Mini-Doras are one of Doraemon's gadgets. They are mini versions of Doraemon, each with a different color. They can think and feel themselves and communicate with Doraemon through the "minidora" language. They also act as helpers for all sort of tasks such as repairing the internal mechanism of Doraemon, as well as the ability to use gadgets, but not knowing what they're useful for, as the gadgets are small (or normal sized gadgets on some episodes). Mini-Doras earned their name from Doraemon's name, which is appropriate for them due to their resemblance to him (though Doraemon uses blue for his colour scheme).

They are voiced by Sakuma Rei in the 1979 anime[2], and by Tomato Akai in the 2005 anime. They are voiced by Cristina Valenzuela in the U.S. English dub of the 2005 anime. A red Mini-Dora were made a return appearances in Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island.


  • Mini-Doras are made because to celebrate Doraemon's assistance to Time Patrol in capture of very sneaky Time Travelling Bandit. Therefore, the Headmaster of Robots School, Principal Teraodai, created Mini-Doras exactly like Doraemon, who already lost his ear due to eaten by a robotic Mouse Editor.
  • There are three color of Mini-Doras in 1979 anime. But, in 2005 anime, only one red Mini-Dora, for some reasons.
    • Mini-Doras only appears on the first opening intro for 2005 anime before reducing the numbers to only one red Mini-Dora. They were also seen on the second and current opening intro for 2005 anime.
    • In Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island, the Yellow Mini-Dora and Green Mini-Dora made their debut.
  • In the Hindi dub, they are voiced by Sonal Kaushal, the same voice actor as Doraemon.
  • In the Turkish dub, a few of them can talk and they have much more deep voices.
  • In the Indonesian dub, they were speaks Indonesian instead minidora language in 1979 anime. But, in 2005 anime, Mini-Dora's voice are almost same like in Japan.
  • As seen in the movie Doraemon: Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum, Mini-Doras are actually fruits of a plant-like machine in Nature Hall.
  • A red Mini-Dora is a main character in the movie Mini-Dora SOS!!
  • In the DS game Nobita and the Green Giant Legend, a red Mini-Dora is the instructor to the game.
  • In The Doraemons, because Dorarinho doesn't have any type of 4D Pocket, he used mini-doras to pick gadgets.
    • In The Doraemons, Dorarinho's Mini-doras have ears.


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  2. Rei Sakuma also voiced Akabon in Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden and Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory and Pashmina in Hamtaro anime series.
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