25 Time Floodgate 時門
605 08-26 Feeling Warm and Cozy おこればあったかホッカホカ
606 08-31 The Pump Amplifier ひろびろポンプ
607 09-01 Medicine Making Machine くすり製造機
608 09-02 Aerial Hook 空中フック
609 09-07 Patroller Skaters and Baton パトローラースケートとけいぼう
610 09-08 The Mecha Maker メカメーカー
611 09-09 Personal Video 本人ビデオ
612 09-14 Six Sided Camera 六面カメラ
613 09-15 Gian's Feeling Down グンニャリジャイアン
614 09-16 Big Tincture デカチンキ
615 09-21 Quiet Ball しずみ玉
616 09-22 What If You're Rich もしもボックスでお金持ち
617 09-23 Shelter Tree やどり木
618 10-02 I Hate Doraemon!? ドラえもんだいきらい!? After monitoring Nobita and Doraemon having a huge fight, Sewashi sends Dorami to help Nobita out, which causes Doraemon to feel left out.
619 10-02 Let's get on the Insects 昆虫ヒコーキに乗ろう
620 10-09 Invited Tablets for Dinosaurs 恐竜たちに「招待錠」を
621 10-09 Nobita's Underground Civilization のび太の地底文明説
622 10-16 Nobita Broadcasting Association のび太放送協会
623 10-16 Nobita's Wedding?! のび太の結婚式?! After misunderstanding a scenario where Shizuka and Dekisugi are reenacting the proposal scene from Snow White, Nobita and Doraemon travel to future to see the events of Nobita's wedding.
624 10-23 Magical Girl Shizuka-chan 魔女っ子しずかちゃん Shizuka wishes to be a magical girl for one day, so Doraemon gives her some gadgets which enable to become one. However, she ends up coming home late and gets locked out of the house.
625 10-23 Gulliver's Expedition 裏山のガリバー探検 Nobita's plane meets with an accident while flying and crashes into the jungle. Doraemon, Gian, Suneo and Shizuka go in search of Nobita. After facing a lot of difficulties they succeed in finding Nobita.
626 10-30 Changing Newspaper Post 新聞日付変更ポスト Nobita wishes to the read news every morning. Doraemon gives him a gadget where he could print the newspaper by changing the date. Nobita misuses the gadget but at the end saves the neighbour's house from robbery.
627 10-30 The Good Ol' Days!! 昔はよかった!?
628 11-06 God Robot 神さまロボット Doraemon gives Nobita a robot God that would fulfil any three wishes. Doraemon and Nobita meet Shizuka and help her fulfil her wish with the help of the gadget.
629 11-06 Nobita's Space Shuttle のび太のスペースシャトル Doraemon gives Nobita a rocket straw that he could use to fly. Nobita and his friends create a spaceship with the help of these straws. But Later, Gian and Suneo hijack the spaceship and crash it.
630 11-13 Trouble With Dad's Salary パパの月給騒動 Tamako prepares a delicious meal for Nobisuke, but he reaches home late. Next morning, there is chaos in the house as Nobisuke loses his salary. The cop helps them find the money. Everyone calms down and feel happy.
631 11-13 Cross Switch クロススイッチ As Nobita doesn't wish to go to school, Doraemon gives him a cross switch gadget, with which one could exchange their life with others. Nobita misuses the gadget by exchanging himself with his friends.
632 11-20 Ventriloquist Robot 腹話ロボット After Nobita fails in his test, he takes help from Doraemon and uses a ventriloquist doll, to become a better speaker and convince his mother. He later uses the doll to convince Gian to stop singing his new song.
633 11-20 Nobita's Fairy Tale Trip のび太の童話旅行 Nobita uses Doraemon's fairy tale entry shoes to travel from one fairy tale story to another and later invites Shizuka over to enter the story of Cinderella. However, Shizuka ends up losing her shoe and gets left behind in the story, leaving Nobita to rescue her before she gets married to the prince.
634 11-27 Chukenper チューケンパー Nobita wishes for a pet that would be a loyal bodyguard to him, so Doraemon gives him a pet robot dog named Chukenper that will fulfill any desire Nobita wishes for. However, things go out of hand when Chukenper starts fulfilling every desire -intentional or unintentional- that Nobita has.
635 11-27 Earnest Gum シャラガム
636 12-04 World Peace and Safety Badge 世界平和安全バッヂ Nobita wishes to be a member of an organisation after his friends join it. But Nobita later realizes it is fake when the goons threaten him and take away all his money. Doraemon assures Nobita of getting things right using the World Peace and Safety Badge and everyone else corners the goons.
637 12-04 Honest Wave ショージキデンパ
638 12-11 Cold Bag かぜぶくろ
639 12-11 Help The Swallow Nobita のび太ツバメを助けろ
640 12-18 Compliant Cap いいなりキャップ
641 12-18 Attentive Robot いたわりロボット
642 12-25 Caring Rope せわやきロープ
643 12-25 Nobita's Christmas Play のび太劇団のクリスマス


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S15 01-01 Great Invention with Hatsumeika ハツメイカーで大発明
S16 01-02 Three Times Speed Sticker 三倍時計ペタンコ
S17 01-03 Nobita's Treasure Hunt のび太の宝さがし
644 01-08 Robot Snowman ロボット雪だるま Nobita makes a robot snowman during the winter. The snowman follows him back home and causes some chaos.
645 01-15 Fantasy Animal Safari Park 空想動物サファリパーク Nobita and his friends decide to go to a fantasy animal safari park to see some unicorns. However, their Safari Craft crashes and now they're stuck without Doraemon who got left behind after Suneo takes his spot in the vehicle.
646 01-22 Air Relay Satellite 空気中継衛星 When Suneo shows off his world air cans, Nobita and Doraemon decide to experience various airs of the world using the Air Relay Satellite. Gian and Suneo later take the gadget for themselves to experience the different airs which leads to disastrous results.
647 01-29 The Conclusion Yarn むすびの糸 Nobita wishes to patch things up with Shizuka after she gets upset with him for forgetting about his promise to go to her house to play. To do this, Doraemon gives him a gadget that will pull two people together if they tie a knot on each other's hand. Nobita attempts to tie a knot on Shizuka's hand to pull her towards him, but it doesn't go as planned.
648 02-05 Reverse Camera さかさカメラ When Gian and Suneo frame Nobita as the one who complained to Gian's mother, he and Doraemon use the Reverse Camera to teach them a lesson
649 02-12 The Water Video 水ビデオ Nobita, Doraemon and Shizuka use the Water Video to help reunite an old man with his son who wrote a letter to him.
650 02-19 Explosive Bomb Sticker チクタクボンワッペン When Nobisuke comes down with the hiccups, Nobita and Doraemon use the Explosive Bomb Sticker to frighten him and make his hiccups go away. They later use the sticker to scare Gian, but things go haywire when Suneo takes the sticker and gives it to Shizuka.
651 02-26 Identical Scarecrow そっくりかかし Nobita uses Doraemon's Identical Scarecrow to create a scarecrow of himself to scare off people from plucking the horsetails near their house. However, Suneo arrives and destroys it, causing Nobita to create scarecrows of Gian and Shizuka without them knowing. Meanwhile, Tamako finds a spare Identical Scarecrow and creates a scarecrow of herself to make Nobita complete his homework
652 03-05 A Snow in March 三月の雪
653 03-12 The Air Crayon 空気クレヨン
654 03-19 The Winning Postcard 必中けん賞はがき Nobita really wants to win a lucky draw so he uses Doraemon's savings to buy 5 postcards. However the postcards mysteriously vanish leading Nobita to use a postcard that he found in his room. Doraemon later reveals that it was a Winning Postcard that he used the 5 postcards along with his money to get and is furious that Nobita used it. Hence, he issues a reward broadside to punish him.
655 03-26 Dry Light ドライ・ライト
656 04-02 Let's Make It Easier with Copy Brains コピー頭脳でラクをしよう
657 04-02 Lost item fishing pool and rod おとし物つり堀とつりざお
658 04-02 Monster Hat 怪物くんぼうし
659 04-09 Scolding Rod こごとひらいしん
660 04-16 Chance Camera チャンスカメラ
661 04-30 Animal Speaking Microphone 九官マイク
662 05-07 Gift Wrapping Cloth おみやげふろしき
663 05-14 Radio Controlled Television ラジコンテレビ
664 05-28 Follow The Princess おやゆび姫を追いかけろ
665 06-04 Nobita's Fish Festival のび太の魚つり
666 06-11 Esper Training Box エスパー訓練ボックス
667 06-18 Time Copy タイムコピー
668 06-25 Dreaming with the Inverse Dream サカユメンでいい夢みよう Nobita is tired of all the bad days he's been having so Doraemon gives him an Inverse Dream pill so that he can have a good dream while sleeping. Nobita decides to take multiple pills the next day so that he can many good dreams that night. However he ends up having a good day which causes him to have a nightmare.
669 07-02 The Substitution Sticker 代用シール Nobita uses Doraemon's Substitution Stickers gadget to substitute a phonebook for a manga that he needs to return to Suneo. He later uses the gadget to cause mischief until he substitutes himself for a mailbox to escape from his friends' wrath. However, this causes him to get locked out of his own house.
670 07-09 The Real Veneer じつぶつベニヤ Nobita wants to practice swimming for the summer so he and Doraemon use The Real Veener to create a replica of the sea. However, when Nobita goes to invite Shizuka, Gian and Suneo show up and force him to invite them over as well.
671 07-16 Dream Ladder ゆめはしご While sleeping, Nobita uses Doraemon's Dream Ladder gadget to enter the dreams of Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka. 
672 07-23 Let's Play With Water 水ざいくで遊ぼう It's an extremely hot summer day and to beat the heat, Nobita and his friends go to the beach and use Doraemon's Water Processing Sprinkles to create water objects.
673 07-30 The Happiness Cards しあわせトランプ Nobita finds a deck of cards that grants 52 wishes, but he needs to watch out for that 53rd card or unfortunate events will happen to him.
674 08-06 Flattening Iron ペタンコアイロン Nobita, Gian, and Suneo are coerced by Gian's cousin to move his furniture to his new apartment. When Gian and Suneo leave all the work to Nobita, Doraemon helps him out using the flattening iron to make the furniture moving easy.
675 08-20 Fourth Dimensional House Block 四次元たてましブロック Doraemon uses the Fourth Dimensional House Block so that he and Nobita can have a pillow fight without disturbing Tamako. Nobita later misuses the gadget to turn the house into a multi floor hotel which backfires on him when he has to go to the bathroom
676 08-27 Remote Controlled Submarine Set ラジコンせん水かんセット Nobita is unable to come to Suneo's vacation trip due to being sick, so he and Doraemon use the Remote Controlled Submarine Set to go to the area Suneo and the gang are and collect some sea shells for themselves.
677 09-03 Emotion Drink カンゲキドリンク Nobita has been feeling rather passive lately towards everything much to Doraemon's annoyance, so he uses the Emotion Drink to make him more sensitive to things. However, this backfires when Nobita starts to get emotional for every little thing.
678 09-10 Long Time No See Trunk ひさしぶりトランク Nobita is looking forward to Shizuka coming over to his house to play. But when Shizuka meets an old friend on the way and instead goes with him to her house, Nobita gets jealous and uses a gadget called the Long Time No See Trunk to get Shizuka to come to him, but ends up attracting Gian, Suneo, Sensei, and some random people.
679 09-17 Feather Plane フェザープレーン When Suneo shows off his feather plane to Nobita and the gang, Nobita asks Doraemon whether he has a feather plane of his own that they can ride. Doraemon takes out the Feather Plane and they along with Shizuka go for an air ride before Gian and Suneo try to take the plane for themselves.
680 10-01 Replaceable Nameplate 入れかえ表札 Nobita uses Doraemon's Replaceable Nameplate to switch residence locations so that Sensei doesn't visit his mother to discuss about his academic performance. Doraemon quickly finds out about this and lures Nobita into a trap to teach him a lesson.
681 10-08 I Want To See The Follow Up Soon 早くつづきが見たい
682 10-15 Let's Make Human Machines 人間メカを作ろう Nobita becomes fascinated by Doraemon's Machinery Transferer after he uses it to transfer the functionality of ironing into Tamako's hand. He uses the gadget on Doraemon to turn him into a toaster and later an remote controlled airplane. However, he ends up crashing into Suneo's remote controlled airplane and Gian snatches the gadget to use it on Nobita.
683 10-22 My Heart is Broken ぼく失恋しちゃった Doraemon falls in love with a white female cat. However, the cat has feelings for another male cat, much to Doraemon's ire. In the end, Doraemon decides to do whatever he can to make the two of them happy.
684 10-29 New Species Making Book 新種図鑑で有名に
685 11-05 Nobita's Ninja Training ニンニン修業セット Nobita wants to be a ninja after reading a volume of Ninja Hattori. So Doraemon gives him a gadget that turns him into a ninja, but being a ninja is not as easy as Nobita thinks.
686 11-12 Partial Evolution Gun 部分進化ガン When Gian and Suneo decide to capture the rabbits located in the hill, Nobita and Doraemon use the Partial Evolution Gun to turn the rabbits into hybrid animals and scare them off.
687 11-19 Horizon Tape 地平線テープ Nobita wants to see the horizon and so Doraemon uses the Horizon Tape to create such a dimension in Nobita's room. They end up getting stuck after Tamako accidentally breaks the tape but return to the real world via Shizuka's bathroom
688 11-26 Phobia Stamp きょうふのスタンプ When Gian and the gang exploit Nobita's phobias for fun, Nobita and Doraemon take revenge on Gian using the Phobia Stamp
689 12-03 Copy Machine コピーとり寄せ機 When Suneo brags to his friends about being invited to Tsubasa Ito's birthday party, Nobita and Doraemon use the Copy Machine to exploit his lie and also meet other celebrities as per Gian and Shizuka's requests.
690 12-10 Cuckoo Egg カッコータマゴ After getting tired of Tamako's strict tyranny, Nobita uses Doraemon's Cuckoo Egg to trade places with Suneo and live his lifestyle.
691 12-17 What If You're A Genius もしもボックスで天才に Getting tired of people scolding him for napping, Nobita uses Doraemon's What If Phone Box to make it such that he's a genius due to napping.
692 12-24 Flying Christmas 空とぶクリスマス When Nobita doesn't get invited to Suneo's Christmas party, he and Doraemon decide to hold a Christmas party of their own with a little help from Dorami.


