This is a list of episodes from the American adaptation/dub/version of Doraemon (2005 anime) that aired on Disney XD U.S.. It premiered on the network on July 7, 2014 and ended on September 1, 2015.

Early episode guides stated that episode 51 (season 2/episode 25) of the dub series would be "Adventures in Candy Land." This episode was not aired in the U.S., possibly due to concerns from Disney-ABC Television Group about it encouraging children to overindulge in sweets.


Season 1 (2014)

Air Date U.S.
Episode Title Translation of Japanese Title Japanese Title
July 7, 2014 1a 44 All the Way From the Future World All the Way From the Country of the Future 未来の国からはるばると
July 7, 2014 1b 273 The Mecha-Maker
The Mecha Maker
Mecha Manufacturer メカ・メーカー
July 8, 2014 2a 223a Transformade Makeover, Makeover, Also Makeover 変身、変身、また変身
July 8, 2014 2b 255b Battle of the Dueling Nobys! The Nobita that Stopped Me ぼくを止めるのび太
July 9, 2014 3a 278b Memory Bread Memorization Bread for Tests テストにアンキパン
July 9, 2014 3b 250a Lost-and-Found Fishing Pond The Fishing Pond for Things You Dropped 落とし物つりぼり
July 10, 2014 4a 322a Noby, The Great Illusionist Phantom Thief Nobita Calling On! 怪盗のび太参上!
July 10, 2014 4b 216a My Best Friend Doraemon I, Honekawa Doraemon ぼく、骨川ドラえもん
July 11, 2014 5a 311b The Not So Lucky, Lucky Cards! The Fearsome Happiness Cards しあわせトランプの恐怖
July 11, 2014 5b 283a Big G: Master Chef
Big G: Master Chef!
Gian Stew ジャイアンシチュー
July 14, 2014 6a 247a The Woodcutter's Pond The Woodcutter's Spring きこりの泉
July 14, 2014 6b 73b My Pet Rock The Cute Rock Story かわいい石ころの話
July 15, 2014 7 291 Doraemon's Time Capsule Doraemon's 100 Year Time Capsule ドラえもんの100年タイムカプセル
July 16, 2014 8a 272 Machine Copy Machine! The Mechanizing Machine 機械化機
July 16, 2014 8b 259a My Own Golden Cloud Riding a Cloud to School 雲にのって学校へ
July 17, 2014 9a 216b Vacuum Cleaner Super Car Going for a Vacuum Cleaner Drive ドライブは掃除機にのって
July 17, 2014 9b 264a Dad's Day Off The Lying Beak ソノウソホント
July 18, 2014 10a 221a Invasion of the Body Swappers! Swapping Bodies with Everyone みんなで体をとりかえっこ
July 18, 2014 10b 334b Livin' the Dream The Dream Director's Chair ユメかんとくいす
July 21, 2014 11a 153b Escape from Score Zero
Escape from Score Zero!
I Don't Want a Zero! のび太の0点脱出作戦
July 21, 2014 11b 101b Go to the Doctor, Doraemon!
Go to the Doctor, Doraemon
Doraemon is Really Sick? ドラえもんが重病に?
July 22, 2014 12a 268a The Skyhorse! Run, Machine- Horse 走れ!ウマタケ
