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Dorami-chan: Mini-Dora SOS!!! (ミニドラSOS!!!) is a Doraemon short film, taking place roughly two decades into the future with Dorami, Mini-Dora and the sons of Gian, Suneo and Nobita as the main protagonists.

It premiered on March 11, 1989 in Japan. The movie's original plot was written by Hiroshi Fujimoto. Notably, Doraemon himself makes no appearance save for a couple of cameos on a scrapbook.


A Gonsuke Delivery Robot brings a parcel from 22nd-century department store to Nobita of 1989. However, because of the illegible writing, Gonsuke is can't positively identify the location, and instead drops it off at the house of Nobita of 2011 as he goes back to delivery the remaining goods. At the rugby field, Nobisuke has secured another score for his team before the time runs out, but they still lose to the enemy team regardless, causing him to blame Suneki and Jaichibi for slacking.

Later at Shizuka's and Nobita's house, Nobisuke asked Shizuka (Nobisuke's mother) for a snack, but she told Nobisuke to go upstairs and clean up his messy room. While Shizuka is reading some magazine or a book, Nobisuke clangs on his room while cleaning, and Shizuka tells him to stop making noises. Nobisuke says that the desk won't shut, which means the desk belonged to Nobi Nobita (Nobisuke's father) when he was little. While going back to cleaning, he saw a strange round parcel delivered into his room. Downstairs, Gian came, along with his son (Yasashiku Gouda) crying, Shizuka asks Yasashiku what's wrong. Shizuka tries to call Nobisuke, but Gian stopped her. He wants someone to take care of his son; then he called Nobisuke to come to play with Yasashiku upstairs, even though he didn't finish cleaning up his room. Yasashiku arrives upstairs. As they're about to play, Nobisuke grabs the strange parcel and hands it over to Yasashiku, but he refuses it. It continues, until Nobisuke becomes irritated, he throws the package onto Yasashiku's face. While Shizuka is about to give them a drink, she saw Yasashiku run downstairs and went outside, including the parcel. Shizuka noticed what's going on, which makes Nobisuke hesitant.

Dorami opens the desk drawer on Nobisuke's room, which shocks Nobisuke, while Shizuka is surprised to see her. Back outside, while Yasashiku is walking (either a friend's house or goes back home), he trips as he looks at the weird parcel that Nobisuke gave him. As he opens it, he found a Mini-Dora (a miniature, functional variant of the original Doraemon with its exclusive language) glaringly. Mini-Dora opens his eyes and jumps onto him. Back at the house, Dorami asked Shizuka about the package that she received was delivered by mistake, but she replied no. Then, Dorami asked Nobisuke instead, but he also answered no. She believes that the Gonsuke Delivery Robot dropped it on Nobita and Shizuka's house by mistake, which makes Dorami confused. At Yasashiku, Mini-Dora is still holding on to him, then he picks up the card, and starts walking again. While for Mini-Dora plays around Yasashiku, then he asked "Do you want to play with me?", possibly Mini-Dora says "yes".

Meanwhile, Shizuka asks Dorami why Gonsuke Delivery Robot dropped off the Mini-Dora parcel at the wrong time, and Dorami replied "It's Nobita's fault", which leads Shizuka into confusion. Dorami corrected that it was Little Nobita's (from the present time) fault, not the future version of Nobita. Nobisuke looked at the photo of his father, Nobita and his friend Doraemon (only appeared in a cameo), and he asks his mother, Shizuka, if his father did something wrong. Still, Shizuka immediately asks her son if he finished doing his homework, and finishing up cleaning the room that Shizuka told him at the beginning, which leads Nobisuke in dismay and walks back upstairs. Then, Shizuka wants to know what did little Nobita do, Dorami said that he ordered something from the future, which is Mini-Dora. It is also revealed that little Nobita's writing is so awful on the order form, that the computer couldn't read it correctly. That's why Dorami travels back time to look for it, and she becomes worried that if someone gets ahold of the Mini-Dora, which may lead to dismay if it isn't used correctly. Back at his room, Nobisuke starts questioning himself. If the parcel that he gave to Yasashiku was the Mini-Dora, then he goes outside to look for it.