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S18 1-1 Gathering In The Stone Age 石器時代に集合!!
S19 1-2 Three Wheeled Airplane 三輪飛行機
693 1-7 Playing God 神さまごっこ
694 1-14 Magic Dictionary まほうじてん After watching a magical girl show, Nobita wishes to have magic powers and Doraemon gives him the Magic Dictionary so that he can cast some magic spells. 
695 1-21 Let's Recall The First Impression 最初の感動を呼びさまそう Nobita and his family are all in a very bad mood, so Doraemon uses the First Impression Pill to make the mundane things seem fresh for them and calm them down. 
696 1-28 Freeze Framer しゅん間固定カメラ Nobita and Doraemon use the Freeze Framer for various shenangians such as freezing Shizuka, a baseball and bat, and then themselves when falling from a tree. Later, they use the gadget on Gian to save everyone from his singing but forget to unfreeze him. 
697 2-4 Fly In The Sky With The Voice Thickener 空とぶコエカタマリン
698 2-11 The World Inside a Mirror 鏡の中の世界 Nobita wishes to go to another world where Gian and Suneo won't chase him, so Doraemon gives him The World Inside a Mirrror to travel into another dimension. Nobita later invites Shizuka to the other dimension, but they find themselves stuck after Nobita accidentally breaks the mirror. 
699 2-18 Instant Robot インスタントロボット Doraemon uses the instant robot kit to create a substitute robot of himself in order to take care of Nobita while he's away. Nobita later uses the instant robot kit to create substitute robots of him and his friends so that they can do his chores.
700 2-25 The Human Book Cover 人間ブックカバー
701 3-4 After All The Test Is Scary テストはやっぱりこわい Suneo gets his test results but isn't willing to show it to anyone and decides to hide it, causing Nobita and Gian to get suspicious. They later conclude that Suneo might have gotten a zero and with Doraemon's help, decide to destroy the paper before Suneo's mother finds out. 
702 3-11 Fixed Position Spray 位置固定スプレー Nobita gets scolded for disorganizing things so he uses Doraemon's Fixed Position Spray to automatically put everything back to where they came from. However, when he uses the spray on his clothes and backpack the next the day, they end up going back home. 
703 3-18 Gift Survey アンケーターでプレゼント It's Shizuka's birthday and Nobita and Doraemon are having a hard time figuring out what present to give her. After using the Hair Plucking Mirror and Questionputer gadgets they find out about Shizuka's favorite food, which is roasted sweet potatoes, and decide to make it for her gift, not aware of her embarrassment towards it,. This leads to Shizuka kicking them out of her birthday party.
704 3-25 Gian's Fanclub ジャイアンのファンクラブ
S20 3-30 No Garbage Dump Hall ないしょごみすてホール
S21 3-30 Baby Elephant Hana  子ゾウのハナちゃん
705 4-1 Let's Play In Space 宇宙たんけんごっこ
706 4-8 Invincible Bottlecaps 無敵メンコレータム
707 4-15 Gian on TV ジャイアンテレビに出る
708 4-22 Cartoonist Jaiko まんがかジャイ子
709 4-29 Shizuka's Necklace しずかのネックレス Shizuka sneaks out her mother's necklace to the empty lot to show it to Nobita, Gian, and Suneo. However, when Gian accidentally pulls the necklace and causes the pearls to scatter, it's up to Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka to create a replica necklace and cover the accident from Shizuka's mother.
710 5-6 Barrier Point バリヤーポイント After getting beaten up by Gian and Suneo and have general misfortune occur to him, Nobita asks Doraemon for a gadget that will create a barrier around him. However, when he misuses the gadget, Doraemon teams up with Gian and Suneo to teach Nobita a lesson.
711 5-13 The Robot That Breaks Bad Habits やめさせロボット
712 5-20 The Fuse to Blow Away the Intolerables いやなことヒューズ
713 5-27 The Secret Keeper Dog ヒミツゲンシュ犬 Nobita uses Doraemon's Secret Keeper Dog to cover up breaking his dad's pen and getting another zero on his test. He later uses the gadget to cover up his friends secrets (with a lot coming from Gian), which causes the dog to expel them out in the middle of the night. As a result, Tamako and Nobisuke wake Nobita up to scold him for the broken pen and test paper. 
714 6-3 Space Lifeboat 宇宙救命ボート
715 6-17 Ghost Jujubes うらめしドロップ
716 6-24 Wanted Person Detector ほしい人探知機
717 7-1 Pencil Missiles ペンシルミサイル
718 7-8 Transformation Drink 変身ドリンク
719 7-15 Headmaster Nameplate 家元かんばん
720 7-22 Doesn't Anyone Want a Nobita Merchandise? のび太はいかが
721 7-29 A Store That Sells Anything for 10 Yen 10円なんでもストア
722 8-05 Object Electrical Transmission Adapter 物体電送アダプター Dekisugi gets a B on his test much to the shock of Sensei and everyone else in the class. After school, Shizuka comes to Nobita's house and explains to him and Doraemon that Dekisugi got a call from someone who's blackmailing him. Nobita and Doraemon travel back in time to Dekisugi's room and use the Object Transmission Adapter to find out who the culprit is. 
723 8-12 Robinson Crusoe Set ロビンソンクルーソーセット
724 8-12 Farewell Nobita さよならのび太 Nobita gets jealous of Shizuka feeling bad for a friend who moves away, and decides to use the What If Phone Booth to make it such that he and his family are moving to America. However, when his friends - especially Shizuka - express their grief, Nobita realizes his mistake and tries to undo the event. However, the phone booth breaks and Doraemon has to fix it before both of them and their family really leave for America. 
725 8-19 A Sweethome with Shizuka しずかちゃんとスイートホーム After getting jealous once again of Shizuka and Dekisugi showing affection for each other, Nobita uses Doraemon's Sweethome to make Shizuka fall in love with him. However, things go haywire when Jaiko enters the house as well as Gian and Suneo later on. 
726 8-26 Happy Insurance Machine しあわせ保険機
727 9-02 Soulful Walking Stick たましいステッキ
728 9-09 Flying Dress 空とぶドレス
729 9-16 Shiritori Makeover Capsule しりとり変身カプセル
730 9-23 Ten Commandments Tablet 十戒石板 Tamako decides to deduct Nobita's monthly money each time he disobeys the rules so Nobita decides to get back at her with the Ten Commandments Tablet gadget
731 9-30 Homing Plane でんしょひこうき
732 10-07 SL Chimney SLえんとつ
733 10-14 Capacity Cassette 能力カセット
734 10-21 Room Exchange Switch へやこうかんスイッチ
735 10-28 Fake Hook みせかけつり針
736 11-04 Princess Kaguya Robot かぐやロボット
737 11-11 Rental Tip 貸し切りチップ
738 11-18 Book Want Seasoning 本の味の友
739 11-25 Useless Time Regaining Pump むだ時間とりもどしポンプ
740 12-02 Decision Concrete 決心コンクリート
741 12-09 Animal's Repayment Potion 動物変身恩返しグスリ
742 12-16 Touching Glove タッチ手ぶくろ
743 12-23 Anytime Anywhere Rollerskate どこでも誰でもローラースケート
744 12-30 Afterward Album あとからアルバム Nobita's sketch homework turns for trouble as he finds that Doraemon isn't a good model for his painting and plays a prank instead. Doraemon uses the Afterward Album to prove Nobita was the culprit for that prank and they later use the album for various shenanigans.


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S22 01-01 Child Hang Glider お子さまハンググライダー
S23 01-01 Nobita's Gulliver Travels のび太のガリバー旅行
745 01-06 The Latent Clockwork Land Ship ゼンマイ式潜地艦 Nobita and Doraemon travel in the Latent Clockwork Land Ship to retrieve Nobita's lost shoe and backpack while escaping from Gian and Suneo, who are pursuing them.
746 01-13 The Act Predictor Lens することレンズ
747 01-20 The Devil's Malice 悪魔のイジワール After a big quarrel, Doraemon uses a gadget to get back at Nobita by making him unable to pee urgently due to unfortunate circumstances.
748 01-27 Automatic Buying Machine 自動買い取り機 After accidentally buying a hot soda on a cold day, he uses an "Automatic Buying Machine" gadget that allows you to fully refund the product. However, after losing the book that he borrowed from Shizuka, what will he do next?
749 02-03 Brute Force Gun たましいふきこみ銃
750 02-10 Sympathy Medal カワイソメダル
751 02-17 The Moses Stick モーゼステッキ
752 02-24 Drunken Lid ホンワカキャップ
753 03-02 Motor Nerve Controller 運動神経コントローラー
754 03-09 Time Difference Clock 時差時計
755 03-16 Multiplying Bank フエール銀行 Doraemon brings out a gadget, Multiplying Bank.
756 03-23 Peeking Board のぞき穴ボード Doraemon and Nobita use a gadget to find out who's the dog owner whose dog pooped in front of their house.
757 03-30 Cloud Freezing Gas 雲かためガス Nobita, Shizuka, and Doraemon head to the sky to avoid the constant noise in the neighborhood. They use the Cloud Freezing Gas gadget to create a Roman-like area. However, Gian and Suneo find out about this and use Tamako to drive Nobita away so that they can occupy the area for themselves.
758 04-06 S Goodbye Kibou さらばキー坊 Note: Original anime episode and basis of story for Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend.
759 04-13 Memory Disk メモリーディスク Nobita is scared by Gian and Suneo and wetted his pant. He now must find a way to prevent the two from telling the others especially Shizuka.
760 04-20 Curious Antenna やじうまアンテナ
761 04-27 The Best Letter to Gian ジャイアンへのホットなレター Gian complains to Doraemon and Nobita about the lack of letter from his (forced) fans, and "asks" them to hold a competition with the prize being his special portrait.
762 05-04 Locker Cutter ロッカーカッター Nobita uses Doraemon's Locker Cutter gadget to clean up the mess in his room. When he later uses the gadget to scare Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka, they team up with Doraemon to teach Nobita a lesson.
763 05-11 Its Tough Being a Rain Man 雨男はつらいよ Nobisuke is invited to play golf by his boss but fears that the weather will go awry due to his reputation as the "rain man", so it's now up to Doraemon and Nobita to find a way to counter it.
764 05-18 Underground Fishing 地中さかなつり After Suneo brags about his fishing experience, Doraemon and Nobita use the Come Fish Come and Fish are Here gate to do underground fishing in the empty lot. However when they accidentally let a shark run loose, it's up to both of them to stop the shark and return it to the sea before it causes mayhem in the neighborhood.
765 05-25 Echo Mountain 山びこ山 Tamako tells Nobita to complete his homework before he goes out to play. Doraemon helps Nobita with his new echo mountain gadget, but Nobita misuses it on his mother when she falls asleep and steps out to play. Nobita uses the gadget against Gian, as he never sticks to his words. After Nobita and Doraemon return home, Tamako yells at Nobita and makes him complete his homework.
766 06-01 Image Gum イメージガム
767 06-08 Super Real Diorama Plan 超リアル・ジオラマ作戦
768 06-15 Energy-Saving Hot Air Balloon エネルギー節約熱気球 Nobita demands a hot air balloon from Doraemon as he wanted to get Gian and Suneo jealous. Later, Nobita sees Shizuka and takes her along with him for a ride.
769 06-22 God Set 神さまセット Doraemon gives Nobita a Godly gadget so that he can watch everyone on earth. But later, Nobita misuses the gadget by getting his work done by his friends.
770 06-29 Pet Pen ペットペン Doraemon gives Nobita a pet pen so that he can draw a pet of his choice. Nobita draws a dog and takes care of it. Gian and Suneo demand the pen from Nobita.
771 07-06 Eskimo Essence エスキモーエキス On a sunny day, Gian plans for an endurance contest. As Nobita gets worried about losing the contest, Doraemon gives Nobita Eskimo essence and helps him win.
772 07-13 Watercycline サンタイン Nobita uses Doraemon's Watercycline gadget to levitate in the air and trouble Gian and Suneo.
773 07-20 A Spare Fourth Dimensional Pocket 四次元ポケットのスペア While Doraemon goes out on a date with a cat, Nobita uses his spare 4D pocket to execute various shenanigans. 
774 07-27 Ultra Hero ウルトラヒーロー Nobita goes out to play but he's put aside by his friends. Later, Doraemon helps Nobita to become an ultra hero to impress his friends and play with them.
775 08-03 Magic Handkerchief マジックハンカチ Doraemon gives Nobita a magic handkerchief so that he can impress Shizuka. Later, Nobita disappears under the magical handkerchief but his friends find him.
776 08-10 Hoi of the Donjara Village ドンジャラ村のホイ
777 08-17 Typhoon Trap And Tank 台風トラップと風蔵庫 Nobita is unable to sleep due a storm brewing out so Doraemon uses the Typhoon Trap and Tank to store the storm. The next day, Nobita opens the tank to create a wind forcefield around himself and causes trouble, causing Doraemon to get help from Gian and Suneo to stop him. 
778 08-24 The Sight Seeing Window かんこうりょこう窓
779 08-31 Space-time Replacement Machine 時空間とりかえ機
780 09-07 Human Magnet Belt 人間磁石ベルト
781 09-21 Instant Sea Making Machine 即席海つくり機
782 09-28 Set The Room Guard ルームガードセット To avoid Nobita from getting scolded by his mother again, Doraemon uses a Room Guard Set to forbid Mom from coming into his room unless she says the correct password. Later on, Nobita decides to change the password to a harder one, but he cannot remember it. Which leads him to an electrical shock by the guard set!
783 10-05 Masked Academic ガッコー仮面登場 A mysterious masked man who goes by the name Masked Academic asks Nobisuke and Tamako to be Nobita's personal tutor. His real identity ends up shocking both Nobita and Doraemon.
784 10-12 Earthquake Training Paper 地震訓練ペーパー
785 10-19 Spirit Robot ロボット背後霊
786 10-26 Gian's Annoying Concert ジャイアンのめいわくコンサート Gian has to open his (annoying) concert again.
787 11-02 The Sensory Monitor 感覚モニター
788 11-09 Elements of Synthetic Mine 合成鉱山の素
789 11-16 I Did Not Know Nobita is a Dad わからずやのパパは、のび太 Nobita’s father scolds him for for constantly lazing about instead of studying. Just as Nobita decides to run away, Nobisuke - his son from the future - arrives and decides to stay in the past to avoid responsibilities back home.
790 11-23 Reality Video Machine 現実ビデオ化機 Nobita uses Doraemon's Reality Video Machine to manipulate the baseball match so that he helps the team win and not get kicked out. However while taking a nap, he accidentally presses the rewind button causing the events of the match and Doraemon giving him the gadget to be retconned.
791 11-30 Let's Return Sake With The Liquid Spawner サイラン液でサケをもどそう
792 12-07 Candid Camera ドッキリビデオ
793 12-14 Repellent Sticker やくよけシール
794 12-21 The Harley's Tail ハリーのしっぽ Nobita and Doraemon traveled back to the past to find out about the family's buried treasure.
795 12-28 Power Battery 力電池


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S24 01-01 The Image Light Cap イメージライトキャップ
796 01-04 The Machine for Getting Off the Earth 地球下車マシン
797 01-11 The Adventure Tea アドベン茶
798 01-18 The Prank Toy Machine いたずらオモチャ化機 When Suneo invites Nobita over only to prank him, Nobita uses Doraemon's Prank Toy Machine to play pranks on Suneo in revenge.
799 01-25 Anything Plush Toy Set なんでもぬいぐるみセット When Suneo unintentionally upsets Shizuka by buying a plush toy she wanted to buy, Nobita and Doraemon use the Anything Plush Toy set to create more plush toys and cheer her up.
800 02-01 Automatic Return Ticket 自動返送荷札
801 02-08 The Friend Circle 友だちの輪 Nobita wants to make friends with a new girl in the neighbourhood so Doraemon gives him a gadget called the Friend Circle. However, problems arise when Nobita discovers that the girl is actually Kaminari's granddaughter.
802 02-15 Dramatic Gas ドラマチックガス
803 02-22 Climb Paper トビレットペーパー
804 03-01 Camu Camu Cat Food カムカムキャットフード
805 03-08 Doraemon Takes a Day Off!! ドラえもんに休日を Doraemon gives a Nobita a Doraemon emergency button and goes on a vacation with Mii-chan to a tropical area. Despite getting into various forms of trouble, Nobita restrains himself from pressing the button.
806 03-15 Existence Can そんざいかん
807 03-22 Confidence Machine 自信ぐらつ機
808 03-29 A Company That Can Handle Anything なんでも引きうけ会社
809 S 04-05 Save the Wolf Family!! オオカミ一家を救え!!
810 04-19 Time Knothole タイムふしあな
811 04-26 Lizard Regenerator トカゲロン
812 05-03 Forcibly Cash Card ムリヤリキャッシュカード
813 05-10 Accelerating Syrup デンコーセッカ
814 05-17 Message Cannon メッセージ大砲
815 05-24 The Clay Robot ネンドロイド
816 05-31 The Hornet's Nest シズメバチの巣
817 06-07 Anger Energy Observation Chart 怒りエネルギー観測チャート
818 06-14 Course Checker コースチェッカー
819 06-21 Dimension Roller 次元ローラー
820 06-28 Adjustment of True Feelings ジャストホンネ After Suneo gets shrugged by others for requesting Gian to hold a concert, he seeks Doraemon's help to become honest. He uses the Just Honne pills to speak the truth.
821 07-05 The Imprinting Egg 刷りこみたまご Nobita gets jealous of Shizuka spending time with Dekisugi and with Doraemon's help, traps Shizuka in The Imprinting Egg to make her fall in love with him. However, due to some mishaps via Gian and Suneo, and Dekisugi falling in Nobita's room just as the Imprinting Egg hatches, Shizuka falls in love with Dekisugi instead. 
822 07-12 The Frustrating Energy Detector イライラエネルギー探知機
823 07-19 Anything Common Discount Ticket なんでも共通割引券
824 07-26 "Make it better" Spray へたうまスプレー
825 08-02 Sooner-or-Later Chestnut 上げ下げくり
826 08-09 Object Conversion Gun 物体変換銃
827S 08-16 Challenge The Peach Island Case 浦島事件のなぞに挑戦
828S 08-16 Ghost Agitation on Temple 山寺のユーレイ騒動
829 08-23 Business Bodyguard おしかけガードマン
830 08-30 The Reversing Bomb 一発逆転ばくだん
831 09-06 Strong Stone 強いイシ Tired of Nobita being lazy, Doraemon takes out the Strong Stone to help him commit to his promise to jog for an hour. However, things go haywire when Nobita accidentally sets the commitment to 1 year, causing the stone to home in on him. Doraemon must now figure out a way to stop the stone before it seriously injures Nobita.
832 09-13 The Coagulation Light カチンカチンライト Nobita and Doraemon use the Coagulation Light gadget so that they can freeze the rain and prevent the clothes from getting wet. They later use it to save Gian and Suneo from a forest fire. However unbeknownst to them, they accidentally used the gadget to freeze Shizuka's bathtub while taking a bath, which she later finds out and is furious with them.
833 09-20 Gian's Goodbye Concert ジャイアンのさよならコンサート
834 09-27 Always Eyes and Mouth しゅっちょう口目
835 10-04 Miniature Garden Series 箱庭シリーズ
836 10-11 Anywhere Fan バショーおうぎ Nobita wants to feel the breeze like Suneo, so Doraemon took out a "Anywhere Fan" gadget that allows you to create a strong wind. However, Doraemon misunderstood Nobita for playing tricks with the gadgets on his friends again.
837 10-18 Invisible Shadow かげながら
838 10-25 Reporter Robot レポーターロボット
839 11-01 Blind Spot Star モーテン星 Nobita uses Doraemon's Blind Spot Star to follow Shizuka without her noticing while causing trouble to a dog, Gian and Suneo. He follows Shizuka to her house where she takes a bath and notices him after the star's effects wear off. Doraemon, Gian, and Suneo find out about Nobita's mayhem as well and they along with Shizuka confront him.
840 11-08 :The "Done It" Tuning Fork ツモリナール
841 11-15 Fictitious Character Egg 架空人物たまご
842 11-22 The Time Stupidity Bomb 時限バカ弾
843 11-29 The Handmade Cloud Set 手づくり雲セット
844 12-06 The Determination Scissors 思い切りハサミ
845 12-13 The 0-Point Escape Plan 0点脱出作戦
846 12-20 "Do As I Want" Credit Card シテクレジットカード
847 12-27 Game Book ゲームブック It's a rainy day and Nobita, Gian, Suneo, and Dekisugi decide to play an adventure game with Shizuka as the damsel in distress through Doraemon's Game Book. However, Nobita, Gian and Suneo decide to cheat and fall for a trap when they reach the end. 