July 22, 2014 12b 279a Action Quiz!
Action Quiz
The Around the World Quiz クイズは地球をめぐる
July 23, 2014 13a 187a A-maze-ing House
A-maze-ing Residence
The Nobi House Turns Into a Giant Maze!? 野比家が巨大迷路に!?
July 23, 2014 13b 331b Worst Birthday Ever
Sue's Worst Birthday Ever
Shizuka-chan's Worst Birthday Ever しずかちゃんの最悪な誕生日
July 24, 2014 14a 310b Sequence Spray The Continuation Spray つづきスプレー
July 24, 2014 14b 172b The Connection Cap
Topknot Friend Connector
My Friend, the Topknot 友だちになってチョンマゲ
July 28, 2014 15a 194a Black Hole, White Hole A Black Hole in Nobita's Town のび太の町にブラックホール
July 28, 2014 15b 38a Surfin' the Dream Channels The Dream Channel ゆめのチャンネル
July 29, 2014 16a 242a Doraemon, Squared Doraemon, Squared 四角いドラえもん
July 29, 2014 16b 39b Dinosaur Alert!
Dinosaur Alert
A Dinosaur is Here!? 恐竜が出た!?
July 30, 2014 17a 299a Instant Delivery Magic! The Lost-Item Delivery Machine 忘れ物おくりとどけ機
July 30, 2014 17b 269a The Genie-less Magic Lamp
Genie-less Magic Lamp
The Magic Lamp without a Genie まじんのいない魔法のランプ
August 18, 2014 18a 37a The Evo-Devo Beam
Evo-Devo Beam
The Progression-Regression Beam 進化退化ビーム
August 18, 2014 18b 53b The Action Planner Scheduler Clock スケジュールどけい
August 19, 2014 19 156 Experimental Dream Schemes Nobita's Dream Story のび太の夢物語
August 20, 2014 20a 225b Noby's Turn at Bat Transform with the Dracula Set! 変身!ドラキュラセット
August 20, 2014 20b 97a The House of Forced Fitness The Forceful Athletic House むりやりアスレチックハウス
August 21, 2014 21a 309a Werewolf Cream Wolf-Man Cream おおかみ男クリーム
August 21, 2014 21b 341a Monsters in the House The Summer Vacation I Lived with Monsters オバケと暮らした夏休み
August 25, 2014 22a 42b King of the Caveman I'll Be the King of the Stone Age 石器時代の王さまに
August 25, 2014 22b 14a The Moodmaker Orchestra
Moodmaker Orchestra
The Debut of the Mood-Changing Orchestra! ムードもりあげ楽団登場!
August 26, 2014 23a 5a Time Kerchief The Time Cloth タイムふろしき
August 26, 2014 23b 67b A Good Deed in a Weary World
Shizuka's Show of Support
God Robot Extends His Hand of Love! 神さまロボットに愛の手を
August 27, 2014 24a 38b Makin' Tracks
Dino Tracks
Dinosaur Footprints Discovered 恐竜の足あと発見
August 27, 2014 24b 144a Noby the Robot Nobi-Robo Comes in Handy のびロボは役立たず
August 28, 2014 25a 66b U.F.Yo! The Strange Encounter Machine 未知とのそうぐう機
August 28, 2014 25b 178b What Day is Today? Winter Comes on a Midsummer's Day 真夏に冬がやってきた
August 29, 2014 26 163 A Visitor From the Future A Visitor from the Country of the Future 未来世界の怪人

