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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

The Battle in the Family between Papa and Mama (パパママおうちで大バトル Papa mama o uchi de dai batoru) is an episode from the 2005 series.


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Doraemon catches Nobita reading a funny manga instead of studying and doing his homework, and snatches the comics. Meanwhile, Nobita's mom is forbidding his dad to stop drinking beer since he has been drinking two nights in a row already. Both Nobita and Dad argued with Mom and Doraemon. Thus, Doraemon devised a game using a gadget to decide on the matter. Nobita and his dad team up to form a group against Doraemon and Tamako. A flag, both the manga that Nobita was reading and Dad's beer have been placed on the roof.

The rules are that if Nobita and his dad were able to retrieve the flag placed on the roof in 30 minutes' time, Nobita would be allowed to read his manga and Dad would be allowed to drink his beer. Mom and Doraemon will have to find ways to stop them from reaching their target. In the end, Dad was about to reach the flag when mom almost fell off the roof. Instead of reaching for the flag, Dad rescued her from falling resulting in Dad and Nobita's group not winning. Because of this game and how it ends, Doraemon returns the manga back to Nobita as long as he does his homework first and Mom returns the jug of beer back to Dad as long as he promises to take care of his health.


Gadget used[]

  • Survival Game
    • Instant Trap
    • Casting Lasso
    • Projectile Fish Gun
  • Magic Hourglass