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S25 01-03 Slacker's New Year Set ぐーたらお正月セット Nobita wants to celebrate New Year by himself all alone without any intervention.
S26 01-03 I Love Grandma おばあちゃん大好き
848 01-10 The Time Receiver タイムシーバー Nobita is jealous of Suneo's antique collection so he has Doraemon use the Time Reciever to swap modern things with old things held in a 22nd Century antiques shop. However, Nobita misuses the gadget and the family finds everything of theirs including the house coming from even earlier time periods. Doraemon tries to put things right, but Nobita's family end up with a 22nd Century house whose automation is full of trouble.
849 01-17 The Substitution Rope 入れかえロープ Shizuka wishes to be a boy so Nobita decides to swap bodies with her using Doraemon's substitution rope. While Shizuka enjoys her time in Nobita's body, Nobita finds it hard to live as Shizuka. In the end, they decide to switch back after Shizuka sees something she shouldn't as Nobita.
850 01-24 The Helping Bee なんとかばち
851 01-31 Dad's a Mama's Boy, Too パパだって甘えんぼ When Nobisuke comes home drunk after work, Doraemon and Nobita decide to bring him to grandma of the past to give him some scolding.
852 02-07 Farewell From The Window あの窓にさようなら As Nobita can't go outside due to a leg injury, Doraemon uses the Window View Changer so that they view the outside world. While using the gadget, they see a man about to leave his lover for Tokyo and decide to help them say their farewells and get closure.
853 02-14 Invincible Fort 無敵砲台 Suneo asks Nobita to help him purchase a powerful gadget to get back at Gian. However, he soon gets drunk with power and begins to abuse it, leaving up to Doraemon and Nobita to put an end to this charade before it's too late.
854 02-21 Mind Reading Helmet さとりヘルメット Doraemon gives Nobita a mind reading helmet in order to avoid further beatings from Gian. However, Gian steals the helmet and now can read the minds of others, terrifying everyone.
855 02-28 Police Dog Nose 警察犬つけ鼻 A mysterious man wants to record Gian's singing voice, but for what purpose?
856 03-07 The UFO Simulator 円盤そうじゅう訓練機
857 03-14 Space Exchanging Machine 空間入れかえ機
858 03-21 Emotion Energy Cylinder 感情エネルギーボンベ
859 03-28 Time Glove and Glasses タイム手ぶくろとめがね
860 S 04-04 Welcome to Munichhausen Castle ミュンヒハウゼン城へようこそ
861 04-11 The Lie Speaker アトカラホントスピーカー
862 04-18 Fourth Dimensional Dust Bin 四次元くずかご Doraemon decides to hide the Spare Pocket from Nobita who always used it to cause troubles, forcing Nobita and Shizuka to use the gadgets from Fourth Dimensional Dust Bin in order to go mountain viewing with various form of disasters.
863 04-25 Chest Mushroom and Talking Lip ミミダケとシャベリップ
864 05-02 Uninhabited Drink 無人境ドリンク
865 05-09 Good Luck For The Disliked Test きらいなテストにガーンバ
866 05-16 Secret Passage Pen 抜け穴ボールペン Nobita uses Doraemon's Secret Passage Pen to create shortcuts to his room all around the neighbourhood and trouble Gian. However, the shortcuts cause immense chaos for Doraemon and Tamako who finds out about Nobita's mischief. 
867 05-23 Reverse Gravity Belt 逆重力ベルト
868 05-30 Earth Creation Kit 地球製造セット
869 06-06 Star Making Hammer and Catching Net 星とりあみとハンマー After hearing Gian and Suneo boosting about their stargazing experience, Doraemon and Nobita decide to create a starry sky at the Open Lot for their friends to enjoy.
870 06-13 Temporary Deposit Card 一時あずけカード
871 06-20 A Magic Lamp Without Genie 魔神のいない魔法のランプ
872 06-27 Fourth Dimension Rookie Badge 四次元若葉マーク
873 07-04 Scenery Cutter けしきカッター Nobita borrows a gadget from Doraemon to finish his drawing.
874 07-11 The Mirror Of Feelings 具象化鏡 Nobita is feeling bummed-out after taking the test at school, Doraemon uses a gadget that allows to reveal his inner-feelings. However, his sadness will continue growing as soon as he goes outside. What will happen if Nobita becomes sad forever?
875 07-18 Miekake drop wood pen みえかけ落がきペン
876 07-25 The Shifting Stick ずらしんぼ
877 08-01 Tsubasa-chan's Secret 翼ちゃんの秘密
878 08-08 Switching Gun タチバガン
879 S 08-15 Feudal Lord of the 20th Century 20世紀のおとのさま Doraemon and Nobita are on a mission to save an innocent pheasant from a cruel fuedal lord of the Ancient Japan, while the lord himself is having a shocking time of his life in the 20th century.
880 08-22 Admission Ticket to Storyland メルヘンランド入場券 The gang decides to have fun at Marchen Land.
881 08-29 Nobita's Tough Decision のび太のカターイ決心 After getting scolded by his teacher, Nobita decides to cut all ties with Shizuka so that she can have a good future without him.

Note: This is a remake of Goodbye, Shizuka

882 09-05 Dream Directing Chair ユメかんとくいす
883 09-12 Balloon Letter Controller 風船手紙コントローラー
884 09-19 Spying Vines 光ファイバーつた
885 09-26 Soap Helmet シャボンヘルメット
886 10-03 A Preference Photo Printer おこのみフォトプリンター
887 10-10 Handicap ハンディキャップ
888 10-17 Delivery Cap たくはいキャップ
889 10-24 Return Slip しかえし伝票
890 10-31 The Video Phone テレテレホン
891 11-07 Practical Minicar Set 実用ミニカーセット
892 11-21 Lift Ski Pole リフトストック
893 11-28 Challenge Comet Hunter コメットハンターに挑戦
894 12-05 Friendship Ring みかた指輪 When Gian and Suneo steal Nobita's book that he bought, Doraemon gives him the friendship ring to have others help him out while he goes back to the future for an errand.
895 12-12 Upgrading Potion グレードアップ液 In order to read the just bought comic book, Nobita must finishes the homework first with a little help from Doraemon's gadget.
896 12-19 Rebuild The Spell Shop つづれ屋をたてなおせ
897 12-26 Compression Pin 厚みぬきとりバリ


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S27 01-02 Stray Dog Ichi's Country のら犬「イチ」の国
898 01-09 The Audio Speaker Phone ふきかえ糸電話
899 01-16 Skywalk Shoes 空中シューズ
900 01-23 Dream-scape Chip ユメ完結チップ
901 01-30 Monster ball モンスターボール
902 02-06 The Opposite World Mirror あべこべせかいミラー
903 02-13 Nobita's Secret Base のび太の秘密基地 Doraemon uses a blueprint paper, subway construction machine and construction tank to construct a secret place for Nobita. But in the end, Tamako learns about his secret and scolds him, and makes him study.
904 02-20 Petter ペッター
905 02-27 Age-Changing Pool Rope としのいずみロープ Doraemon gaves Nobita a gadget that lets a person grows and shrinks after drinking a special red/blue water.
906 03-06 Memories of the Red Shoe 赤いクツの思い出
907 03-13 Date-Changing Chalk 日付変更チョーク Doraemon and Nobita use date changing chalk to enter the past. Nobita also goes into the future and meets the future Nobita. As Tamako rubs off the chalk, the present Nobita uses the time machine and returns home.
908 03-20 That Day, That Time, That Daruma Doll あの日あの時あのダルマ
909 03-27 Cherry-blossom viewing at midnight 真夜中のお花見
910 S 04-03 Nobita: Gunfighter of the Cosmos ガンファイターのび太
911 04-10 Holographic Machine ホログラ機 Doraemon uses the holograph machine over Nobita to make him easily pass through anything. But, Nobita misuses the gadget. As the gadget gets spoilt, Nobita fails to return back to normal and remains hungry.
912 04-17 The Fountain of Lumber Jack 木こりの泉 Doraemon tells Nobita about the woodcutter; who was gifted with a gold and silver axe by an angel for speaking the truth. However, Suneo and Gian get into trouble as they act greedy.
913 04-24 Plants Promenade Liquid 植物歩かせ液 Doraemon uses the plant walking potion to make the tree walk out of the place it has been planted, so that it can be saved from being cut by Nobita’s school staff.
914 05-01 Repli-Chicken レプリコッコ Doraemon uses the replica chicken to hatch a replica of comic books and gifts. Later, Suneo and Gian show the chicken a picture of the dinosaur from the TV and falls in trouble when it hatches a dinosaur.
915 05-08 Popping Basement ポップ地下室とフエルミラー Doraemon and Nobita create a train model with the help of the gadgets. But Suneo refuses to sit in it because of his ego. Later, Suneo forgets about his ego and saves his friends from a mishap.
916 05-15 No Umbrella カサイラズ As Nobita doesn’t have an umbrella, Doraemon sprays an invisible umbrella liquid over him. Then, Nobita uses the spray on his friends; as a result, they fail to step into the water and take bath.
917 05-22 Clone Kid Goku クローンリキッド悟空 Nobita creates clones of himself to fight Gian with the help of Doraemon’s cloning liquid, but the clones get scared of Gian. Later, Nobita uses Gian’s mother’s clones to teach Gian a lesson.
918 05-29 Programming Mole プログラミングほくろ As Nobita gets jealous of Suneo's robot, Doraemon gives Nobita the human programming moles to get his work done by the others. Nobita sets the moles on his friends and himself to complete his work.
919 06-05 Tincture たたりチンキ Doraemon uses a curse tincture to scare Gian with a phantom cat as Gian hates cats, and Nobita uses the curse tincture to scare his mother with a phantom book. Then, Nobita uses the curse tincture on himself to scare the teacher. But instead, the teacher scolds Nobita's phantom in the end.
920 06-12 Diorama Book ジオラマブック Doraemon uses an animal rearing diorama book and season controller to speed up the growth of the frogs and insects given by Suneo, Gian and Shizuka, to help Nobita complete his science journal.
921 06-19 Traffic Sign Sticker 交通標識ステッカー Nobita uses Doraemon's traffic sign stickers on Gian so that he doesn't hurt anyone. Gian's mother, his teacher and a dog pounce on Gian because of the danger sticker.
922 06-26 Pursuing Arrow ついせきアロー Nobita uses Doraemon's pursuing arrow gadget to keep a track on Gian and stay away from him. To save Nobita, Doraemon uses the replacement rope and replaces Gian's mother with Nobita. In the end, Gian's mother scolds Gian.
923 07-03 Make a Wish Rocket ねがい七夕ロケット Nobita, Suneo and Gian write opposite of what they wish for on the Tanabata wish rocket. Later, Doraemon reveals that he had changed the wish rocket, and that their wishes will come true.
924 07-10 Fix and Unfix Plaster なおしバンとこわしバン Suneo gives Nobita his old toys. So, Doraemon uses the fix-it bandage and repairs the toys. Then, Suneo forcefully takes the toys from Nobita and pastes the break it bandages on it, which creates an explosion.
925 07-17 Exaggerating Camera! 大げさカメラ Doraemon uses an exaggeration camera and clicks many pictures of Nobita to shock Nobita’s friends. But he gets himself into trouble when Gian and Suneo learn the truth.
926 07-24 Courage Testing Glasses きもだめしメガネ Gian, Suneo and Nobita play the scaredy-cat dare game. Gian wears the spectacles and scares people with his voice. But, a glimpse of his mother through the spectacles scares him away.
927 07-31 Soak-up Straw ナカミスイトール Nobita, unknowingly, presses the trigger and sucks Gian into a gadget when he chases him and Doraemon. Later, when Nobita presses the trigger again, Gian comes out naked from the gadget.
928 08-07 Thrill Tickets スリルチケット Doraemon gives Nobita thrill tickets to stay cool. Nobita gives the tickets to his friends to feel the thrill. At the end, Nobita uses the last ticket with 5 marks on it and gets himself into trouble.
929 S 08-14 Go! Go! Nobitaman GO!GO!ノビタマン
930 08-21 Blackhole Pen ブラックホールペン Nobita uses the black hole pen white hole pen to impress Shizuka, but loses the white hole pen. Tamako and Doraemon fall into the black hole, and pop out when the teacher writes a zero on Nobita's test paper with the pen.
931 08-28 Weight Sucking Gun 重さすいこみ銃
932 09-04 Punctual Ghost オバケタイマー Doraemon uses a ghostly timer to wake Nobita. Nobita places the clock in Gian’s room to scare him. But Gian uses it to reach school on time. Then, Nobita regrets giving Gian the gadget.
933 09-11 Shut up, Giant! ジャイアンをだまらせろ Doraemon gives Nobita an okay stick gadget to stop a person from shouting. But Suneo takes the gadget from Nobita and uses it calm Gian’s anger. However, Gian's anger piles up, and blasts on Suneo.
934 09-18 Traffic Regulating Timer 交通規制タイマー As the playground is occupied with construction materials, Doraemon uses traffic control timer to vacant the road for an hour, for the kids to play. But it results in heavy traffic in the city.
935 09-25 Lost in My House! 家の中で迷子 On Nobita’s insistence, Doraemon uses the home maze gadget to reshape the house. But, Nobita turns the house into a difficult maze. Then, Nobisuke turns the gadget and gets it back to what it was earlier.
936 10-02 Welcome to Pawnshop ようこそ質屋へ Nobita mortgages his unwanted things through Doraemon’s automatic pawn shop machine and purchases a comic book. Later, he helps a poor artist sell his painting and get money in return.
937 S 10-09 Time Capsule タイムカプセル
938 10-23 Don't Cry, Beso!! 泣くな,ベソ!! Nobita places a getaway leaf on a pet dog, Beso who has been treated badly by his master. Beso gets transformed and enjoys himself. In the evening, he returns and forgives his master for his behavior.
939 10-23 Wire Pulling Microphone 心ふきこみマイク Nobita uses Doraemon’s behavior modification microphone to make Gian apologize to him for his behavior. Later, Doraemon uses the gadget against Nobita so that he studies, and keeps taunting him until dawn.
940 10-30 I Wish I Could Go Back! あの頃に戻りたい! Doraemon uses a soul time machine to help Nobita’s soul get back into his childhood days for some time, as he wishes. After returning, Nobita realizes that his mother cares for him.
941 10-30 Communication pills ツーカー錠 Doraemon uses a watcha macalate pill to clear the communication gap between Tamako and Nobisuke. Later, Nobita uses the pill on Dekisugi and Shizuka to make their communication easy with him.
942 11-06 Papa and Grandpa パパとおじいちゃん Nobisuke gets a dream, in which Nobiru tells him to be strict with Nobita. Then, Nobita and Doraemon enter the past through the time machine, and complain to Nobiru about Nobisuke.
943 11-06 Shadow Releaser かげふみオイル Doraemon drops the shadow stepping oil on Gian's shadow and attacks him. But when Gian realizes their mischief and shouts at them, a truck heads towards Gian. So, Gian runs and saves himself.
944 11-13 Fellowship badge なかまバッチ Doraemon gives Nobita buddy badges to find a friend who will save him. Nobita’s badge gets into Gian’s hand. Later, they both become good friends and save each other in time of trouble.
945 11-13 Trip Cloud 半分おでかけ雲 Nobita uses Doraemon's half out cloud maker and cloud mix and goes to the mountain with his friends. Tamako gets angry and leaves the cloud in the air. And Nobita falls from the cloud into the water.
946 11-20 Human remote controller 人間リモコン Doraemon gives Nobita a human remote controller for his benefit. However, Nobita presses the stop button by mistake and freezes in one position until night. But, Doraemon brings him home.
947 11-20 See the World through Windows 旅行窓セット Doraemon uses a travel window set and takes Nobita to the places his friends are holidaying in. Nobita clicks his friends' pictures in awkward poses. Later, he shows them their pictures and embarrasses them.
948 11-27 While you are asleep ねながらケース Nobita uses the sleeping case gadget and takes Suneo's video game, but breaks the game controller. So, he uses the sleeping case again and apologizes to Suneo in his sleep.
949 11-27 Mr. Smoke モクモクマン Gian holds Nobita back to complete his housework. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a smoke man production bottle to create a smoke man that will complete the housework.
950 12-04 Invisible bodyguard 透明ボディーガード Doraemon brings an invisible bodyguard plastic model from the future store. Nobita assembles the bodyguard without reading the manual properly, and gets into trouble when the bodyguard follows him everywhere and hurts others.
951 12-04 Transformation Robot へんしんロボット Nobita feeds cottage cheese to a copy robot and sends it to beat Gian. On his way, the robot eats the cottage cheese from Shizuka's bag and takes her look. Then, the robot beats Gian because he troubles Nobita.
952 12-11 Perfect Fixer 完全修正機 Doraemon uses the complete makeover machine to change the look of his picture. Nobita uses the gadget to transform other’s picture and his essay as well. But the picture fades.
953 12-11 Look-alike Balloon あやつりそっくり風船 As it is cold, Nobita creates a balloon replica of himself and sends it out for a stroll. Nobita sees his replica through a mirror. Unaware of the fact that Shizuka is present there, he opens his pant zip to pee.
954 12-18 Vehicle Shoes のりものぐつ Suneo takes Gian and Shizuka for a ride in his uncle's sports car and refuses Nobita to come along. So, Doraemon and Nobita use a shoe transporter and go for a ride.
955 12-18 Command Gun めいれい銃 Nobita takes a command gun from Doraemon and shoots people for fun. So, Doraemon takes the gadget quietly from him and shoots him and makes him clean the lawn.
956 12-25 Time Skipping Pulley タイムワープリール Nobita gets curious to know about his Christmas present. So, he uses Doraemon's time swap reel to skip the time. He reaches quite ahead in the future and gets back into the present only after breaking the gadget.
957 12-25 Magic Baton むせいぶつ指揮棒 As the weather is too cold and as Tamako requests Nobita to clean the garden and go shopping, Doraemon uses the inanimate baton to bring life into non-living things to get the work done.


