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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Mama Becomes a Student is an episode from the 2005 anime series.


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Nobita's mom Tamako finds a receipt with an expensive amount in Nobita's trashcan when she is finding his test 0 marks papers. Nobita runs out from his house holding a box. While Tamako was looking for Nobita, one of Doraemon's Gadget "Time Furoshki" blows onto her face, turning her young as a kid again. She goes out to find Nobita. Meanwhile, Nobita sees his friends Suneo and Gian who exchanges boxes with him. Nobita's mom, seeing him holding the box, thinks the money is there. However, she gets surprised when the box contains bugs that was planned to scare Nobita. She runs up a pole. Later, she introduces herself as Nobita's cousin under the guise of "Tamae". Nobita remembers the box he was holding earlier, sees Suneo who says he returned the box to his house. Doraemon thinks that Nobita's mother doesn't come back. Nobita tries to hide it while Tamae gives tips on where to hide it. While hiding it, a packet containing money falls, and he thinks maybe his mom would keep it there. Nobita goes to Shizuka's house, but she's not there and reads the comic at outside. Nobita's mother wants to open the box, but Nobita's mother goes to find the box, but hears the sound of shopping. Nobita's mother wants to find another chance, but Nobita helps a grandmother. Nobita brings Tamae to his secret place and sit under the big tree, and shows her the contents of box, which is the scarf that Tamako wanted, and planned to surprise her the gift on her birthday. A wind blows the scarf away, and reveals Nobita's low school grades. Nobita tells her a promise not to tell his mom the grades, unknown to Nobita she already knew, reluctantly accepting the promise. Nobita went home and finds his mom chopping vegetables angrily as soon he told Doraemon on how easy to hide it from her but he doesn't know Tamae was his own mother after all.


Gadget used[]

  • Time Furoshiki

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