At Yasashiku, he goes inside to Suneo's house to show his friend, Suneki, about the Mini-Dora that Nobisuke gave him. When Suneki calls Mini-Dora a "racoon", suddenly gets grumpy and irritated and hits Suneki, and apologizes to Mini-Dora. Then, a pod appears in the water then opens, which is future Suneo, who is awoken from his mid-nap, then he saw Mini-Dora, mentioning him that's Doraemon. Future Suneo tells his son and Suneki about all the things that Doraemon did back then and says them that Doraemon has a strange gadget in his pocket that was used for adventures, which amazed them both. After future Suneo leaves, they wanna how they can get the peculiar devices out of Mini-Dora's pocket just like what Suneo said. Then, Yasashiku pulled out a small pocketbook, which is an instruction on how to take care of Mini-Dora. He opens it and saw lots of gadgets listed inside the book. Suneki tells him that those gadgets can be used for adventures, but suddenly Mini-Dora is gone. Yasashiku found Mini-Dora running towards the exit, they started following him on a sort of places like House Streets, Highways, Park, and when they went inside the Mall, Mini-Dora stops at the food store, and sticks on the sign "Dorayaki" (Doraemon's favourite food), but Suneki had no choice but to buy one since the Mini-Dora decided to. Yasashiku gives one to Mini-Dora and eats it in once bite, and Mini-Dora is delighted and pulls out a gadget in his pocket. Suneki knows that every time they feed Mini-Dora a dorayaki, he will pull out a device. He pulled out the first gadget, which is "The Anywhere Door", but in a smaller size. He tries it out by opening the door, and saw the view of a pool, on the other side, but he got splashed by a lady who is swimming in a pool. Outside at the vacant lot, while playing with the Anywhere Door, they saw Nobisuke walking outside, and comes up with a plan. While Nobisuke still searching for the Mini-Dora, Suneki calls him "idiot" in the background, irritates him but no one is there and continues walking. Next, he pulled out his foot on the Anywhere Door, tripping Nobisuke. As he continues to pull pranks on Nobisuke, he found Suneki in a small door, and he thinks that Suneki is invisible. He started chasing around town then Yasashiku pulled another small gadget which is a "Mini-Thunder Cloud", making him even more angry. The two decides to hide at Gian's supermarket (at the Supply storage), but immediately got caught by Nobisuke. Apparently, he changed his mind of how Mini-Dora looks like and the three started playing around with Mini Dora at the vacant lot.

As the night goes by, Nobisuke Nobi and the others went back inside the building to hide Mini-Dora somewhere safe. Dorami saw them from above and later they got caught by her. She ordered them to give the Mini-Doraemon back as soon as possible, who knows what will happen if something disastrous would happended. As Yasashiku about to return the Mini-Dora to Dorami, she heard a cockroach crawling, which causes her to scream in terror (Dorami has Katsaridaphobia), then the three escapes by going inside the store. Nobisuke and Suneki asked Mini-Dora to pull another gadget to escape from Dorami. As Dorami enters the store, Mini-Dora quickly took out a Labyrinth Globe Nobisuke activates the Labyrinth Globe, Dorami tries to stop them, but it's too late. The effect of the Labyrinth Globe causes the entire store turned into a giant narrow maze. Outside the store, Shizuka goes outside to find her son, Nobisuke and keeps walking. At Dorami, she tries to shout by calling them, but the store turned into a giant maze, which is very hard for her to hear or see them. She pulls her Bunny Ears, which can listen to anything that's far away no matter what. She uses the Bunny Ears, and she can hear Nobisuke, Yasashiku, and Suneki screaming in the background, and she knows where they are. She used another gadget, Jet Flower, which is similar to a flying car and goes off to find them. At Nobisuke and the others, they were exhausted from running while looking for the exit. Nobisuke and Suneki asked Mini-Dora for another gadget, which is a "Solar Yacht", for there escape route, as long there is a little light, they can avoid quickly. The problem is, Mini-Dora only takes out the gadget in a small size. As Mini-Dora took the "Solar Yacht" out of his pocket, they were unpleased of the scale, because it's SMALL. Dorami found them, but stops, and found the Labyrinth Globe. As she was distracted by the Labyrinth Globe, they have to take out one more gadget to escape from Dorami. Mini-Dora pulled out a flashlight, but Nobisuke refuses that gadget, and toss it on the watermelons. As they were surprised by the torch, it turns out to be a "Small Light", an ability to make things smaller. As for Nobisuke has an idea. He can use the Small Light to shrink themselves, so they can fit into the Solar Yacht, and flee from Dorami quickly. Dorami takes out an "Air Pistol", to destroy the Labyrinth Globe, while for them, sneaking past Dorami. Nobisuke and the others used the Small Light and went inside the Solar Yacht. Dorami aims towards the Labyrinth Globe and shines lots of solar, which destroyed the gadget, but the solar charges up the Solar Yacht, and the three escapes. The store returns to its original form. But as for Dorami searching for them, she did not notice that they already escaped.