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
958 01-08 Treasure Hunting Paper たからさがしペーパー Doraemon and Nobita use the treasure hunting paper to find theirs and Suneo's New Year gift and also to know about Nobirou's location through a puzzle.
959 01-15 No Sleepy ネムケスイトール To keep Nobita awake, Doraemon uses the sleepiness soaker and soaks Nobita's sleep. But, Nobita presses the trigger and puts Doraemon, Tamako, Gian and Suneo's mother to sleep.
960 01-22 Pet Paint ペットペンキ As Nobita's wishes for a pet, Doraemon uses the pet paint to bring life into stones. Nobita's pet dog breaks Gian's dog's teeth. Hence, Gian paints a huge stone to hurt him. But Doraemon washes off the paint.
961 01-29 Tarzan's Shorts ターザンパンツ Doraemon gives Nobita Tarzan pants and Tarzan rope so that he can easily communicate with the animals. Nobita bravely communicates with the lioness and sends her back to the forest.
962 02-05 Rain-Maker Pen Set アメダスペン Nobita uses the rain-maker pen set and creates snow in the park. But Gian and Suneo capture the place. Doraemon gets very angry and uses the gadget against them. At the end, they all get stuck in a storm.
963 02-12 Sixth Sense Alarm 虫のしらせ Nobita reads his horoscope and feels happy as things go as per the prediction in the horoscope. But later, he realizes that it was last week's horoscope.
964 02-19 Package for Fishing in the Air 空中つりセット Gian's dog robs Tamako's friend's shoe from the house. So, Doraemon uses the cloud boat and fishing rod to get hold of the thief.
965 02-26 Elevating Button エレベート・ボタン Doraemon uses the elevating button to climb up and get the ball back. Later, Nobita and Shizuka use the gadget and takes all the children up in the sky to play to avoid scolding from their elders.
966 03-04 Chroma Key Set クロマキーセット Doraemon tells Nobita about the chroma key set technique. Nobita uses the projector to project Doraemon as a huge starfish badger and himself as the savior, who saves Shizuka.
967 03-11 Magnifying Spec 大きくなる虫メガネ Doraemon uses a magnifying glass and expands Nobita's car. Gian and Suneo use the gadget over their robot, which creates a havoc. So Doraemon uses the small light over the robot.
968 03-18 Help Capsules タスケロン・カプセル Doraemon gives Nobita help capsules so that he never fails to help others. Gian and Suneo feed Nobita all the capsules. After that, Nobita spends his day helping others. Shizuka promises to help Nobita in his homework.
969 03-25 Pocket Traffic Light ポケット信号機 Nobita uses a pocket traffic light and troubles Gian, Suneo, Shizuka, Tamako and a street dog. Gian and Suneo use Doraemon's emergency helmets to make the pocket traffic light ineffective. At the end, they along with Shizuka and Tamako chase after Nobita to teach him a lesson.
970 04-01 Please Write Down ワラシベにお願い
S28 04-05 Around the World in an Aerostat! 気球で世界一周を!
971 04-08 Almighty Vision 断層ビジョン Doraemon uses a gadget to find the exact location of Nobita's savings dug underground. Later, Doraemon and Nobita find a man frozen in the ice of the Himalayan region through the gadget and save him.
972 04-15 Chair Improver イス改良機 Nobita promises Doraemon that he will study diligently but falls asleep and blames the chair for his behavior. So, Doraemon uses a chair modifier to keep him alert.
973 04-22 Ultra Farsighted Mirror 遠写かがみ Doraemon and Nobita use the broadcast mirror to advertise a small sweet shop. At first, the advertisement fails to attract customers. But later, a huge crowd gets attracted to the sweet shop.
974 04-29 Image Beret イメージ・ベレー Doraemon uses an image wear it gadget to create a look-alike model of Shizuka. Later, Nobita uses the gadget to trouble Gian, Suneo, Shizuka, and Doraemon.
975 05-06 Make Your Own Diorama 実物ジオラマ Nobita meets Shizuka and shows off his flying skills using the real life diorama. But Doraemon panics after seeing a rat and throws the diorama stick. After which, Nobita gets stuck on a pole and cries.
976 05-20 Helping Dumpling おたすけだんご Gian beats Nobita for a silly reason. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a set of dumplings to protect him. Nobita throws a dumpling on Gian. But unfortunately, Nobita gets trapped into his own plan.
977 05-27 Papa's Present パパのおみやげ Nobita gives his friends gifts in the hope of getting a video game in return through the gift wrapping cloth. But, Suneo loses the cloth. Later, Nobisuke finds the cloth and gets a video game for Nobita.
978 06-03 Give-Me-Gloves チョーダイハンド Doraemon uses the hand it over gadget on Gian to get Nobita's book back. Then, Nobita uses the gadget to get gifts from all his friends. But later, he realizes his mistake and returns the gifts.
979 06-10 The Invisible Hand 透明ハンド Nobita takes an invisible hand from Doraemon and troubles Suneo, Gian, Shizuka, and Dekisugi. But Tamako gets to know about Nobita's mischief and pulls his ear with the help of another invisible hand that she took earlier.
980 06-17 Warp Pen ワープペン Doraemon uses a warp pen to get groceries. Gian learns about the gadget and draws holes everywhere in Nobita's room to watch animals but loses the warp eraser. A lion pops out and scares everyone.
981 06-24 The String Phone Without a String 糸なし糸電話 Nobita gives Shizuka's one part of the stringless string phone and returns home to tell her a joke through the phone. But when he calls up Shizuka, he forgets what the joke was.
982 07-08 Friction Reducer Gas スベールガス Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka use a sliding spray to slide from a mountain. Gian and Suneo use the spray all over their body and find it difficult to even walk straight.
983 07-15 Silhouette Flash かげぼうしフラッシュ
984 07-22 Memories Colon オモイデコロン
985 07-29 The Seawater Controller 海水コントローラー
986 08-05 Anything Pilot なんでも操縦機
987 S 08-12 Treasure of the Shinugumi Mountain 死神山の宝物
988 08-19 Sleeping Stickers いねむりシール Nobita is tired again, so he asked Doraemon for the Sleeping Stickers so he can do his task while sleeping. Turns out the task he's doing is not doing so well.
989 08-26 A Mirage Candle しんきろうそく立て
990 09-02 Bug Marker 昆虫マーカー
991 09-09 The Ancestor Who Came やってきた御先祖様
992 09-16 High-Rail Paper ハイレールペーパー
993 09-23 Fine Wrinkle Cup of Each Content 中味ごとのびちぢみカップ
994 S 09-30 Nobita the Fencing Master 剣豪のび太
995 10-07 Fortune Telling Card 占いカードボックス Nobita uses Doraemon's gadget to decide weither he should go fishing with Suneo or visit Shizuka.
996 10-14 Inclination Mirror-II 入りこみミラーII
997 10-21 Sweet Straw たつまきストロー
998 10-28 Helicamera ヘリカメラ
999 11-04 Marionetter マリオネッター
1000 11-11 Chameleon Tea カメレオンちゃ
1001 11-18 Trampolinegen トランポリンゲン
1002 12-25 Induction Foot Stamp ゆうどう足あとスタンプ
1003 12-02 Photo Chamber 写真シャベール
1004 12-09 Time Room タイム・ルーム
1005 12-16 Instant Iwanomoto 即席イワノモト
1006 12-23 Foolproof Safety Umbrella ぜったいあんぜんかさ Nobita faces a lot of unfortunate incidents. So, Doraemon hands over Nobita a foolproof safety umbrella to be safe under any circumstances. However, Nobita picks the wrong umbrella and gets a beating from Suneo and Gian.


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1007 S 01-06 The kite which flies the person あげられタコ
1008 01-13 Set Maker セットメーカー
1009 01-20 Radio-Controller Antenna ラジコンアンテナ
1010 01-27 The "Out with the Demons" Beans 鬼は外ビーンズ
1011 02-03 Time Dreamer タイムドリーマー Doraemon gaves Nobita a dream-related gadget, but a gadget thinks a dream will come true, Doraemon thinks not well.
1012 02-10 Landboat On Land 陸上ボート
1013 02-17 Anime Box アニメばこ Suneo shows Shizuka and Gian the anime adaptation of the manga Super Koala, so Nobita pleads Doraemon to give him a gadget to convert manga books into anime. Doraemon takes out the Anime Box so they can convert the Super Koala manga into anime. However, it is Gian and Suneo's turn to use the gadget, what will they use now?
1014 02-24 Telephoto Megaphone 望遠メガフォン
1015 03-03 Anything Airport なんでも空港
1016 03-10 Animal Finger Cap どうぶつ指キャップ
1017 03-17 The Flashlight of Suprises ゴロアワセトウ After Nobita and Doraemon got scared by a "real spider" from Gian and Suneo inside the small box, they were about to show it to Shizuka next. Looks like Doraemon and Nobita are up to stop Gian and Suneo's evil tricks.
1018 03-24 A Mysterious Prophecy ナゾの予言書
1019 03-31 A Challenging Typewriter ききがきタイプライター
1020 S 04-07 Nobita and the balloon raft のび太と風船イカダ
1021 04-14 Gigantic Stereoscopic Television 超巨大立体テレビ
1022 04-21 Actual Miniature Replica Encyclopedia 実物ミニチュア大百科
1023 04-28 Zangbow ザンゲボウ
1024 S 05-05 Romance in the Snowy Mountain 雪山のプレゼント
1025 S 05-05 Take the nature to the room へやに自然を
1026 S 05-05 Apartment Pretend アパートごっこ
1027 S 05-05 Uninhabited island is my island 無人島はボクの島
1028 05-12 Good combo selection comb board いいとこ選たくしボード
1029 05-19 Automatic bunching gas 自動ぶんなぐりガス
1030 05-26 Mini TV Station ミニ・テレビ局
1031 06-02 Shadow Bunting and Shadow Incarnation Liquid 影ぶんちんと影実体化液
1032 06-09 Comfortable Mountain-Climbing Hat らくらく登山帽
1033 06-16 Shikamonokake Shrine 断ち物願かけ神社
1034 06-23 Specimen Collection Box 標本さいしゅう箱
1035 06-30 Commercial Candy Launcher CMキャンデー発射機
1036 07-07 Free Size Doll Camera フリーサイズぬいぐるみカメラ
1037 07-14 Dream Hole 夢ホール
1038 07-21 The Human Piggy Bank 人間貯金箱製造機
1039 07-28 The Shell Set そうなる貝セット
1040 08-04 The Self Alarm セルフアラーム
1041 S 08-11 Makeover Ring and Card 変身リングとカード
1042 08-18 Dorami-Type Mini Hot Air Balloon ドラミ型ミニ熱気球
1043 08-25 Decoy Cases おとりケース
1044 09-01 Holmes 3-Piece Set ホームズ三点セット
1045 09-08 The Helping Hand Spray 続きをよろしく
1046 09-15 Substitute Microphone 身がわりマイク
1047 09-22 The Ignorant Insect 無視虫 Gian and Suneo orders the kids to ignore Nobita, after Gian's mother slaps him for troubling Nobita earlier. Doraemon uses the Ignorant Insects on Gian and Suneo to teach them a lesson.
1048 09-29 The Hypnosis Megaphone さいみんメガフォン
1049 S 10-06 Home Economy Apron 家庭科エプロン Nobita uses Doraemon's Time TV to see his future self, and future Shizuka. But something went wrong after he saw his future, instead of mentioning his son's name Nobisuke, she mentioned Hideyo instead. Meaning his future suddenly changed because of his laziness of what Doraemon said, but Nobita refused to believe it. Is Doraemon telling the truth? Or his future will permanently stay the same?
1050 10-20 Map Reader 地図ちゅうしゃき
1051 10-27 Where Were You At The Time? そのときどこにいた
1052 11-03 The Actor Plate なりきりプレート
1053 11-10 Anytime Anywhere Sketch Set いつでもどこでもスケッチセット When the teacher assigns the students to do a sketch of anything they like for homework, Nobita decides to use Doraemon's Anytime Anywhere Sketch Set to do a sketch of Shizuka. However, she gets angry with him when she sees an image of her bathing in his sketchbook.
1054 11-17 Gian's Dinner Show ジャイアンのディナーショー
1055 11-24 High-Rise Apartments 高層マンション化エレベーター
1056 12-01 Half Razor Blade 半分こ刀
1057 12-08 Air Conditioning Photo エアコンフォト
1058 12-15 Strong Ultra Super Deluxe Candy 強力ウルトラスーパーデラックスキャンデー
1059 12-22 Nobita's Birthday のび太誕生
1060 S 12-29 Country Maker お好み建国用品


