Just for once.. Please let me be able to go watch the Milky way with Dora-nichov..
— Mari's last Tanabata wish

Mari was a girl befriended by Dora-nichov who passed away.


Sometimes before Tanabata Festival, Dora-nichov picked up a handkerchief of Mari which he returned to her. They quickly became friends and Dora-nichov got attracted to her kindness. Mari revealed that she has been sick in the hospital for quite sometimes. In order to cheer her up, Dora-nichov attachs the Roboter to her doll, allowing the doll to be able to express itself. Though amazed, Mari remembers that she has a wish that she wants to fufill for Tanabata which she then writes it down but preventing Dora-nichov from seeing it as it is secret. She however, knows that her wish of seeing the Milky Way with Dora-nichov will never come true.

Days later, Dora-nichov discovered that Mari had passed away, leaving only her doll behind. It is revealed that due to that since her death, her soul has been possessing her doll. Mari told Dora-nichov that being with him is the happiest time in her life but she cannot move on without fufilling her final wish. Although saddened, Dora-nichov complies and brings her with him to see the Milky Way.

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