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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
Mama is a Werewolf!?
Release date November 3, 1995
Japanese title ママはオオカミ男!?
English title Mama is a Werewolf!?
Episode number 1373
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Mama is a Werewolf!? is an episode from the 1979 anime. It is the 1995 adaptation of the episode Werewolf Cream, which was first adapted in 1979.


Nobita's mum reads her son's essay about "Scary Things". In the essay, Nobita mentions about the man who turned into a werewolf on a television programme, but Mum finds it boring. However, she becomes angry when he writes about another scarier thing - that of Mum's angry look. Frightened, Nobita runs out of his room. He tells Doraemon about the essay, and the latter takes out the Werewolf Cream gadget to compare which is scarier. He applies the cream on himself and turns into a werewolf upon seeing a round hat, and chases Nobita out of the house. A moment later, he goes back to normal. Doraemon removes the cream by washing his face.

Nobita is shocked to find Mum accidentally applying the Wolfman Cream and going out of the house, but he leaves Doraemon to take care of Mum and runs out of the room. Doraemon catches up with Mum, but it was too late - Mum has been turned into a werewolf upon seeing a newly-installed blindspot mirror - but later goes back to normal. He follows Mum outside, and along the way, Doraemon encounters a girl with a white balloon and prevents Mum from seeing it to prevent her from turning into a werewolf. He even gets beaten up by Gian and Suneo when he kicks away the football they are playing.

When they finally reach Mum's friend's house, the sight of the round lamps turns Mum into a werewolf. Doraemon hides her in a bush for a while. When they finally enter the house, Doraemon collects the round objects in the room and hides them. Later, Mum's friend prepares snacks, but Doraemon takes them for himself after seeing that they are round, and Mum sends him out of the house. However, her friend faints when Mum turns into a werewolf after Mum sees a round bun and is sent to the hospital.

When Mum and Doraemon return home at night, they run into a policeman with a flashlight informing them to stay safe. Mum scares him away when she sees that the flashlight is round and is turned into a werewolf. Mum is curious why everyone is scared away by her beautiful face. She looks at herself in her cosmetic mirror back home and is frightened when her face suddenly turns into a werewolf's and faints.

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The policeman took the robber's role.

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