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1061 S 01-05 The Dream Player ドリームプレイヤー When Nobita tries to sleep, Doraemon gives him a gadget pillow that gives him a certain type of dream. Nobita repeatedly gives up on each type of dream when things don't go his way only to find out he may have broken it all together.
1062 01-12 The Epidemic Collection 流行性コレクション
1063 01-19 The Wish Realizing Machine のぞみ実現機
1064 01-26 Doll Creation Camera ぬいぐるみせいぞうカメラ
1065 02-02 Nobita's Wicked Aspiration のび太の悪人志願
1066 02-09 A Book's Gift Certificate of the Future 未来図書券 Nobita uses the future book coupon and shops for two months issue of the unpublished comic book. The writer of the book, Funiako Funio pleads to Nobita to lend the copy to him.
1067 02-16 The Head of the Gorgon ゴルゴンの首 In order to make standing outside the classroom more bearable, Doraemon gives Nobita the The Head of the Gorgon which petrifies any area that's been exposed by it's light. However when the gadget runs loose and starts petrifying everyone, it's up to Nobita, Doraemon, Gian and Suneo to stop the head before it turns everyone into stone.
1068 02-23 The Object Replacing Cloth 物体交換クロス Nobita uses Doraemon's 'the object replacing cloth' to execute his mischievous thoughts. To stay safe from everyone's wrath, Nobita wraps himself with the cloth and replaces himself with a cat. As a result, he gets stuck on a roof.
1069 03-02 Enviromental Screens and Projectors 環境スクリーンとプロジェクター
1070 03-09 My Guardian ぼくの守り紙さま
1071 03-16 My Paper Craft! ペーパークラフト Doraemon and Nobita make a paper submarine and explore in the seas.
1072 03-23 A Complete Restoration Liquid 全体復元液
1073 03-30 The Light or Heavy Meter フンワリズッシリメーター
1074 S 04-06 Doraemon's Health Diagnosis ドラえもんの健康診断
1075 04-13 The Indoor Travel Set 室内旅行セット After getting jealous by Suneo's bragging once again, Doraemon fulfills Nobita’s wish of visiting places with the help of the indoor trip gadget. However, Nobita pinpoints Shizuka's bathroom and forgets to turn off the gadget while taking out the garbage, resulting in Shizuka seeing the image of her bathroom when she comes to Nobita's room and getting very angry with him.
1076 04-20 The Invincible Red Insect 無敵コンチュー丹
1077 04-27 Mama's Appreciation ママのありがたみ
1078 05-04 Stuff Only for You Gas あなただけの物ガス
1079 05-11 Speedy Goggles スピード増感ゴーグル
1080 05-18 Pinch Runner ピンチランナー
1081 05-25 Escape From The High-Rise Apartment 高層マンション脱出大作戦
1082 06-01 Multi-Purpose Cleaner 万能クリーナー
1083 06-08 The Timer Pistol タイムピストル
1084 06-15 Course Advisor 進路アドバイザー
1085 06-22 Diving In Town 町の中でダイビング
1086 06-29 Cushion That Passes Through つきぬけザブトン
1087 07-06 The Resentful Headband ウラメシズキン
1088 07-20 Substitute Picture Mirror かわり絵ミラー
1089 07-27 The Magic Lost Articles Finder Spray 落し物カムバック・スプレー
1090 08-03 Virtual Holographic, Fiber-Optical Peep-Slope 密閉空間探査機
1091 08-10 Returning Hand お返しハンド
1092 S 08-17 Boat Sticker ペタリ甲板
1093 08-24 The Anyday Calendar きまぐれカレンダー
1094 08-31 Real Book ほんものえほん
1095 09-07 Animal Reincarnation Eggs 動物生まれ変わりタマゴ
1096 09-14 Operation Going Back Home Safely 町内突破大作戦 Nobita flees from an after-school detention and accidentally causes a widespread neighborhood hunt with himself being the target. With all their usual gadgets in repair, Doraemon must now guide a way for Nobita to safely return home with the newest gadget before the latter gets caught, or worse, face Tamako's wrath.
1097 09-21 The Complete Encyclopedia of the Universe 宇宙完全大百科
1098 09-28 Senjin Rakuraku Course 仙人らくらくコース
1099 S 10-05 Let's go to Japan 70,000 years ago. 7万年前の日本へ行こう
1100 10-19 Justice Police Car 正義の味方パトカー
1101 10-26 The Mystery of the Missing Badges バッジをさがせ
1102 11-02 Food Visualization Gas 食品視覚化ガス This episode where we see Nobita and Doraemon are eating images of food using their visions.
1103 11-09 Pet Cream ペットクリーム
1104 11-16 Raw Material Light 原料ライト
1105 11-23 RC Source ラジコンのもと
1106 11-30 Climate Intensive Equipment 気候集中装置
1107 12-07 The Dharma's fallen, the hat ダルマさんが転んだ帽
1108 12-14 Gian and Jaiko ジャイアンとジャイ子
1109 12-21 The Copying Spots うつしぼくろ
1110 12-28 Happiness Circuit しあわせカイロ


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
S29 01-04 SF Special Ultra Dora-Man SF超大作ウラドラマン Doraemon, Nobita and his friends decide to make a sci-fi superhero movie. However, they have to avoid Gian whom they fear will try to make himself the main star of the film.
1111 01-11 An Unpleasant Feeling Measuring Device いやなめメーター
1112 01-18 The Dream that Foretells the End of Earth!! 予知夢で地球を救え!!
1113 01-25 Hide-and-Seek Stick かくれん棒 Nobita wishes to escape from everyone. So, Doraemon gives him a hide-and-seek stick to become invisible. Nobita misuses the gadget and troubles others. Later, Doraemon, Gian, and Suneo conspire against Nobita.
1114 02-01 Look-alike Pet Food そっくりペットフード Nobita orders a look-alike pet food and asks Shizuka to feed it to her canary bird. After that, the canary bird gets Shizuka's look and flies away.
1115 02-08 Animating Microwave 人形自動化音波 Doraemon and Nobita use the Animating Microwave gadget to find Shizuka's lost dolls Jack and later on Jenny, after Nobita carelessly uses the gadget on the latter to find out about Jack's whereabouts. They eventually find Jack in another girl's house, but trouble arises when the girl refuses to give Jack back to them.
1116 02-15 Goods Fortune Teller 品物運勢鏡 Nobita promises to meet Shizuka and Dekisugi and goes home. Doraemon uses the seeing glass and predicts the incidents. Nobita goes to an amusement park and forgets about his meeting.
1117 02-22 Mole-type Speaker ホクロ型スピーカー Gian goes to the park with his dog, Muku to impress a girl. But Muku and the girl's dog, Benji get into a fight. The girl gets angry on Gian and walks away from there with Benji.
1118 03-01 Handmade Toys 手づくりおもちゃ Gian spoils Suneo's toy airplane and puts the blame on Nobita. Later, a man gives Nobita a book to prepare hand-made toys. Doraemon and Nobita use the same toys to fight Gian and Suneo.
1119 03-08 Ship in Bottle 船舶びんづめ材 Doraemon and Nobita make arrangements to store ships in the bottles. However, Suneo steals Doraemon's gadgets and store warships in the bottles. As a result, Suneo's room gets flooded during the war.
1120 03-15 Memory Memorizing Lens 記憶とり出しレンズ The teacher informs the students about the test. So, Nobita uses Doraemon's memory projecting lens to excel in his test. But unfortunately, Nobita remembers the wrong answers and gets a zero in his test.
1121 03-22 Reincarnation Machine チリつもらせ機 Doraemon uses the dust collector gadget to get a big Dora cake. Later, Nobita blackmails Doraemon and uses the dust collector to widen the playground and his garden.
1122 03-29 Shooting Star Navigating Umbrella 流れ星ゆうどうがさ Nobita uses Doraemon's shooting star navigating umbrella to attract a star. But instead of a star, Nobita catches an SOS capsule and helps the person stuck in space. He gets a video game in return for the favor.
1123 S 04-05 The Forest is Calling 森は呼んでいる
1124 04-12 Balloon Everywhere どこでも風船 Nobita and Shizuka decide to go watch the cherry blossom trees. So, Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka use the anywhere balloon to go to Midori and watch the cherry blossom trees.
1125 04-19 Clam Package ハマグリパック Doraemon removes dorayaki and juice cans from the clam pack to celebrate Nobita's new record of scoring zero in his test. Nobita uses the clam to hide his test paper. But Tamako notices it and falls into the clam.
1126 04-26 In and Out Mirror ではいりカガミ Doraemon, Nobita, and Shizuka enter the reversed world and play volleyball. They put the blame on Gian and Suneo for breaking Kaminari's glass.
1127 05-03 Summon Buzzer よびつけブザー Doraemon uses the Summon Buzzer to stop Tamako from calling Nobita every time. Gian uses the gadget and calls Nobita to his place several times and troubles him.
1128 05-10 Tuned Up Mini 4 Wheels 改造チビ四駆 Suneo flaunts his four wheel cars. So, Doraemon gives Nobita future four wheels and magical screw driver along with the small light to create his own four wheels. Doraemon and Nobita create a four wheel and teach Suneo and Gian a lesson.
1129 05-17 Actual Human Recorder アクトコーダー Nobita scores a home run and wins the match. So, he requests Doraemon to give him a gadget to replay the scenes several times. The next day, he hits 3 strikes instead of a home run. And that replays for 300 times.
1130 05-24 Let the Angel Handle It エンゼルにおまかせ Doraemon gives Nobita a divine guidance angel to guide him. The angel insists Nobita forget Doraemon. But Nobita refuses to listen to the angel and helps Doraemon.
1131 05-31 Fairy Robot 妖精ロボット Nobita wishes for a gadget to complete his incomplete work. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a Fairy box to completes the incomplete work by just falling asleep.
1132 06-07 Wishing Malette おねがい小づち Suneo begs Doraemon to help him grow tall with the help of a gadget. He forcefully takes the wishing malette from Doraemon to grow tall. Gian smashes Suneo with the mallette and gives him a bruise on his head and makes him tall.
1133 06-21 Let's Train Giant! ジャイアンをしつけよう Doraemon gives Suneo and Nobita a training whip to stop Gian from hurting others. But even after being harassed with the whip, Gian refuses to changes his behavior.
1134 06-28 Nobita's Home Tutor のび太の家庭教師 Nobita invites the middle school Nobita to help him in his studies. But the high school Nobita also reaches there. Then, all the three Nobita's blame Tamako and Nobisuke for not helping them in their studies in the beginning.
1135 07-05 Nature Plastic Model Series 自然観察プラモシリーズ
1136 07-12 Smoke to Swim in the Sky うきわパイプとたばこ Nobisuke takes a decision of not smoking but Doraemon and Nobita make Nobisuke create smoke rings with the help of tobacco and smoke ring pipe.
1137 07-19 Double TV 身代わりテレビ As Nobita's plan of going to an island ith his friends fails due to his illness, Doraemon sends a substitute television A with Shizuka and makes Nobita wear a substitute television B gadget to see what his friends are doing on an island.
1138 07-26 Flower Board 虫よせボード The teacher asks the students to collect insects for a project. So, Doraemon removes the flower board gadget from his pocket to attract insects.
1139 08-02 Magical Scissors じつぶつはさみ Suneo refuses to give Nobita his toy plane. Hence, Doraemon uses a magical scissor and cuts the catalog pictures to create real toys. Later, Doraemon cuts heavy loaded airplanes from the catalog and trouble Gian and Suneo with it.
1140 08-09 Time Compression Gun 年月圧縮ガン Suneo sends Nobita pictures of him being in Hawaii for a holiday. Hence, Doraemon and Nobita reach Hawaii with the help of a compression gun and shock Suneo.
1141 S 08-16 The Great Adventure in the South Seas 南海の大冒険
1142 08-23 Time Switch for Human Use 人間用タイムスイッチ As Nobita is a forgetful person, Doraemon makes Nobita wear a human time switch and prepare a schedule for the day. However, Nobita writes AM instead of PM and completes his task in the night.
1143 08-30 Look for the Tsuchinoko ツチノコを探せ Nobita goes in search of a Tsuchinoko and luckily finds one. He shows it to his friends and throws it away. But later, Nobita and Doraemon go in search of it and leave it back in the forest.
1144 09-06 Doraemon's Everywhere ドラえもんだらけ Nobita bribes Doraemon with Dorayaki to get his homework done. Though the homework is finished by the next day, Nobita becomes suspicious of Doraemon's exhausted state and travels back to the previous night to find out the truth.
1145 09-13 Monster Incense 百鬼せんこう Nobita spreads Doraemon's monster incense all over the usable things that were thrown out by Suneo and his family. In the night, Doraemon and Nobita take advantage of the things and eat the meal prepared by it.
1146 09-20 Hiking with Dorami ドラミとハイキング Dorami forcefully sends Doraemon for a regular maintenance checkup and takes care of the Nobi family in his absence. She irritates Nobita and makes him complete his homework.
1147 09-27 Mom's Diet ママをダイエット Tamako gets worried about her weight. So, Doraemon uses the elongated shrinking telescope to make Tamako thin. However, Nobita makes Tamako more fat. And later, Nobita uses the gadget and makes Tamako thin like paper.
1148 10-04 The Hammer Producer of Shooting Stars 流れ星製造トンカチ Doraemon gives Nobita a falling star hammer to make his wish come true. Suneo hits the hammer on Nobita's head to get his homework done by him. But, the homework gets done in Nobita's book instead of Suneo's book.
1149 10-11 Lucky Hourglass ラッキー砂時計 Nobita feels unlucky. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a lucky hourglass to change his fortune. Nobita gets lucky when he goes out. But he gets scolding from Tamako when the sand gets over.
1150 10-18 Wrapper Cab ふろしきタクシー Doraemon uses a wrapper cab so that Nobita brings the comic books from Motoyama's house with someone else's help. However, a man steps on the cloth and makes Nobita take him to his destination.
1151 10-25 Thank-you Badge サンキューバッジ Nobita dislikes a new game brought by Nobisuke and upsets him. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a thank you badge so that he gives thanks to his father and others.
1152 11-01 Waste Taker むだはぶ機 Doraemon removes the waste detector from his pocket to identify the waste in the house. Tamako prepares a feast from the leftover foods kept in the fridge.
1153 11-08 Universal Painter 万能プリンター Nobita and Doraemon create a picture and sound recording of insects chirping for Shizuka. Then, Suneo blackmails Nobita for the same. Gian's singing picture gets mixed with the other pictures, which irritate the Honekawa family.
1154 11-15 Power Up Megaphone パワーアップメガフォン Nobita hands over Doraemon's powerup megaphone gadget to Shizuka to cheer the team during the match. Shizuka's cheering makes the team win with a good score.
1155 11-22 Feeling Measure 苦楽メーター Doraemon makes Nobita wear 'pain and gain meter'. Nobita gains a lot of happiness instead of hardships. And after enjoying a happy life, Nobita's life moves into pain and sadness.
1156 11-29 100-times yo-ho rice cake お百度エンヤコラ餅 Gian gets upset about his mother's health. So, he takes help from Doraemon, who asks him to prepare rice cake with 100 times Yoho rice cake and a special prayer rice. Gian feeds his mother the rice cake and restores her health.
1157 12-06 Find the Concentration Machine 夢中機を探せ Doraemon searches for a passion machine but a bamboo horse jumps out of Doraemon pocket and goes out of the room. Doraemon plays with the horse and forgets about Nobita.
1158 12-13 Hair Catalog set ヘアーカタログセット Nobita takes Doraemon's hair catalog set and changes Gian, Suneo, Shizuka and his look. But he fails to return everyone their original look as he uses all the pictures from the catalog.
1159 12-20 Future Telling Radio 未来ラジオ Suneo flaunts his super high vision portable TV. Hence, Doraemon gives Nobita a future radio, which gives information about the future incidents. But Doraemon, Shizuka, and Nobita get fooled with it.
1160 12-27 Keron-pass ケロンパス Nobita insists Doraemon place the frog plaster on him to get rid of his tiredness. But Doraemon places the plaster with the frog upside down. Because of which, Nobita finds it difficult to even walk.


