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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Masterpiece Theater Camera
Doraemon Episode 488A
Release date June 30, 2017
Japanese title 名作劇場カメラ
English title Masterpiece Theater Camera
Rōmaji title Meisaku Gekijō Kamera
Season number 13
Episode number 488A
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Masterpiece Theater Camera (名作劇場カメラ Meisaku Gekijō Kamera) is an episode from the Doraemon (2005 series). It is a television original.


On this day, Dekisugi tells Nobita, Suneo and Shizuka that he will perform the play "Romeo and Juliet" in the town, and Dekisugi will act as the director. Nobita proposes to use the ladder game to decide the roles of everyone, with Suneo playing Romeo and Gian playing the monk. Although it is not clearly stated whether it is designated by Dekisugi, Nobita is playing a supporting role, a tree, which makes Nobita very dissatisfied and expressed that he wants to play a human role. But a few days later, Dekisugi says that two days before the official debut, Shizuka calls him to tell him that she has a cold and can only rest at home. In order to help everyone perform well in the drama, Doraemon takes out the "Masterpiece Theater Camera", and Nobita takes pictures of Doraemon first, and then becomes role models such as Tataan, Aladdin, and Momotaro. When we go to the empty lot for rehearsal, Nobita plays Juliet as Nobita's relative Nobiko. Nobita runs around at one point to avoid being spotted. During the rehearsal, because the camera is not set to the acting mode, Gian expresses his disappointment. Later, when he switches to the professional mode, the two marvel that it is comparable to an Oscar. When it is time for the play to start, Nobita is so busy that he doesn't expect an accident before the end of the play. A mouse rushes to the backstage scaffolding, Doraemon sees it hurriedly takes out the camera, when Nobita is about to reveal his secrets due to the failure of the camera, he accidentally turns Gian and Suneo into Juliet. The mouse moves the camera, and Doraemon turns into Romeo, and Dekisugi turns into Kintaro. Seeing Nobita and the others, Shizuka calls out, "This is a tragedy." (Shizuka wears a mask)


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