Season 2 (2015)

Air Date U.S.
Episode Title Translation of Japanese Title Japanese Title
June 15, 2015 27a 11b Calm Down, Big G! Now-Now Stick まあまあ棒
June 15, 2015 27b 6b Hello Martians Hello, Alien ハロー宇宙人
June 16, 2015 28a 127b Attaboy, Noby! Say 'Nobita is smart!' Again のび太はエライ!をもう一度
June 16, 2015 28b 183a Treasure Huntin' Pork Chop
Muku the Mutt
Muku, the Bad Dog ダメ犬、ムク
June 17, 2015 29a 189a Erase Your Face  Becoming Faceless with an Eraser 消しゴムでのっぺらぼう
June 17, 2015 29b 240a Doraemon, Doraemon, Everywhere Doraemon Everywhere ドラえもんだらけ
June 18, 2015 30 133 Doraemon and the Space Shooters Star Wars of the Star Festival 七夕の宇宙戦争
June 19, 2015 31a 376b Guiding Angel The Guidance Angel ミチビキエンゼル
June 19, 2015 31b 91b Big G's Pizza of Terror The Horror of Gian's Birthday 恐怖のジャイアンピザ
June 22, 2015 32 191 Invasion of the Goat Aliens Follow That Alien! 宇宙人を追いかえせ!
June 23, 2015 33a 247b Animal Transformation Crackers The Transformation Biscuits 変身ビスケット
June 23, 2015 33b 366a Deluxified The Deluxe Light デラックスライト
June 24, 2015 34a 319a Feeling Crabby
Blue Crab on the Run
I Want to Eat Crab! カニ食べたい!
June 24, 2015 34b 302b Rock Your World Record World Rock-ord 世界記ロック
June 29, 2015 35a 345a Noby Goes Off the Rails  The Human Locomotive にんげん機関車
June 29, 2015 35b 335a The UnNoby The Opposite World Mirror あべこべ世界ミラー
June 30, 2015 36a 318b Elementary, My Dear Doraemon  The Birth of Detective Nobita! 誕生!名探偵のび太
June 30, 2015 36b 379a Kernels of Wrath Anger Popcorn 怒りのポップコーン
July 1, 2015 37a 384a Attack of the Clones Clone Kid Goku クローンリキッドごくう
July 1, 2015 37b 292b Hole Away From Home The Apartment Tree アパートの木
July 6, 2015 38a 300a Bug Hero Fix A Buggy Hero Arrives! 参上!ムシムシヒーロー!!
July 6, 2015 38b 107b Snowkid on the Block
Snowman in Town
The Snowman's Part-time Job 雪男のアルバイト
July 7, 2015 39a 15a Blowback Bobby The Knock-Down Hitman ころばし屋
July 7, 2015 39b 383a When the Last Leaf Falls Fallen Leaves and Jaiko 落ち葉とジャイ子
July 8, 2015 40a 347b Gorgon's Spell The Head of the Gorgon ゴルゴンの首
July 8, 2015 40b 320b Snow Melt The Snow's Hot, Hot, Hot! 雪でアッチッチ
July 14, 2015 41a 79a It's the End of the World As We Know It The Worldwide Flood 世界沈没
July 14, 2015 41b 95a The Horizon Line
The Horizon Tape
The Horizon in Nobita's Room のび太の部屋の地平線
July 15, 2015 42 266 The Galaxy Grand-Prix Move Fast, Doraemon! The Galactic Grandprix 走れドラえもん!銀河グランプリ
July 20, 2015 43a 357a See You Go Round Revolving Sushi of People I Wanna See 会いたいヒト回転寿司
July 20, 2015 43b 12b The Puppet Master's Camera The Cursing Camera のろいのカメラ
August 13, 2015 44a 198 SuperBaby Panic Mass Panic! It's Super Baby 大パニック!スーパー赤ちゃん
August 13, 2015 44b 105 A Hurricane is a Boy's Best Friend Fuko, The Typhoon 台風のフー子
August 14, 2015 45 136 I Saw A Ghost! But, I Saw A Ghost! しかしユーレイはでた!
August 18, 2015 46a 90 G-Tastic G to the Rescue Super Gian, Hero of Justice 正義のヒーロー スーパージャイアン
August 18, 2015 46b 47a Noby's Tough to Stomach Even in the Stomach, in the Acid たとえ胃の中、水の中
August 19, 2015 47a 271a Rub-a-Dub-Dub, See the World from a Tub!
Super Mobile Hot Tub
The Super Mobile Bathtub 1010 スーパー移動風呂1010
August 19, 2015 47b 275a Big Boys Do Cry
Let's Go Noby!
Giant Suneo Appears! 巨大スネ夫あらわる!
August 20, 2015 48a 19b What's on the Robo-Catwalk? Dress Up Camera きせかえカメラ
August 20, 2015 48b 336a The Greatest Little Town in the World Moving with the Moving Map ひっこし地図でおひっこし
August 25, 2015 49 154a Noby's Home is His Castle
Mystery of the Haunted Castle
Moving to a Haunted Castle ゆうれい城へひっこし
August 27, 2015 50 110a A Little Adventure
Small, but Big Adventure of Noby
Nobita's Small, Small Great Adventure のび太の小さな小さな大冒険
August 28, 2015 51a 159b Noby! Noby! He's Our Man! Summoning in Victory With the Cheerleader Gloves 勝利をよぶチアリーダーてぶくろ
August 28, 2015 51b 326a Gone with the Sneeze The Explosion Pepper ばくはつコショウ
September 1, 2015 52a 231 Let Cat's Cradle Rule the World
The World on a String
I'll Be the King of String Finger World あやとり世界の王様に
September 1, 2015 52b 297a Big G's Big Show
Singer or Big G?
I'll Become a Singer By Eating Candy キャンディーなめて歌手になろう
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