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1161 01-10 Go search for a treasure 宝さがしに行こう Doraemon and Nobita go out to find treasure with the help of a treasure map finder. Nobita opens the anywhere door to get into the deep sea to find treasure and floods the house with sea water.
1162 01-17 Gachi-gachin ガチガチン On seeing Shizuka's tutor praise her, Nobita pops a busy pill into the teacher's mouth and makes him behave strictly with Shizuka. Later, Tamako hires the same teacher for Nobita.
1163 01-24 Sky-see-through frame 空まです通しフレーム As it is very cold, Doraemon uses a sky frame to feel the warmth. Nobita goes to Kurai's place and sees that he lives in a house that is dark and cold. So, Nobita gives the last sky frame from his room to Kurai.
1164 01-31 Spring-breeze round fan 春風うちわ Nobita takes Doraemon's spring breeze fan and invites the spring on the mountain. But as he gets tired blowing air, Nobita and Shizuka take help from Doraemon, who uses 'back to normal' gadget to bring the winters back.
1165 02-07 Super Gian スーパージャイアン Gian snatches Doraemon's cape and helps people as super Gian when they whistle. But as Gian gets irritated, Doraemon and Nobita call super Gian to beat the naughty Gian.
1166 02-14 Thunder drum カミナリだいこ Gian and Suneo scare Nobita and consider him faint-hearted as he gets scared of the thundering sound. So, Doraemon gives Nobita a thunder drum to help him get rid of his fear.
1167 02-21 Forceful due bill ムリヤリ借用書 Nobita uses Doraemon's I owe you gadget on Suneo and borrows his test paper but realizes that Suneo had got a zero. Suneo's mother invites 3 teachers to teach Suneo, who assume Nobita to be Suneo and act strictly with him.
1168 02-28 Scapegoat paper doll 身代わり紙人形 Shizuka and her friends celebrate Shizuka's birthday. Nobita and Doraemon send 3 scapegoat paper dolls to get their work done. But the paper dolls finish Shizuka's birthday cake.
1169 03-06 Useful things vending machine 役立つもの販売機 Doraemon and Nobita use the vending machine to vend useful things. Suneo and Gian try the machine. But on not getting what they want, they decide to throw the machine in the lake. However, they fall in the water.
1170 03-13 I Want A Strong Pet 強いペットがほしい Nobita and Doraemon go to the African jungle and bring a lion home with the help of the small light. On seeing Nobita with the lion, a dog named Cheebi gets scared of Nobita.
1171 03-20 The Hamelin Pipe ハメルンチャルメラ Gian plays the pied piper to chase Nobita as he disposes of his furniture with the unwanted things from the house with the help of the pied piper of Hamelin. Doraemon brings Nobita back home but the things also follow him.
1172 03-27 After-image materializing spray 残像実体化スプレー Nobita uses the after image developing spray to find the thief who robbed Gian's cycle. But they only get to see the person's half body. Gian's mother reveals that she took the cycle and gives Gian a beating for being irresponsible.
1173 S 04-03 Go to the Southern Island 南の島へ出かけよう
1174 04-10 Athletic Stickers アスレチックシール Doraemon sticks athletic stickers in the house to make Nobita strong and fit. But because of the handgrip athletic sticker, Nobita fails to enter the washroom.
1175 04-17 3D Album 立体アルバム Gian blames Nobita for spoiling his field trip picture and beats him up. So, Doraemon uses the 3-dimensional album from his pocket and reveals the truth that it was Shizuka's hand.
1176 04-24 Bio-plant Pot バイオ植木カン Nobita feels upset as he can't enjoy flower viewing while eating tasty food. So, Doraemon uses the bio-plant can to grow cherry blossom trees in the room along with fruits and vegetables
1177 05-01 Family Matching Case 家族合わせケース Nobita, Shizuka, and Suneo get upset as their mothers scold them. So, Doraemon uses the family matching case and sends the kids to their exchanged mothers. But the kids realize how kind their mothers are.
1178 05-08 I Want To Be a Pebble 石ころになりたい Doraemon gives Nobita the pebble cap so that nobody notices and bothers him. Nobita feels lonely after wearing it and promises to never wear the cap again.
1179 05-15 Computer Pencil コンピューターペンシル This is a remade of the 1979 (Original) episode "I Got 100, For Once in My Life..."
1180 05-22 An Uncle's Unrequited Love おじさんの片思い Nobita's uncle, Tamao feels sad about not being able to express his love towards a girl. But Doraemon's honest taro doll gadget helps the girl speak her feelings to Tamao.
1181 05-29 Introspective grasshopper 反省バッタ Suneo and Gian blame Nobita for dropping Doraemon's cake. So, Doraemon uses grasshoppers to make Suneo and Gian repent for their mistake.
1182 06-05 Hungry rice ball ハラペコおにぎり Nobita makes Nobita eat empty belly rice ball to increase his appetite. Later, Tamako eats the rice ball unknowingly and eats all the food alone that was prepared by her.
1183 06-12 Copying Toast アンキパン Nobita is having multiple tests but has yet to prepare for any subjects, so Doraemon brings out a gadget to help him memorizes. However, this action may prove to be more troublesome for Nobita than studying normally.
1184 06-19 Dream and romance search mole 夢とロマンを探索モグラ The teacher tells the students about the ancient discoveries of great people. So, Nobita and his friends go in search of a discovery with the help of Doraemon's gadgets. But they do not find anything.
1185 06-26 Mini-mini robot ミニミニロボット Nobita and Doraemon use the mini-mini robot and repair Nobita's great grandmother's clock. Nobisuke and Tamako feel very happy and ask Nobita to make use of the clock to go to school.
1186 07-03 Cheer up, Muku! ムク元気になって Jaiko feels bad for Muku as he gets badly injured in a car accident. So, Nobita and Doraemon go into the past and change Muku's destiny and makes him well.
1187 07-10 Yokozuna Nobita 横綱のび太
1188 07-17 Jumping Submarine ジャンピング潜水艦
1189 07-24 "Say it for me" Gum ガムで身代わり When Gian and Suneo use Nobita as a scapegoat after breaking Kaminari's window, Doraemon gives Nobita the "Say it for me" gum to make Gian and Suneo confess their mistake.
1190 07-31 Butterfly Letters ちょうちょレター After accidentally dropping Shizuka's homemade cookies, Nobita uses Doraemon's Butterfly Letters gadget to send Shizuka an apology note. However, Gian and Suneo finds out about this and attempt to cause further misunderstandings between the two.
1191 08-07 A Real Picture Book ほんもの図鑑でほんものを
1192 S 08-14 Genius boy with a pillow うつつ枕で天才少年
1193 08-21 Let's ride Gian ジャイアンを乗っとろう
1194 08-28 Dream pillow 夢つづき枕
1195 09-04 Hardship Miso 苦労みそばなし
1196 09-11 Watching Glass ウオッチンググラス
1197 09-18 Let You Smell The Forgetting Flower わすれろ草を君に
1198 09-25 Beware of the Bodyguard ボディーガードにご用心
1199 S 10-02 Parallel Star あべこべの星
1200 10-09 Voice Candy 声もんキャンデー
1201 10-16 のび太はでんでん虫?
1202 10-23 Nobita thick snail シャワーでかくれんぼ
1203 10-30 I Want to meet Eri-chan えりちゃんに会いたい
1204 11-06 The Urashima Candy ウラシマキャンデー
1205 11-13 Painter Miso Carrot くろうみそアメ
1206 11-20 Emotimic ジーンマイク Nobita uses the "Emotimic" gadget to create a heartful expression sentence.
1207 11-27 Ask the Stars お星様にお願い
1208 12-04 Nobita is unloved? のび太はニクメない?
1209 12-11 Helpman Appears ヘルプマン登場
1210 12-18 Memories of the Scarf スカーフの思い出
1211 12-25 Study with hypnosis! さいみん術で勉強を!


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1212 S 01-08 Exploring the Earth 地底の国探検
1213 01-15 Skiing in the Garden スキーははこ庭で
1214 01-22 Alladin's Lamp アラビンのランプ Nobita uses Aladdin's lamp to complete his work and wishes for 5 lakh rupees from Alladin. The Alladin gets out of control and threatens the people for money. But Doraemon captures Alladin in the lamp.
1215 01-29 Boygirl オトコンナ
1216 01-29 Leave it to the Antenna アンテナにおまかせ
1217 02-05 Unlucky Diamond アンラッキー・ダイヤ As Nobita faces unfortunate accidents, Doraemon uses the unlucky diamond to transfer Nobita's bad luck to someone else.
1218 02-05 Guiding Machine みちび機
1219 02-12 Insect of the Sage 仙人の虫
1220 02-12 Nobita, The Snail?! らくがきでしかえし
1221 02-19 Reversal Spray 逆転スプレー
1222 02-19 Gratitude Halo アリガターヤ
1223 02-26 Reaction Testing Robit 反応テスト・ロボット
1224 02-26 Tomorrow Selection Machine 明日せんたく機
1225 03-05 Amusement Sticker あまえんぼシール
1226 03-05 Elevator Plate エレベータープレート
1227 03-12 Sneeze Timer ムシャクシャタイマー
1228 03-12 Any Call Microphone なんでも呼び出しマイク
1229 03-19 The Energy Effect Ointment 効果もり上げチール
1230 03-19 Shutter Chance Camera シャッターチャンスカメラ
1231 03-26 Life Rescue Plan 人生やりなおし計画 Nobita and Doraemon travel back to Nobita's kindergarten days so that Nobita can give a young Gian and Suneo their comeuppance and stop their bullying. However, this causes a younger Shizuka to hate him and now Nobita must make a decision between stopping Gian and Suneo's bullying or maintaining Shizuka's friendship.
1232 03-26 Crisp Light なりきりライト
1233 S 04-02 Featherplace 羽アリのゆくえ
1234 04-09 The Expulsion Machine かんどうき
1235 04-09 True Feeling Robot 本音ロボット Nobita is having problem regarding expressing his true feeling, so Doraemon bring out a gadget to help. However, Nobita's true feeling is then put on test with Shizuka and Gian.
1236 04-16 Compulsory Exercise うんどうまんぞく
1237 04-16 Rental Receiver レンタルシーバー
1238 04-23 True Voice Signal 本音シグナル
1239 04-23 The Sleeper Game ねんころりん
1240 04-30 Family Exchanging Machine 家族とりかえ機 Tired with their moms usual antics, Nobita, Suneo, and Gian decide to switch family with each others with the help of Doraemon's gadget as they believe that the other families are better. However, they soon learn that perhaps all is not good as they had thought and that their own original families are the best one they all have.
1241 04-30 A Love Ice Box あいすボックス Nobita has to find a way to make Shizuka fall in love with him instantly, but some events turns out to a mishap when arriving at school.
1242 05-07 Dud Time Machine グッドタイムマシン
1243 05-07 Mellow in a Little Love 小さな恋にメロメロ
1244 05-14 Boomerang Origami ブーメラン折り紙
1245 05-14 ファンタ爺ヤ
1246 05-21 Tiger Cap タイガーキャップ
1247 05-21 Conviction Gun ツモリガン
1248 05-28 Sprout Light めだちライト
1249 05-28 Litmus life test paper リトマス人生試験紙
1250 06-04 4D Pouch 四次元ポーチ
1251 06-04 Famous flag 名物フラッグ
1252 06-11 Association Magnifying Glass 連想式推理虫メガネ
1253 06-11 The Fishing Pole that Disappeared かるがる釣りざお
1254 06-18 考える足
1255 06-18 TV Mediation テレビとりもち
1256 06-25 Invisibility Lacquer かたづけラッカー
1257 07-02 Video-Type Remote ビデオ式なんでもリモコン
1258 07-09 Handstand seal 逆立ちシール
1259 07-16 The Pitch-Black Pop Stars 人気スターがまっ黒け
1260 07-23 ボンサインセット
1261 07-30 Invisible wheels 見えない補助輪
1262 08-06 Last-Minute Cramming いちやづけ
1263 S 08-13 The Time machine owners! タイムマシンで飼い主を!
1264 08-27 Galactic tour bus 銀河観光バス
1265 09-03 Sports powder スポーツパウダー
1266 09-10 Balance Trainer バランストレーナー
1267 09-17 Time machine princess タイムマシンでおひめさま
1268 09-24 Aliens are coming 宇宙人がやってきた
1269 10-01 100 Angkor watts アンコール100ワット
1270 S 10-08 All Alone in the City of the Future 未来の町が危ない!!
1271 10-15 Wabisabi Mat わびさびゴザ
1272 10-22 Holographic Transformation Butter イス馬でハイドー
1273 10-29 Miniature Yacht ミニチュアヨット
1274 11-05 Dororon Ninja Set ドロロン忍者セット
1275 11-12 Softening Hoop 柔軟仕上げフープ
1276 11-19 Friend Robot お友だちロボット
1277 11-26 Facing the Gians ジャイアンズをぶっとばせ
1278 12-03 Early Response Postbox 返事先取りポスト
1279 12-10 Irresponsible Flying Object むせきにん飛行物体
1280 12-17 Baby Translation Machine 赤ちゃんほんやく機
1281 12-24 Match Seller Doraemon マッチ売りのドラえもん


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1282 S 01-07 Battle of the Plastic Models プラモ化大作戦
1283 01-14 Come Come Mirror ひきよせカガミ
1284 01-21 Video Letters are a Pain ビデオレターは大変だ
1285 01-28 ふんわりガス
1286 02-04 人間うつし
1287 02-11 Mind Changing Broth こころがわりブローチ When Gian and Suneo use Nobita as a scapegoat after breaking the glass of an angry swordsman, Doraemon gives Nobita the mind changing broth to change the swordsman's mind and make him get angry at Gian and Suneo instead. However, Shizuka gets exposed to the broth's affects as well which causes her to hate Nobita, much to his grief.
1288 02-18 正夢新聞 Doraemon gaves Nobita a gadget that products newpaper next day if the a person sleeps, if turns out to be gadget of a term of predicts future.
1289 02-25 勝手にタイム
1290 03-04 原始時代パーク
1291 03-11 Mini-Dora Rescue Team ミニドラ救助隊
1292 03-18 Super Glove スーパーてぶくろ
1293 03-25 怪盗キャットの素
1294 04-01 Thousand Needle Trout ハリ千本ノマス
1295 S 04-08 The Life Do-Over Machine 人生やりなおし機 Nobita decides to redo his life prior to Grade 1 once again, and it's up to Doraemon to convince Nobita to stay and improve himself from now on rather than changing what already happened.
1296 04-15 The Wallpaper Scenery Changer かべ景色きりかえ機
1297 04-22 アバタもエクボシール
1298 04-29 Gian is a Genius ジャイアンは天才少年 When Gian mysteriously gets a good grade in the class's exam, Nobita and Doraemon must find out whether or not Gian got it due to his own ability or by the help of external force.
1299 05-06 Cupid's Wings キューピッドの翼
1300 05-13 Apple of Snow White 白雪姫のリンゴ Nobita gives Shizuka a mysterious apple seed as compensation for tearing up her plant book. Doraemon later reveals that the apple seed produces the Snow White's Apple which will put the user to sleep until their prince kisses them. Nobita decides to spy on Shizuka so that he can kiss her when she eats the apple and falls asleep.
1301 05-20 Famous Guy Legend Card Pack デンキ紙芝居セット
1302 05-27 Soap Bubble Communication シャボン玉通信
1303 06-03 The Lazy Day ぐうたら感謝の日
1304 06-10 The Rising Small Hat 起き上がり小帽子
1305 06-17 The World is Full of Lies 世の中うそだらけ After being tricked by Gian, Nobita decides to no longer trust anyone and uses Doraemon's gadget for such purpose. However, the distrusting Nobita has become a real threat to everyone and himself, and it's Doraemon's duty to return Nobita back to who he once was.
1306 06-24 A Fan To Change One's Mind 変心うちわ
1307 07-01 雲のモッくん
1308 07-08 Gourmet Glass グルメグラス Tired of the school's lunch, Nobita decides to borrow a gadget from Doraemon to enjoy a gourmet class foods at school.
1309 07-15 おだてロボット
1310 07-22 はこにわフレーム
1311 07-29 Item Finding Dragonfly 探し物ペッタン Doraemon uses the Item Finding Dragonfly to find a ribbon that he wants to give to Mii-chan. Nobita then later uses the same gadget to help Shizuka out, but he unintentionally upsets her when he uses the gadget to complete the jigsaw puzzle that she's been working on.
1312 08-05 ねじ式台風
1313 S 08-12 動物パワーでサバイバル
1314 08-19 Cup of Spirits カップゆうれい
1315 08-26 Real Electric Game 本物電子ゲーム
1316 09-02 汗水流しタイ
1317 09-09 アレキサンダル
1318 09-16 強力うちわ風神
1319 09-23 通せんぼう
1320 S 09-30 Counter-growing Glasses 逆成長グラス
1321 10-07 ヨウジンボウ
1322 10-14 Who is Miss Hanako? 花子さんは誰だ?
1323 10-21 Pet-Mimicking Manjū ペットそっくりまんじゅう
1324 10-28 リクエスト小切手
1325 11-04 アットグングン
1326 11-11 Doll Stone ダルマストーン
1327 11-18 ごきげんアンテナ
1328 11-25 Lovey Dovey Umbrella あいあいガサ
1329 12-02 Message Fireworks 伝言花火
1330 12-09 Mom is a Primary School Student ママは小学五年生 Wanting to know what his mother used to be like, Nobita and Doraemon decide to travel to the past and meet Tamako when she was in the primary school.
1331 12-16 ムユウボウ
1332 12-23 サンタえんとつ


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1333 S 01-06 The Expected Lucky Money おたのしみお年玉ぶくろ
1334 01-13 Owner Seeking Machine もちぬし探査機
1335 01-20 能力コピー手袋
1336 01-27 プレゼントルーツ
1337 02-03 ま冬に花見?!
1338 02-10 ぬいぐるみカメラとクルーム
1339 02-17 Doctor Bag お医者さんカバン When Nobita supposedly falls sick, Doraemon uses the Doctor Bag gadget to cure him of his illness. Nobita later tries to use the gadget, which ran out of medicine, to "examine" an ill Shizuka but she finds out about his deception from Doraemon and beats up Nobita.
1340 02-24 いろいろ雲ボンベ
1341 03-03 あしあとチェックスプレー
1342 03-10 Hibernation Shelter 冬眠シェルター Doraemon gets angry with Nobita and enters a house.
1343 03-17 なるほどロボット
1344 03-24 Sky Trap とばしあな
1345 S 03-31 Nobita is a Dictator?! のび太は独裁者?! Nobita uses Doraemon's Dictator Switch gadget to get rid of Gian and Suneo, which causes everyone to not remember them. While suffering from a nightmare, he accidentally causes everyone to disappear with the gadget, including Doraemon. While Nobita enjoys his time alone at first, he starts to miss everyone and weeps for them. Doraemon then arrives and reveals that he gave the gadget to teach him a lesson about the importance of people.
1346 04-07 The Lying Machine うそつ機
1347 S 04-14 Good Mood Fan 気分スッキリかんきせん
1348 04-28 家がロボットになった
1349 05-05 The Talent Mushroom 才能キノコ
1350 05-12 無人探査ロケット
1351 05-19 スーパーダンごっこ
1352 05-26 お天気カード
1353 06-02 空間接着剤でピッタンコ
1354 06-09 Guard Medal ガードメダル
1355 06-16 Fairy Tale Goods おとぎ話グッズ
1356 06-23 Nobita's Timer のび太のタイマー
1357 06-30 みこみ予報機
1358 07-07 It's Tough To Be a Brother お兄ちゃんはつらいよ
1359 07-14 思い出しトンカチ
1360 07-21 衛星リフト
1361 07-28 広ーい宇宙で海水浴
1362 08-04 天気決定表
1363 S 08-11 Integrative Ghost つめあわせオバケ
1364 08-18 ペット電話相談室
1365 08-25 あやうし!タイガー仮面
1366 09-01 プラネタリウム式3D
1367 09-08 タイムぞうきん
1368 09-22 引っ越し地図で海水浴
1369 10-06 免エキスプレー
1370 10-13 Doing Anything I Please with the Magic Hand マジックハンドでお返しを!
1371 10-20 オールオーバー
1372 10-27 Secret Video こっそりビデオ When Suneo records a secret video of Nobita's embarrassing moments and shows it everyone, Nobita and Doraemon use the Secret Video to get revenge on him. They place a recorder on Suneo's cat ChiruChiru so that it can record Suneo's humiliating moment. However, Suneo is not the only one ChiruChiru ends up recording.
1373 11-03 Mama is a Werewolf!? ママはオオカミ男!? When Tamako accidentally applies Doraemon's werewolf cream and heads outside to meet an old acquaintance, Doraemon follows her to make sure she doesn't see any round objects and turn into a werewolf.
1374 11-10 The Body Pump 体ポンプ
1375 11-17 ひい木バッジ
1376 11-24 I Can't See Anything?! ボクが見えなくなった?!
1377 12-01 モンタージュバケツ
1378 12-08 ミニミニ衛星
1379 12-15 もしもホーン
1380 12-22 Esper Cap エスパーキャップ