Back at the house, (Takeshi and Suneo are also there), Dorami tells Shizuka that they fled the supermarket with a Solar Yacht, and flew away somewhere, but she doesn't know where they went. Meanwhile, the Solar Yacht goes into the ocean because there's no solar left for them to fly further. Shizuka, Takeshi, and Suneo became mournful of this situation. Mini-Dora wakes up Nobisuke and the others. With confusion, Nobisuke tries to find out where they landed, and they saw a shark passing by, which means they landed in the "ocean", which causes them to scream in shock. They heard a creaking sound, which is the water pressure, that is causing the hull to clamp. They can't escape because there is no energy left. Then, they try to ask Mini-Dora for another gadget to escape from the ocean, but all the Dorayaki's they have used, have run out. Which means, Mini-Dora won't use any more gadgets no more. Then, the solar glass cylinder cracks and the power cuts off, which scares them (except Mini-Dora jumping in glee). One of the solar glass cylinder, and falls, which causes the three of them crying for help, thinking they were doomed, while Mini-Dora glances at them with his confused face.

Meanwhile, at the house, the four of them were all worried, because of the situation. Suddenly, Nobita came in, claiming to have a solution, but a crying Gian quickly grabbed and attempt to choke him, desperate for an answer until the others pulled him away. Then Dorami said to Nobita, "What do you mean "it's alright"?, and Nobita starts laughing because it's his fault this whole situation happened. Nobita showed a small marble, "Homing Device", which allows to track-down any person, where it went. Then all four of them thank Nobita, while Takeshi hugs him tightly. Back at the Solar Yacht, Dorami's voiced called Nobisuke on the Homing Device, and they think they're saved, but Dorami can't because she tells that they're too small. Instead, she gives directions on how to escape from the ocean. As they continue to follow Dorami's directions the water pressure is going to blow, but they can't do anything but to follow Dorami's voice. Then, the sunlight from the sky lit up the ocean floor, giving the Solar Yacht the necessary energy to escape.

Nobisuke and his friends reunited with their parents and gives the Mini-Dora back to Dorami and apologizes. Nobita apologizes to his son because of his mistake from the past, but Nobisuke forgives him and Mini-Dora again climbs back at Nobisuke and his friends to play with them again, as they all laugh with joy ending the movie.


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Voice Actor Role(s)
Keiko Yokozawa Dorami
Noriko Ohara Nobisuke
Shingo Hiromori Nobita Nobi
Michiko Nomura Shizuka Minamoto
Kazuya Tatekabe Takeshi Gouda
Kazuya Tatekabe Yasashiku Gouda
Kaneta Kimotsuki Suneo Honekawa
Kaneta Kimotsuki Suneki Honekawa




  • This is the only episode/movie in the whole anime that does not feature Doraemon directly.
  • Timeline of each scene:
  1. 7-10AM - Nobisuke's Rugby Game
  2. 11:30AM - Goes Back Home and meets Dorami for the first time.
  3. 12:00PM - 6-9PM - Yasashiku and Suneki plays around with Mini-Dora (along with Nobisuke)
  4. 1AM-7AM - Gets stuck in the ocean and escapes due to the sunlight


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