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Memory Bread
General Information
Broadcast by Disney XD
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date July 9, 2014
Season 1
Episode number 3A
Doraemon Test Memorizing Toast
Written by Munenori Mizuno
Directed by Wataru Takahashi
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Memory Bread is an episode from the U.S. English version/dub of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


The episode starts with Noby running around with a pillow and a teapot while spinning around on his chair. He then says that he doesn't know if he wants to "study all night or sleep and cram until the break of dawn". Doraemon pulls out the Anywhere Door and goes to his school. Doraemon pulls out the Whoosh-in-ator and blows the school a few time zones. Doraemon pulls out the Animal Beam and uses it on his teacher, and he turns into a gorilla. Later Doraemon pulls out the Memory Bread and asks Noby for some math. Noby ends up memorizing the math and moves on to grammar. Noby then realizes he used the important pages for tissues and goes off to borrow a friend's notes.

First, Noby goes to Ace Goody's house and asks for his notes, as he's the smartest in Noby's class, only to find that Ace does not take notes because he has a photographic memory. Next, he goes to see Sneech along with Big G, who are studying hard. Big G offers Noby his dirty notes. Disgusted, Noby kindly declines and asks Sneech for his notes, which are on a tablet. Within a few seconds, Noby accidentally deletes every file on the tablet, infuriating Sneech. When Big G tries to help by offering Sneech his dirty notes, Sneech accidentally spills a drink onto his notebook in a fit of rage, sparking a fight between the two.

Finally, Noby goes to Sue's house, saying that he should have gone there first. Noby impresses Sue by using the Memory Bread on her English notes and reciting an excerpt from one of Shakespeare's poems. While Noby is eating apple slices, Sue reminds Noby that he should study. He tries to eat some memory bread but he's too stuffed from the apple slices he previously ate. He goes home only to find a giant bowl of shrimp. He reluctantly eats it and goes up to his room. When Doraemon sees that Noby is physically unable to eat any Memory Bread, he pulls out the Picky-Eater Corrector, which makes Noby scarf it down whether he likes it or not.

The next morning, Toby tells Doraemon Noby has been in the bathroom for an hour. Realizing what has happened, Doraemon is left with no choice but to do some "last-minute cramming."


Gadgets used[]

U.S. English dub edits[]


Chopsticks are changed to forks in the U.S. English dub.

  • Noby explaining his dilemma to Doraemon is cut for time constraints.
  • The scene where Noby is walking to Sneech's house to borrow his notebook is cut.
  • The chopsticks which was used by the family was using for eating the shrimp were changed to forks.
  • In the Japanese version, Nobita was eating Mochi, but in the American English version, he was eating apples. This was changed to promote healthy eating.