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1381 S 01-05 The Flying Time Cloth とんだタイムふろしき
1382 01-12 あと戻りカレンダー
1383 01-19 流氷がやってきた!
1384 01-26 反対グローブ
1385 02-02 しもべステッカー
1386 02-09 イメージ変身クリーム
1387 S 02-16 Praising Light ホメールライト
1388 02-23 Difficult Switch 苦労スイッチ
1389 03-01 The annoyance after 7 years 7年後のなやみ
1390 03-08 ひびけ!ジャイアンの歌
1391 03-15 Hardship Counter シックハック
1392 03-22 おつかいバッグ
1393 S 03-29 エイプリルフール
1394 04-19 じしゃくベルト
1395 04-26 タッチグローブ
1396 05-03 Real Cap リアルキャップ
1397 05-10 Multi-Color Voice Candy 七色の声あめ
1398 04-17 おしゃべり切手
1399 05-24 パンドラのお化け
1400 05-31 勇気リンリン帽子
1401 06-07 人間モトクロス
1402 06-14 I am Nobiko わたし、のび子よ
1403 06-21 チルチルペンキ
1404 06-28 ハッスルネジ巻き
1405 07-05 ジャイ子に休日を
1406 07-12 のび太のお兄さん
1407 07-19 走れ!のび太
1408 07-26 ひとつぶ24時間
1409 08-02 Borrowing in the Shade かげ切りバサミ
1410 08-09 スーパーサラリーマン
1411 S 08-16 Human Puppet 人間マリオネット
1412 08-23 ウキウキプール
1413 08-30 持ち主を探せ!
1414 09-06 Gourmet Fork Set ぐるめフォークセット
1415 09-13 Dog Nobita Nobi のび犬のび太
1416 S 09-20 3-Minute Cup Noodle Travels 3分間カップ旅行
1417 10-11 My younger brother is Nobita 弟はのび太くん
1418 10-18 Mii-Chan Is Missing ミイちゃんが行方不明
1419 09-23 プライドクスグリン
1420 09-30 カードテレビ電話
1421 10-07 昼が夜で、夜が昼?
1422 10-14 Melody Spray メロディーおたま
1423 10-21 アニマルクリニック
1424 10-28 生き物交通標識
1425 12-06 重力ペンキスプレー
1426 12-13 Mini-Dora Great Escape ミニドラ大脱走
1427 12-20 未来へのメッセージ
1428 S 12-21 Santa Mail サンタメール


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1429 01-10 きせかえ作戦
1430 01-17 The Escape Helmet 危機一髪ヘルメット
1431 01-24 ミステリー・スゴロク
1432 01-31 The Bridge to Tomorrow 明日にかける橋
1433 02-07 チューシン倉
1434 02-14 雪だるまドラ太郎
1435 02-21 キー望ド
1436 S 02-28 ほしい人アロー
1437 03-07 マンモスが出たぞ!
1438 03-14 ナスカくん
1439 03-21 Mom Apron ママエプロン
1440 S 03-29 Sewashi-kun's Runaway セワシくんの家出
1441 04-04 ソノキニナール
1442 04-11 Nobita in the big league のび太は大リーガー
1443 04-25 The Human Locomotive 人間機関車
1444 05-02 キョーメイアンテナ
1445 S 05-09 Special Card スペシャルカード
1446 05-16 ノビータ
1447 05-23 元気ハツラツパック
1448 05-30 手相実現セット
1449 06-06 銀河観光馬車ツアー
1450 06-13 どこでもグラス
1451 06-20 Nobita Is One Inch Thick のび太は一寸法師
1452 05-26 ココロで話そう
1453 07-04 Trolling トロリン
1454 07-11 Surprise Makeover Cookie びっくり変身クッキー
1455 07-18 Lightning Strikes 落ちないカミナリ
1456 07-25 探し物釣りザオ
1457 08-01 Swimming Redo Plan 水泳やり直し計画
1458 08-08 The Balloon Shoes バルーンシューズ
1459 08-15 そこだけスポット
1460 08-22 Martial Battery 格闘家バッテリー
1461 08-29 Nobita's Comet のび太彗星
1462 09-05 アマイワト
1463 09-12 感動の名場面
1464 09-19 Please Card プリーズカード Doraemon takes out a "Please Card Camera" that will allow to send a message anywhere in the Past, Present and Future. Shizuka sends a Message card to her future self and Nobita was really curious. What is Shizuka's wish after sending the message card to her future self?
1465 09-26 何でもなる木セット
1466 S 10-04 宝星探査ロケット
1467 S 10-04 Nobita Becomes Suneo? のび太がスネ夫? Suneo wants to swap bodies with Nobita, So he can access Doraemon's Gadgets.
1468 10-17 とびだしライト
1469 10-24 コピーロボット
1470 10-31 Animation Spray アニメスプレー
1471 11-20 おもしろ特ダネビデオ
1472 10-27 The Nobita That Stopped Me ボクを止めるのび太
1473 11-03 声だけタイムマシン
1474 11-10 プラモが大脱走
1475 12-05 四次元キャッチャー
1476 12-12 キャンディでしつけよう
1477 12-19 夢幻プラネタリウム
1478 S 12-23 思いでボックス
1479 12-23 バクハツメイカー


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1480 01-09 Mini Parliament ミニミニ国会
1481 01-16 The Dance Party of the White Radishes だいこん ダンスパーティー
1482 01-23 Annual Pendant つきつきペンダント
1483 01-30 Transfer Map かきかえマップ
1484 02-06 Special Prize:Nobita Hot Springs 特賞!のび太温泉
1485 02-13 King Set 王様セット
1486 02-20 Rainbow Drop レインボードロップ
1487 03-13 Navi Cap ナビ・キャップ
1488 03-20 Adult Identity Card 大人をしかるIDカード
1489 04-03 The Crisis of Dorami in Jurassic ジュラ紀で ドラミが大ピンチ
1490 04-03 The New Fashion of Nobita のび太ニューファッション
1491 04-10 おしゃべりペットフード
1492 04-24 Permanent Dream 正夢まくら
1493 05-01 My Wish Caller 願いごと引きかえ機
1494 05-08 猛獣ペット化手ぶくろ
1495 05-15 自分だけ早回し時計
1496 05-22 Joking Microphone 冗談マイク
1497 05-29 サポーターチアホーン
1498 06-05 Angel's Ring 天使のリング
1499 06-12 マルネット
1500 06-19 ミカタスキ
1501 06-26 Two Dimensional Storage Camera 二次元収納カメラ
1502 07-03 Break time surfboard おてがるサーフボード
1503 07-10 The Memory Album 思い出体験アルバム
1504 07-17 A Garden in the Sky 空中ガーデン
1505 07-24 Private Beach Set お座敷海水浴セット
1506 07-31 Truth Mirror ホンネミラー
1507 08-07 Piggybank チョッキンバコ
1508 08-14 Nobita's Carriage のび太運送はいかが
1509 08-21 Before and After Diary あとさき日記
1510 08-28 Mister Moodup ミスター・ムードアップ
1511 09-11 Talkative Spray おしゃべりスプレー
1512 09-18 The Restoration Light 復元ライト
1513 09-25 友だちのワ投げ
1514 10-16 アンタガ主役バッジ
1515 10-23 Real Dictionary ほんもの辞典
1516 10-30 未来ままごとシート
1517 11-06 のび太は名探偵?!
1518 11-13 Mini-Dora and the Big Adventure ミニドラと大冒険
1519 11-20 正義のスネークロープ
1520 11-27 同情アンテナ
1521 12-04 ロデオサドル
1522 12-11 ななころびてんとう虫
1523 12-18 Santa Bag and Christmas サンタバッグで クリスマス


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1524 01-08 Sun Egg 太陽たまご
1525 01-15 水玉カプセルの旅
1526 01-22 発電王エネソン
1527 01-29 Bad Child Band!? 悪い子バンド!?
1528 02-05 VIP Creame VIPクリーム
1529 02-12 Jaiko's Valentine ジャイ子のバレンタイン
1530 02-19 イイト粉セッケン
1531 03-12 Kotodama コトダマ君
1532 03-19 さかさママワッペン
1533 03-26 ポンプ地下室で街をつくろう
1534 04-09 パニックアース
1535 04-23 やった木
1536 04-30 オールマイティ・チェア
1537 05-07 耳寄りネット
1538 05-14 Animal Pepper アニマル・ペッパー
1539 05-21 カニツメッター
1540 05-28 風ふきまわし機
1541 06-04 おかえし じしゃく
1542 06-11 Tiger's Tail Set トラの尾セット
1543 06-18 エイコーの花道
1544 06-25 忘れん棒
1545 07-02 The Rumor Bird of Wind 風のウワサ鳥
1546 07-09 The Word Game Transformation Candy しりとり 変身キャンディ
1547 07-16 Nobita's Little Brother is Konta!? のび太の弟コン太!?
1548 07-23 Balance Seesaw バランスシーソー
1549 07-30 Four Seasons Frog 四季カエル
1550 08-06 よーいどんピストル
1551 08-13 ヤドカリン
1552 08-20 Time Remote タイムリモコン
1553 08-27 たつまきラッパ
1554 09-03 Not Spray ないないスプレー
1555 09-10 The Seeking Hand さがし手 On his way to play baseball with Gian after school, he saw Shizuka looking for her missing brooch (A Birthday Gift from Dekisugi) on the vacant lot and said she lost it. Doraemon pulled out a gadget called, The Seeking Hand, which lets you find without and faulty by saying any name of a person, place, or thing. However, as soon as he found the brooch, played a bit of baseball from Gian and hits the ground too hard on his behind, he accidentally broke her brooch in half. Will he ever gonna tell the truth or keep it as a secret?
1556 09-17 Super Ultra Clay スーパー ウルトラねんど
1557 09-24 聞きミミ
1558 10-01 My Train Set マイ・トレインセット
1559 10-15 空想動物 サファリパークで大冒険
1560 10-22 Stop Towels ストップタオル
1561 10-29 もののけワッペン
1562 11-05 Ask the Egg タマゴにお願い
1563 11-12 Nobita’s 3 Years Old!? のび太3さい!?
1564 11-19 ウラヤマしい
1565 11-26 すずめのお宿はどこだ?
1566 12-03 Sewashi's Report セワシレポート
1567 12-10 いいこと ポイントカード
1568 12-17 Sucking Mosquito 蚊チューシャ
S 12-31 Doraemon's 30th Anniversary, 2000! Protect the Future Doraemon! Nobita vs Ant Legion ドラえもん誕生30周年 2000年だよ!ドラえもん 未来を守れ!のび太VSアリ軍団


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1569 01-14 Frog among them そのうちカエル
1570 01-21 Bat Cap こうもりキャップ
1571 01-28 Kicky キッキー
1572 02-04 Proverb Game ことわざゲーム
1573 02-11 ピンチヒッター・メガホン
1574 02-18 オモイコミミー
1575 03-03 Let's find Hina-sama! おひなさまを探そう!
1576 03-17 あげま賞
1577 S 03-24 Nobita's Escape From the Robot Court 走れのび太!ロボット裁判所
1578 04-14 Election Shoes センキョカー
1579 04-28 Starlight スターライト
1580 05-05 一日なんでも体験機
1581 05-12 誰でもまじんランプ
1582 05-19 のび太の青い鳥
1583 05-26 Exactly-the-Same Controller そっくりコントローラー
1584 06-02 ほんものカンヅメ
1585 06-09 みちびきジゾウ
1586 06-16 Happy ハッピー
1587 06-23 Iron Muscle Cream 鉄筋肉クリーム
1588 07-07 Teleportation Word Game しりとりテレポーテーション
1589 07-14 Pet Reply Bottle おへんじペットボトル
1590 07-21 Animal Power Belt アニマルパワーベルト
1591 07-28 Dream Boat 夢ボート
1592 08-04 Desire Mirror あこがれミラー Doraemon used a gadget called, "Desire Mirror" that allows you to change your own appearance when you look at the mirror. Nobita decided to change his appearance so he can impress Shizuka, but it doesn't go as planned for him due to the effects of the gadget.
1593 08-11 ポップおりがみ
1594 08-18 Let's Go Swimming 海水浴へ行こう
1595 08-25 The Tickling Insect くすぐりノミ
1596 S 09-01 Maho's Wish マホちゃんの願い
1597 09-08 Robot God of Fortune ロボット福の神
1598 09-15 Capricious Robot Car きまぐれロボカ
1599 S 10-13 Gian's Summer Vacation ジャイアンの夏休み
1600 10-20 Wish Granting Angel 聞きとどけエンゼル
1601 10-27 Bird Cap バードキャップ
1602 11-03 チャントシてちょう
1603 11-10 のび太がガキ大将?
1604 11-17 Twin Balloon ふたごふうせん
1605 11-24 デカボン
1606 12-01 Cotton Candy Cloud Making Machine ワタアメ式雲製造機
1607 12-08 探検ズボン
1608 12-15 Mom's Rock Cave ママの岩戸


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1609 01-12 The Tracking Dog ついせきポチ
1610 01-19 Virtual Game Board バーチャルゲームボード
1611 01-26 Nobiko's Appearance! のび子登場!
1612 02-02 Magic Baby Elephant ほんものだゾウ
1613 02-09 Transformation Bubble Gum へんしん風船ガム
S30 02-16 Early Spring Doraemon Special
Doraemon: A Grandmother's Recollections
早春 ドラえもん スペシャル
1614 02-23 Snow Savior Gloves お助けスノー手袋
1615 03-02 The Mother Net ママネット
1616 03-16 The Collection Camera トジカメ
1617 S 03-23 Go to Dandelion Sky タンポポ空を行く
1618 04-13 Champion Belt ちゃんぽんベルト
1619 04-27 The Promise Ring 約束リング
1620 05-04 Please, King Gaman! お願い!ガマン大王
1621 05-11 Motion Game 盗塁ゲーム
1622 05-18 First Place Radar 一等賞レーダー
1623 05-25 Transmission Box 伝書バコ
1624 06-01 The Jack Beans ジャック豆
1625 06-08 Switching Remote 入れ替えライト
1626 06-15 Look-Alike Robot Kit そっくりロボットキット
1627 06-22 Speed Up Clock スピードアップ時計
1628 06-29 Human Weather Forecaster 人間天気予報
1629 07-06 Clone Hammer 分身におまかせ
1630 07-13 Time Camera タイムカメラ
1631 08-03 Chunta チュン太
1632 08-10 Switching Ring 入れかわリング
1633 08-17 Linear Motor Choke リニアモーターチョーク
1634 08-24 Seigfried ジークフリート
1635 08-31 Dombra Cream ドンブラクリーム
1636 09-07 Tickling Gloves コチョコチョ手袋
1637 09-14 Change of Mind Fan 忘れうちわ
1638 09-21 Angel Trumpet 天使のラッパ
1639 S 10-06 Nobita's Ancestors のび太のご先祖さ
1640 10-12 The Dream Code ユメコーダー
1641 10-19 A Ultra Stopwatch ウルトラストップウォッチ
1642 10-26 Super Catch Ball スーパーキャッチボール
1643 11-02 Fear Creation Machine 苦手を作っちゃえ!
1644 11-09 Pass Cap 通り抜けキャップ
1645 11-16 The Happy Walking Road ウキウキクヨクヨ
1646 11-23 Unlucky Nobita のび太はアンラッキー Fed with his unlucky streak, Doraemon brings out a "Lucky Ball" gadget that allows you to increase with lucky chances. However, the Lucky Ball looks like a pistol and Doraemon said that the pistol is randomly pick with Red or Black. Will Nobita ever try out the gadget before he gets unlucky again?
1647 11-30 Do Your Best! Uranari-kun ガンバレうらなりくん
1648 12-07 Pokari = 100 Yen ぽかり=100円
1649 12-14 Air Pistol 空気ピストル


