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The Galaxy Grand-Prix is an episode from the Doraemon U.S. English version/dub.


Doraemon has been chosen to be special competitor in the Galaxy Car Race with the first prize of which is the granting of one wish for the winner. Noby and Doraemon compete as a duo, with Noby planning to wish for ears for Doraemon (who has been depressed over not having any ears) if they win. Their fiercest opponent is the dashing, handsome robot-cat racer Devlin, who mercilessly teases Doraemon for not having ears, but Devlin may not be the one they really have to worry about.


Gadgets used[]


  • This is the first hour-long special to be featured in the Disney XD English dub of the anime, but it was cut to be a 22 minute special.

U.S. English dub edits[]

These cuts were done in order for the episode to fit into the the Disney XD 30-minute timeslot.

  1. The beginning of the original Japanese version was cut out and starts the episode with Noby, Sue, Sneech and Big G entering the House.
  2. Dorami and Pawaemon's appearances in the dub were cut out.
  3. Doraemon first encounter with Devlin was cut out due to time restraints, and has been moved when Doraemon, Noby, Sue, Sneech and Big G arrived at the Galaxy Car Race stage.
  4. The restaurant scene was cut out.
  5. Everyone struggling to find a car was cut out.
  6. Noby telling Sue about the story about Doraemon's ears was cut out.
  7. Stage 3 (The Lava Course) was cut out from the end of Stage 2 which went to a commercial break, then starts Stage 4 after the commercial break.
  8. The scene containing Big G jumping into Devlin's Car to attack him was cut out due to violence. This will never explain why Sue, Sneech, Big G were disqualified.
  9. The scene that contains everyone cheering and clapping to Noby and Doraemon for winning the race had a few seconds kept, and was cut to the Galaxy-Grand Prix Announcer saying "Now time to hand this over to our winners!".