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EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1650 01-11 The Bungee Catapult バンジーカタパルト
1651 01-18 Nobita's Declaration of Independence のび太 独立宣言
1652 01-25 The Elastic House 家がクニャクニャ!!
1653 02-01 Who's The Lucky One? どっちがラッキー?
1654 02-08 Vocational Test Card 職業テストカード
1655 02-22 Time Bank タイムバンク
1656 03-01 Big Pinch, Shizuka-chan! しずかちゃん、大ピンチ! When Shizuka accidentally swallows a candy which was a prize for a trip to Switzerland, she asks Nobita and Doraemon to help her out. Using a submarine, Nobita and Doraemon travel inside Shizuka's stomach to take the candy out
1657 03-15 Cleaning Machine Super Car そうじ機スーパーカー
1658 03-22 The Genius Egg 天才エッグ
1659 S 03-30 Fourth Dimensional Bag 謎の四次元カバン
1660 04-19 Sketch Back スケッチバック
1661 04-26 Suneo's Romance スネ夫のロマンス Suneo ends up meeting Luna an actress that he has a crush on. Using Doraemon's Jelly Translator, Suneo takes Luna to Mt Fuji while escaping her bodyguards who are pursuing them.
1662 05-03 The Tanuki Machine タヌ機で化かそう
1663 05-10 Vacuum Mosquito バキューム蚊
1664 05-17 Gian is Married!? ジャイアンが結婚!?
1665 05-24 Mini-Dora Help Squat Out! ミニドラ助け隊出動!
1666 05-31 The Second Location ニヒキメドジョウ
1667 06-07 Dorami's Happy House ドラミのハッピーハウス Nobita wants to invite Shizuka over to his house, but she ends up accepting Suneo's invitation first whereas Gian decides to go to Nobita's house to sing his song to him. Doraemon and Nobita then use the Surprise House gadget in an attempt to scare Gian away, however Shizuka ends up arriving first due to Dorami's intervention and becomes the victim instead. To appease Shizuka, Dorami brings out her Super Deluxe Happy House gadget which turns Nobita's room into a fairy tale land. However, Gian arrives and starts to sing his song.
1668 06-14 Dorami's Sibling's Pack ドラミの兄妹ゲンカ
1669 06-21 Dorami's Secret!? ドラミのヒミツ!?
1670 06-28 Omamori-Kun オマモリクン
1671 07-05 Anyone Can Try Out The Machine だれでも体験機
1672 07-19 Kingdom Extract 王国エキス
1673 S 07-26 Exercise Memory Jersey 運動記憶ジャージ
1674 08-02 Map Reading Machine 地図世界入りこみ機
1675 08-09 Space Eater スペースイーター Nobita's manga gets swiped by Gian and Tamako scolds him for hiding his test paper. Fed up with this, he asks Doraemon to give him a gadget that will create secret passageways so that he can take revenge and hide in his room. However, he misuses the gadget and troubles Tamako, Gian, Suneo, and Shizuka (accidentally), unaware that they too can enter the passageway if they find it. They enter Nobita's room through the passageways he made and punish him for his mischief.
1676 08-16 Heart Refreshment Sheet ハートすっきりシート
1677 08-23 A Rumor Without Root 根も葉もあるウワサ When Gian and Suneo spread a rumor that Nobita is taking the school carrots to feed Doraemon, both him and Nobita use the Rumor Without Root gadget to take revenge on them. However, Shizuka still believes the rumor that Gian and Suneo spreaded, and Nobita accidentally misuses the gadget to make it such that he's friend to all animals causing all of them to invade his house.
1678 08-30 Cutting Down Dorami Edo ドラミ江戸を斬る
1679 09-06 Swimming Competition At The High Pump ハイポンプで水泳大会
1680 09-13 Super Voiceover スーパーウグイス嬢
1681 09-20 Mini-Dora's UFO Campaign ミニドラUFO大作戦
1682 10-04 The Mini-Dora Rental ミニドラレンタル中
1683 S 10-05 Let's Make Dad's Dream Come True! パパの夢をかなえよう!
1684 10-18 Mini Doras and Mr. Cat Paws ミニドラと猫の手
1685 10-25 I Have a Rival! ボクのライバル!
1686 11-01 Finding the Monthly Rabbits 月のウサギを探そう
1687 11-08 The Shocking Star ドッキリ流れ星
1688 11-15 Deciding Skill Suit 決め技スーツ
1689 11-22 Shizuka's Spy Strategy しずかのスパイ大作戦 A rich girl is kidnapped by a group of mysterious people, and it's up to Shizuka and the gang to save the day.
1690 11-29 Prophet Gian 予言者ジャイアン
1691 12-06 The Generator of Great Performances メー演機
1692 12-13 Roller Coaster Ride To School ジェットコースターで学校へ Fed up with the unlucky streak from Nobita, Doraemon brings out a gadget that allows him to ride a Roller Coaster to school. Even though he also brought Shizuka with him, Gian and Suneo saw everything and proceeds to foil Nobita's plan (yet again). However, things go crazy when Nobita including his friends rides the Roller Coaster too.
1693 12-20 The Flattering Power Microphone おだてパワーメガホン
1694 S 12-31 All the Way From the Country of the Future 未来の国からはるばると While Nobita relaxes in his room, he hears a voice. Just then, Doraemon pops out from the drawer and tells him about his future. Sewashi enters and introduces Doraemon as a robot from the 22nd century who has come to help Nobita. Doraemon shows Nobita his gadgets and promises to help him whenever required.


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EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1695 01-17 The Premier Seal プレミアシール
1696 01-24 Screw Wrapped Travel Note ねじ巻き旅行記
1697 01-31 Full of Nobita のび太がいっぱい
1698 02-07 Security Camber 保安カンバッジ
1699 02-14 Various Glasses いろいろメガネ
1700 02-28 The Grabber コノユビトマレ
1701 03-14 Love Connection Bee 縁むすビー
1702 03-21 Voice Over Mic フキカエマイク
1703 04-04 Sticker of Fear コワッペン
1704 S 04-05 Dorami Appeared! Nobita's Submarine Adventure ドラミちゃん登場! のび太の海底大冒険
1705 04-11 Micro Flash ミクロフラッシュ
1706 04-18 Nobita and Ushiwakamaru のび太と牛若丸
1707 04-25 Boomerang Spray ブーメランスプレー
1708 05-02 Counseling Note カウンセリングノート
1709 05-09 Creature Protection Light 生き物保護ライト
1710 05-16 Random Disk おまかせディスク
1711 05-23 The Replacement Mirror いれかえミラー Nobita as usual becomes greedy and runs off with it while using the Replacement Mirror., causing a lot of trouble for many people, including Gian, Suneo, and his teacher. So Doraemon teamed up with everyone to put an end on Nobita's tricks.
1712 05-30 The Weather Exchange Map お天気コーカン地図
1713 06-06 The Toy Town おもちゃタウン
1714 06-13 Head Hunting ヘッドハンチング
1715 06-20 Laugh-Out-Loud pepper 爆笑コショウ
1716 06-27 Robotic Balloon ふうせんロボキット
1717 07-04 Jutan and GO! ジュータンでGO
1718 07-11 Weight-Absorbing Dropper 重さ吸いとりスポイト
1719 07-18 Four-Dimensional Elevator 四次元エレベーター
1720 07-25 Let's Cut Down The Ocean 海を切りとろう
1721 08-01 Sleeping Herb 爆睡ハーブ
1722 08-08 Lightning Rod かみなりステッキ
1723 08-15 Mobile Family ケータイ家族
1724 08-22 Memory Digging Video 記憶掘りだしビデオ
1725 S 08-29 Selfish Watch わがまま時計
1726 09-05 Cloud Fishing 雲つりざお
1727 09-12 The Shadow Warrior かげムシャ
1728 09-19 Absorption Paper 取りこみペーパー
1729 S 10-04 Tour Robot ツアーロボット
1730 10-10 Ghost-Water Straw ゆうれいストロー
1731 10-17 Mane net マネオネット
1732 10-24 Attractor Magnet 吸いよせ磁石
1733 10-31 Leave It All to Dorami ドラミにおまかせ When Dorami argues with Sewashi over the design of his drone, she leaves for Nobita's time to spend time with him.
1734 11-07 A Stitch In Time Saves The Day ころばぬ先の杖
1735 11-14 Promise Patch 公約コーヤク
1736 11-21 Portable Pyramid ポータブル ピラミッド
1737 11-28 Necropsy Tools Grand Prize Winner ひみつ道具大募集優秀賞作品 物知~る
1738 12-05 Reconciliation Bell ナカナオリン
1739 12-12 Mini-Dora is the Source of the Cold ミニドラはカゼの素


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EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Plot
1740 01-09 Secret Gadgets Grand Prize Winner ひみつ道具大募集優秀賞作品 つるのどんでん返し
1741 01-16 Vacuum Elephant バキュームゾウ
1742 01-23 Real Experience TV 実体験テレビ
1743 01-30 Necromancy Tools Grand Prize winner: Ants and Grasshopper Badge ひみつ道具大募集優秀賞作品 アリとキリギリスバッチ
1744 02-06 Mini-Dora and the Hot Spring Eggs ミニドラと温泉エッグ Doraemon are on vacation along with a cat while Mini-Doras gave Nobita a egg gadgets that summons the Hot Springs.
1745 02-13 Favorite Room Catalog お好みルームカタログ
1746 02-27 The Motion Controller アヤトリックス
1747 03-12 Best Secret Tools Grand Prize Winner ひみつ道具大募集優秀賞作品 まんざいし
1748 03-19 Go! Patrol Party 行け!パトルール隊
1749 03-26 Pet Whistle ペットホイッスル
1750 S 04-02 Rubber-Cam-Cande ゴム・カム・カンデー
1751 04-16 Shortcutter ショートカッター
1752 04-23 Multi-Color Transformation Beads 七色変化だま
1753 04-30 Yam Brand ブランドいも
1754 05-07 The Handkerchief of The Will 決心ハチマキ
1755 05-14 Lucky Color Bar ラッキーカラー棒
1756 05-21 Sea God Poseidon Set 海神ポセイドンセット
1757 05-28 Eggplant Bonus ぼーナス
1758 06-04 The Transparency 透けるトン
1759 06-11 Soap Bubble ショボン玉
1760 06-18 Image Navigation Kit イメージナビキット Gian becomes miserable after losing his important belonging and both Nobita and Suneo are intrigued in finding out what it is.
1761 06-25 Slapstick Tooth Decay Fugitive Symbol ドタバタ虫歯逃亡記
1762 07-02 The Cloud Clears あらいぐも
1763 07-16 Kappa's Disk カッパのおさら
1764 07-23 Mammoth Watching マンモスウォッチング
1765 08-06 Detective Nobita!! 名探偵のび太!!
1766 08-13 Nobita's runaway from Home のび太の家出
1767 08-27 Courage Hundred-fold Fan 勇気百倍うちわ
1768 09-03 Makeover Insect Suit 昆虫変身スーツ
1769 09-10 The Anticipating Capsule さきどりカプセル
1770 09-17 The Two Shizuka-chan 二人のしずかちゃん Nobita uses Doraemon's cloning gadget to make a clone of himself so that he could shop for clothes with Shizuka while the clone and Doraemon go to Suneo's house to play with him and Gian. To make the choice of clothes easier, Shizuka uses the gadget to create a clone of herself, but the clone becomes possessive and after a scuffle, the gadget ends up in Nobita's hands. Now Nobita needs to find out who the real Shizuka is by asking a question only she can answer.
1771 09-24 The Samurai Topknot サムライちょんまげ Nobita wants to experience living in the world of ancient Japan, so Doraemon gives him a gadget to make his wish comes true.
1772 S 10-01 Goodbye to You ためしにさようなら Feeling jealous of Shizuka showing feelings for a friend transferring, Nobita uses the What-If Phone Booth to make it such that his family are transferring to America. But when his friends - especially Shizuka- express their grief for him leaving, Nobita realizes his mistake and tries to use the Booth to undo the incident. However, the machine breaks leaving Doraemon to find a way to fix it before he and Nobita's family move to America for good.
1773 11-26 All You Have to Do is Eat a Gourmet Table! グルメテーブルかけで食べ放題!!
1774 12-03 X-Ray Stickers 透視シール When Nobita uses an X-Ray Sticker on Dekisugi's notebooks to copy his homework, he accidentally views an exchange diary between him and Shizuka where they both criticize Nobita's dependency on Shizuka. Infuriated, Nobita writes some insulting things on the monitor which end up showing on the actual notebook and now he has to find a way to erase the text before Shizuka and Dekisugi find out what he did.
1775 12-10 Mini-Doras on the Scoop!? ミニドラでスクープ!?
1776 12-17 Nobita and Nobio のび太とのび夫
1777 S 12-18 The Banner of Truth 真実の旗印 Nobita gets misblamed by Kaminari for drawing on the walls of his house after picking up a chalk on the ground and comes late as a result, causing Sensei to punish him. After hearing Nobita's woes, Doraemon gives him the banner of truth which will make a person believe what the one holding it is saying. Nobita uses the banner to cause some mischief.


EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name Manga Source Plot
1778 01-07 Teacher's Worst Day! 先生サイアクの一日! 23巻
1779 01-14 Nobita's Buried Treasure のび太の埋蔵金 -
1780 01-21 A Love Letter that is too good できすぎラブレター - Doraemon helps Nobita writes a thank you letter to his uncle for the encyclopedia set with his "Letter Writing Pen". Later, after deciding to write a love letter to Shizuka, it's up to Nobita to stop Suneo and Gian from delivering it to Shizuka herself with the help of Dekisugi before Shizuka ends up hating Nobita for good.
Note: This episode is a remake of Episode 408:Letter Writing Pen.
1781 01-28 The Proposal from 13 years ago 13年目のプロポーズ 1巻 Tamako and Nobisuke are having dinner for the 13th anniversary of their proposal day. Trouble is brought upon the Nobi family when the problem of who-proposed-who comes up, and it's now up to Doraemon and Nobita to figure out the truth before it's too late.
1782 02-04 Gorgeous Light ゴージャスライト -
1783 02-18 Nobita's Rocket to Space! のび太ロケット銀河へ! - The gang decides to go on a space adventure.
1784 02-25 Doraemon is Suneo's!? ドラえもんは スネ夫のモノ!? 3巻 Suneo concocts a plan to make Doraemon under his control.
1785 03-04 Magical Girl Shizu-chan 魔法使いしずかちゃん 26巻
1786 03-11 45 Years Later... 45年後・・・ +5巻 Nobita is visited by himself from 45 years later who wants to re-experience the life of his 10 years old self.
1787 03-18 Doraemon Takes a Day Off!! ドラえもんに休日を?! 35巻 Nobita is determined to have Doraemon enjoys his one day break with Mii-chan without bothering him.

Doraemon Masterpiece Theater[]

Doraemon Masterpiece Theater consists of short segments that aired during the early episodes of the series in 1993. They are parodies of notable fables, fairy tales and Japanese folklore, and stars the main characters: Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo.

EP# Air Date Episode Name Japanese Name
1 04-09 Cinderella シンデレラ
2 04-16 The Crab and the Monkey さるかに かっせん
3 04-23 Jack and the Beanstalk ジャックと 豆の木
4 04-30 Momotaro ももたろう
5 05-07 The Golden Axe きんのおの
6 05-14 The Three Little Pigs 3びきのこぶた
7 05-21 The Little Match Girl マッチ売りの 少女
8 05-28 The One Inch Boy 一寸法师
9 06-04 Snow White 白雪姫
10 06-11 Hansel and Gretel ヘンゼル と グレーテル
11 06-18 Sleeping Beauty ねむり姫
12 06-25 The Elves and the Shoemaker ふしぎな くつや
13 07-02 Crane's Return of a Favor つるの おんがえし
14 07-09 Princess Kaguya かぐや姫
15 07-16 The Fox and the Crane きつね と つる
16 07-23 The Ant and the Grasshopper ありと きりぎりす
17 07-30 Monk Ikkyu 一休さん
18 08-06 Tongue-Cut Sparrow 舌切り雀
19 08-27 Belling the Cat ねずみの そうだん
20 09-03 The Little Mermaid 人鱼姫
21 09-10 Aladdin's Lamp アラジンと 魔法のランプ
22 09-17 Fire-Crackle Mountain カチカチ山
23 09-24 Yamata no Orochi やまたの おろち
24 10-01 Urashima Taro うらしまたろう